New Protein: Vega One Shake

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to try the VegaSport line which I enjoyed, so I was anxious to try the company's newest addition.Vega has launched a new line of nutritional shakes jam packed with plant based, protein goodness.   Vega One: All-in-One shakes have the following in every serving:50% daily intake of vitamins and minerals15 g protein6 g fiber1.5 g Omega-3AntioxidantsProbioticsGreenssourceThe Vega One shakes are between 125-140 calories and come in vanilla chai, chocolate, … [Continue reading]

Active Beauty on a Budget

Fitness and nutrition are primarily discussed on this blog, but a healthy lifestyle is all encompassing. I wanted to share a few tips from an active, budget-conscious individual's perspective. Pin ItSkin care.I was not blessed with flawless skin and have to work hard at keeping it clear. That means I NEVER go to bed without washing my face, and I still battle breakouts.  Without spending large sums of money on products, there are a few inexpensive items I've come to rely on.I love this simple, … [Continue reading]

Tuesday Trainer & Happy Zzzzz’s

Hop on over to Lindsay's List and check out "go-to" stretches from an assortment of readers for Tuesday Trainer.   Cooper and I even participated using the video below!And, I had the absolute best night of sleep.  I will share more about this later, but my pillow needed a serious upgrade. I'm a side sleeper and had created a quite the dent in my unsupportive pillow leading to tossing & turning and lovely neck cramps in the morning. Cooper can sleep just about any way.Do you have a favorite … [Continue reading]

Green Monster Protein Pancakes


If we are dailymile friends, you most likely see that I have been running intervals more often than pure miles.  This weekend, I incorporated a Crossfit Endurance type of run into my workout. Locked in. RUN 90 sec hard, 60 seconds easy. Repeat 5-7 times. I warmed up with .5 miles then did 7 repeats of the above, varying the top speeds from 8.5 - 9.3 mph and cooling down with .25 miles to get in a quick 3 mile run. Remaining Workout: 60 secs hard rowing, 30 sec. recovery x … [Continue reading]

Workout: Till My Thighs Don’t Touch & GenetixHD

HIIT Thighs Don't Touch

So, first piece of news: I got my hairs cut--the BANGS are back, baby!I HAVE to keep the length or this blog would be retitled, Blonde Nub.Onto the workout.  Lindsay, my fellow Fitfluential ambassador at The Lean Green Bean, posts a Fitness Friday segment and tried out one of my previous workouts. So, following her cue, I'm sharing another lovely.And, FitFluential ambassador, Katy, at Fit In Heels, always has the most clever titles for her workouts. So, thank you Katy for the inspiration. *If … [Continue reading]

Let’s get real: This is just a glimpse…

I celebrated Fat Tuesday with several servings of protein cake. What's that about moderation? In all honesty, what you read/see on this blog is just a snapshot of what I am doing and eating.  I splurge...sometimes, too much for my own good.   *Note: just because the cinnamon gummy hearts were only $1.25, doesn't mean I had to eat them in 1.25 days.I struggle daily with the negative self-talk, comparisons, and body image like many out there.Too often, I assume the all-or-nothing approach, where … [Continue reading]

Fat Tuesday: Skinny Cake


Happy Mardi Gras! Are you planning to celebrate? I think I may throw beads at my HIIT class participants for burpees completed, what do you think? SHOW ME YOUR...BURPEES!To celebrate, Fat Tuesday, I wanted to share my newest obsession: Chocolate Protein Cake. Carla from MizFit shared this recipe on her blog, and I had to try a version of it. Here is what you will need:Pin It1/4 c. Total Lean 25 Rich Chocolate 1 TBSP of chia seeds1/4 c. egg whites1 [heaping] tsp. of cocoa 2 TBSP of canned … [Continue reading]

5 Ways to Prepare for an Intense Run

When the training schedule calls for a high intensity run or workout, you can't just show up.  You have to prepare.sourcePin It1. MINDSETGet your mind right. Mentally prepare to start, execute, and complete your run. Visualize yourself being successful. We too often replay the negative images and self-talk, "I was too slow", or "I felt weak", rather than seeing ourselves dominating!   When was the last time you thought about your BEST performance?2. DYNAMIC STRETCHINGBefore I do any type of … [Continue reading]

Who Wants Protein Powder? Neocell Collagen Review & Giveaway

As I mentioned in this post, my mini goal is to incorporate more protein into my diet. One way I do this is through protein powder. I just had the chance to review the Neocell Collagen Sport protein powder. And, 2 of you will get try it too!What is IN Neocell Collagen Sport?30 g of protein per servingL-GlutamineAmino acids Multi-vitaminsWhat is NOT in Neocell Collagen Sport?Sugar or artificial sweeteners GlutenWheatLactose   30g of PROTEIN and NO SUGAR! This article discusses the performance … [Continue reading]

Sugar Comatose

Anyone else need to reboot the system after Valentine's Day? I have a sweet tooth. Several, in fact.His & Hers Valentine FroyoAfter teaching HIIT & Ab Blast class last night, I conveniently drove past the frozen yogurt place. It's Valentine's Day---calories don't count (if you did my Love Handles Be Gone workout!)I realized all of my Instagram pictures yesterday involved some sugary treat. Today, I will balance that out with more veggies following Peas & Crayons new theme of Love Your … [Continue reading]