Returning to Normal?

Nuun_Hood to Coast_utilikilts

After an event like the Hood to Coast Relay, it's an adjustment to return to your routine.  For months, we have been looking forward to running this relay, meeting new friends, and representing Nuun. I realize I was very blessed to be selected this year. There are so many runners equally deserving, and I do hope they have the chance to run this relay and meet the outstanding people behind Nuun. We felt like family right away with amount of planning and events awaiting our arrival. How do … [Continue reading]

My Runner’s High Reborn

Hood to Coast Relay_Mount_Hood_Blond_ponytail

Running and I were tolerating each other lately, but I had forgotten what that runner's high felt like. I was running, but not fully enjoying it. I battled plantar fasciitis and have only recently begun to feel relief. Each run felt like an effort. This picture fully summarizes how my teammates and I felt running this relay with Nuun. We were inspired, energized and fully hydrated throughout the 200 mile adventure. I was ready to conquer my legs when we arrived to Mount Hood … [Continue reading]

Hood to Coast Relay Packing List

How to pack for an overnight relay

What should you pack for the Hood to Coast Relay? This task requires strategy and resourcefulness. You have limited amount of van space to share with others. And, space tends to be a valuable commodity so don't over-pack. I also wrote a guest post for last year discussing the Hood to Coast Relay and what to pack, but thought I'd revisit this since I'm on my way to Mount Hood in a day! Relay clothing: running outfits (3 in ziploc bags) running socks (6 … [Continue reading]

5 Tips to Enjoy Life from Cooper


Cooper is kind of a big deal in our world.   He's my companion, exercise partner, supporter, nut butter jar cleaner, sleeper-in-er, fun-seeker, eternal optimist. So, who better to offer advice on how to enjoy life than a golden retriever named Cooper? The FitFluential blog features posts that cover topics like eat, move, sleep and enjoy. Cooper has all four areas covered very well, but noticed that we humans, neglect #4: ENJOY too often. Here is an excerpt: "Hello … [Continue reading]

My Core is Sore! New Ab Circuit

Reebok_PlayDry_bicep curl

Before we get to a new ab circuit, let me ask you this:  Have you ever done a 6 minute elbow plank? The elbow plank hold was actually an accumulation of 6 minutes. Here's how I broke it down: 2 minute hold: 10 second rest 1 minute hold: 15 second rest 30 second hold: 15 second rest x 6. The plank hold was the second part of our CrossFit WOD: Grace. Grace is one of "the girls" and she asks you to do 30 clean & jerks for time. Prescribed weight for men is 135 lbs. and women 95 lbs. … [Continue reading]

Outside My Comfort Zone

Strong is beautiful

Is public speaking ever a comfortable endeavor? To some it may be and I might very well get there one day, but it always stirs some butterflies. I had the opportunity to speak to a group of female college students about healthy body image transitioning into college life. I wish someone had spoken to me about this over 10 years ago (cough, cough. Was it that long ago?!). I knew exactly what I wanted to wear for the presentation and thanks to my friend Kathleen at She Rocks Fitness, I … [Continue reading]

Excuse me. I burpee’d.


I saw this clever definition of a burpee on CrossFit Omaha's site: Burpees are a staple for Coach and I on the road. You can do them anywhere. Stength, cardio, and flexibility all in one. Sneaky devils. Combining CrossFit and running is giving me ample preparation for the Hood to Coast Relay less than 2 weeks away. Your second and third legs are run on very tired legs. Friday's workout scared me a bit. For time. 27 minute cap: 35 Double Unders 35 Dumbbell Swings, 40#/30# [I did … [Continue reading]

Top 5 Upper Body Workouts for Women

Weight_room_dumb bells

Happy weekend all! I wanted to pass on this article GNC shared last week. GNC's Guide to Sculpted Arms: Women's Edition. 5 Women share their favorite upper workouts: 1. ESPN personality and GNC brand ambassador Jenn Brown 2. IFBB Bikini Pro & GNC sponsored athlete Sonia Gonzalez 3. Me, what? Honored to be among these women! 4. GNC Brand Ambassador & Shape magazine contributor Nora Tobin 5. IFBB Bikini Pro & GNC Sponsored athlete Michelle Adams Each workout is … [Continue reading]

Is Saturated Fat Good For You?


Hold up. What?! You want me to eat straight-up saturated fat? Yes, it's taken me some time to wrap my head around this idea:  The idea that eating fat doesn't actually make you fat. But, you are what you eat, aren't you? Do you remember the fat-free era? I gave up my beloved nut butters because of fat-phobia. Now, that is just plain stupid and reckless. Thankfully, Cooper didn't suffer through that phase. I no longer fear fat and regularly enjoy spoonfuls ladles of nut … [Continue reading]

Tone Your Upper Body: 10 Push-up Variations


The push-up is an exercise that can be performed anywhere with no equipment, building upper body and core strength. Can't get much better than that! Perhaps a burpee, but we'll address that soon (cue evil laugh). When a push-up is executed properly, you are working your muscles in the chest, shoulders, triceps, back, abs and your legs. Starting position should look like a plank with your legs pressed together. Upper body is rigid, but your elbows are not locked. And, I expect a smile … [Continue reading]