Kettlebell Workout & Video

Kettle Bell Home WOD_2.jpg

A few weeks ago, I shared a Kettlebell Workout that can be done in the comfort of your home. What I didn't include was my usual how-to-video! Many of you commented requesting an instructional video in order to properly do the moves on your own. Finally, I came through! I take you through the instructions of each move: Single arm snatch (alternating) Dead lifts Swings Goblet squat High pulls Then, I show you a condensed version of the workout. Remember, you will do each … [Continue reading]

Baby Love: Me2Roo Maternity Activewear


Before we talk of hearts and love, I have a wonderful clothing line to share with you today called Me2Roo. I connected with the founder of Me2Roo maternity activewear, Maggie, over twitter and was excited to learn more about her company. Me2Roo is, "...a collection of effortlessly chic and stylish activewear designed to transition and embrace the body through all stages of pregnancy." Maggie's line offers women the chance to remain stylish and feel confident with changing their … [Continue reading]

My First Maternity Shirt

24 weeks_belly shot_Target maternity_2

You don't visit this site for fashion advice, do you?! Only if it's the active wear kind! But, I really did try to look "cute" for an event. Spencer's baseball season opens this Friday, so we had a kick-off event over the weekend to celebrate. This jacket is probably over 10 years old, but is a classic and hides my growing curves! My handsome husband. We kind of matched again, didn't we? I have been relying primarily on stretchy clothing and haven't bought anything maternity … [Continue reading]

23 Weeks Pregnant & a Winner!

Reebok Long Bra tank_ONE_24 weeks.2.jpg

I apologize for not having this post up on Friday to announce the winner as I originally intended. I got hit hard by food poisoning (I think), and it completely drained me--and everything in me [TMI?]. Needless to say, sleeping was about the only thing I could muster. After 36 hours of no food, I tried some honey on toast with water. It stayed down! I was beginning to feel back to normal Saturday afternoon. After walking Cooper & cleaning the house, I was spent though. My Cooper … [Continue reading]

15 Minute Freezer Recipes Cookbook Giveaway: CLOSED

cover_final copy

Who doesn't need simple, healthy meals ready to go for the week? Many of you do your meal planning and preparation on Sundays to avoid the time crunched week. I know I'm better prepared to tackle the week if I have some staples on hand. That's why I was excited when Kelly from New Leaf Wellness offered one of my readers her new cookbook, 15-Minute Freezer Recipes, the healthy solution for busy moms & moms-to-be. I'm all about this cookbook. As someone who isn't daring in the … [Continue reading]

Prenatal Fitness Home Workout


I love getting questions from readers and try to answer in a timely manner! Many of you have been asking about my workouts during the second trimester of pregnancy. The first trimester, I mentioned that I didn't change much at all--but every woman is different. I did notice fatigue earlier, but overall I felt fine. Now that my belly is growing, I'm making modifications to workouts and specific exercises. In fact, I'm reminded of my growing belly every time I'm shopping in the produce … [Continue reading]

Reebok ONE Clothing for Women


In November, I had the opportunity to visit Reebok headquarters in Canton, MA and preview some of their 2013 fitness apparel line. I was thrilled to see the direction Reebok was going with apparel ranging from my beloved CrossFit line to yoga to fitness to dance. I saw that Reebok was committed to venturing into a variety of fitness arenas by updating fabrics, fit, quality and function. Reebok graciously sent me the Women's Strength Track Jacket and the PWR Short Sleeve V-Neck to … [Continue reading]

Accountability: Nutrition


A few weeks ago, CrossFit Omaha announced a nutrition challenge.  I pretty much looked the other way. I mean, I'm pregnant. Doesn't that give me the right to indulge and not be accountable with my food choices? Wrong. This is time I should be most conscious of what I'm consuming. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not hell bent on eating Paleo or eliminating sugar. Remember, the fro-yo I shared with Cooper? But, I like to make healthy, nutrient-dense choices. While I can use pregnancy as an … [Continue reading]

A Power Running Jacket & Fun Workout!

Zensah Running Jacket_thumbhole

A few months ago, I talked about the Zensah Smart Touch Gloves and have been using them in the frigid temps! I know they'll be an asset during the early, Spring baseball games when I want to snap pics or be social! Zensah recently sent me the Seamless Power Running Jacket to try. I really love the material of the gloves and the racerback tank top, so I anticipated this would be a winner as well. What Zensah says, "This Seamless Power Running Jacket from Zensah features a seamless … [Continue reading]

Home Kettlebell Tabata Workout


*Edit: I have added an instructional video! See below. Because I teach and train on a college campus, my schedule revolves around the academic calendar. So, I'm back in my routine! I told my classes that I was 5 months pregnant (in case they couldn't tell!!). When I'm in fitness gear, you can really see my belly--time to fess up! I felt really good teaching and continue to use the "talk test" for intensity; meaning if I can still instruct and encourage, I'm doing okay! However, I … [Continue reading]