The Reebok Fitness Experience


The experience at Reebok headquarters was incredible. I don't know how else to put it and feel very blessed to opportunity represent FitFluential during this trip. Many of us arrived Thursday afternoon/evening, so we had the chance to eat dinner together before our Reebok Fitness Experience on Friday. Heather & me (photo courtesy of Kelly) Ericka, Julie, & Anne (photo courtesy of Kelly) Courtney & Tina (photo courtesy of Kelly) Friday morning, a portion of the … [Continue reading]

Reebok CrossFit ONE: The Team WOD


The trip to Reebok headquarters was simply amazing. I'm still on a high! But, the highlight of the day for me was getting to do a WOD [workout of the day] at Reebok CrossFit ONE. This was actually one of my Pinterest #FitnessBucketList items! After a light breakfast and presentation, we headed to the box for our WOD. Tina, Anne & Courtney ready to work! Heather & I had to take a photo by the entrance. There she is: Reebok CrossFit ONE.  (Photo courtesy of … [Continue reading]

Destination: Reebok Headquarters


Hi all! I'm en route to Boston today! Hope I have everything... Friday, I will join some of my fellow FitFluential ambassadors to visit Reebok headquarters in Canton, MA and participate in a full day of activities. We will be sharing on twitter, facebook and instagram, so if you want to follow along, check out #RBKFITBLOG And, in the spirit of the trip, I had to share my best friend's daughter modeling the Reebok #getafterit tee: I'm grateful to FitFluential & Reebok … [Continue reading]

Pizza Party & Reebok Gear


Sometimes pizza is the answer. It may not be the healthiest choice, but it sure tastes good-especially sharing it with friends! Me, Jess & Bailey CostCo has some tasty pizza, who knew? Cooper was in begging mode, hoping Coach would drop a piece. While we typically eat healthy, we don't live by restrictive means. Either does Bailey... Jess made this amazing Cherry Cheesecake Pie for dessert. Yes. You read that correctly. Cheesecake AND pie. Unbelievable. … [Continue reading]

No Equipment Countdown Home Workout


Ready for another workout with you from my GNC Fall series?! I hope so! Most of my workouts are done with little to no equipment and are open to all fitness levels! For even more workouts, you can visit my FITNESS tab to add variety to your routine! You guys know I have been regularly incorporating CrossFit into my training. I love the team atmosphere at my CrossFit box, but sometimes we can't make it to the gym or there isn't one near us. For this workout, you don't need any … [Continue reading]

East Coast: One Week


I have some exciting news to share, but let's talk food first! When you see the phrase "Happy Hour" that tends to mean cheap, unhealthy food and lots of alcohol. A sure fire way to nix all the work hard you've put in. But, it doesn't have to be that way, does it? Kona Grill in Omaha, has a stellar happy hour. No doubt, there are some calorie killers on the menu below: Anytime you see crunchy or tempura next to a sushi description, steer clear. That usually means fried. And, … [Continue reading]

How to do a Burpee


Many of you reading this blog know what a burpee is and what it looks like. But, sometimes breaking down an exercise can help you be more efficient and improve faster. Back in August, I shared a post on 8 Burpee Variations. As if burpees aren't challenging enough, right?! In the following, very brief video, I break down a full burpee and a half burpee. Pretty basic. And, a special note. The straighter your legs are when you stand/jump up from a lying … [Continue reading]

CrossFit WOD’s and GNC Winners

Reebok CrossFit Apparel_Nano_pushup

Let's catch up a little bit before the winners of GNC's Live Lean Challenge are selected! Since the Runner's World half marathon, I have been focusing mainly on HIIT and CrossFit. CrossFit definitely helped Coach and I prepare for the hilly Beer & Bagel run. And, I know it helped me tackle the Runner's World course as well. Last week, I shared a sample WOD that included running, push-ups & kettle bells swings that aired on a local news station. Here's another WOD: 5 rounds … [Continue reading]

Beer & Bagel Run

Beer & Bagel run_Finish_2

If a race title Beer & Bagel Run doesn't get you running, what will? That's exactly how I sold it to Coach. Carrrrrrrrbs. Race shirts. How about that tagline? I'm a Drinker with a Running Problem! Pretty clever. Over 3000 runners took on the hilly, trail race; 4.5 miles of up-and-down, taking us through a creek twice and up a steep incline with ropes. The weather was pleasant, mid-40's to start. So, for November in Nebraska, that's pretty nice. It can be anywhere from +60* to … [Continue reading]

New Hard Core Workout

GNC HARD CORE workout plank.jpg

Did you celebrate Halloween yesterday? Oh, the candy temptations! To get November started in the right direction, I have a new workout set to challenge you, rev your metabolism while targeting your core. We are in the midst of the GNC Live Lean Challenge & Giveaway, so this workout is something you can incorporate at home with a set of dumb bells. Use it in addition to your favorite form of cardio. The Workout: Set your timer for 30 seconds of … [Continue reading]