How to Squat Correctly


Do runners need to squat? When I wrote the post, "Do You Still Run?" I mentioned several movements that can benefit runners. Many of the movements not only compliment running, but are found in your everyday movements. Once I began distance running, I thought running was enough. I mean seriously, my legs were tired after 10 miles, why the heck would I want to do squats and lunges? How many of you have have similar thoughts? Sure, we can knock out push-ups, planks, an assortment of core … [Continue reading]

Breakfast For The Week: Egg Casserole

egg casserole

I have always been impressed by those of you that plan meals for the week. Packing meals-to-go in portable containers so you are never caught without healthy options. It takes time on the front end, but always pays dividends throughout a busy week. Coach and I want to get better at food prep, so we started with the first meal of the day. Egg Casserole 1. Grease baking pan with coconut oil & pre-heat oven to 350*. 2. Chop up every veggie you can find and throw it in.  Feel free … [Continue reading]

You Don’t Scare Me


Fall is upon us in the Midwest. The leaves are turning colors and the animals are gathering food. We even have some squirrels in our backyard that I thought I'd help fatten. Exhibit A: Bread i' Exhibit B: Cooper Exhibit C: Squirrels NOT getting bread I can't blame him. He's a clever one and tall enough to nudge the bread off wood platform. Squirrel food FAIL. Cooper celebrated his birthday on Tuesday too. Five years young! Intimidating Skills Sometimes I go into CrossFit a … [Continue reading]

Lean Legs Workout: Part 2

GNC Lean Legs Workout part 2_pic

After the success of the first GNC Lean Legs workout, I had to create a sequel, didn't I? I hope you like it as much as the first one. Fundamental movements. If you take a class from me, I can guarantee that you will do some form of squats and push-ups. Not only are these moves found in most CrossFit WOD's but they also translate to improved running performance when done regularly. Smile. Squats are fun! These basic moves simply can't be beat. But, I'm not going to get a full … [Continue reading]

GNC Gift Card Giveaway!

GNC gift card giveaway

Many of you know that I use GNC products religiously and have found them to improve my body composition and ability to increase the intensity of my workouts. I have been partnering with GNC to bring you online workouts. You can see the videos on my YouTube channel for exercise demonstrations and modifications. The Fall Series will continue until the end of the year! GNC is your one-stop shop online or in-store for all your vitamin and supplement needs. So, here's your chance to win $100 … [Continue reading]

In Between the Sweat

Reebok CrossFit Sports Bra

Between the recent race recaps and workouts, you'd think my life revolves around sweat. Actually, it kind of does. Swoob post circuit class. I have no problem being sweaty a majority of the time, a welcome change from my sedentary advising position back in Washington. While the fitness biz isn't lucrative by any means, it's very fulfilling. I'm leading fitness classes and training clients, which is sweaty business.  I live in my sweat a majority of the time. Don't you wish this picture … [Continue reading]

Medicine Ball Workout


My GNC Fall Series is in its third workout. And, these workouts are designed for ALL fitness levels with the intention of being fast, intense and effective! Modifications are provided for beginners. I hope you are are enjoying the options, and I always appreciate your constructive criticism to improve upon each one! Obviously, Cooper approves all my workouts. Note the jump rope? He was working on double unders. Show-off. One of my favorite pieces of equipment for HIIT workouts, … [Continue reading]

Omaha Half Marathon

Omaha Marathon_Finish_2

Going into the Omaha Half Marathon, I was nervous. Sure, I was still riding a high from my 10k PR the weekend before, but I hadn't put in long run mileage like my previous 4 half marathons. Am I ready? While I feel strong and fit, I wasn't sure what my endurance would be like. My highest mileage training run was pre-Hood to Coast Relay and only 9.3 miles. Take a look at my training a month leading up to this race: Week 1: M- 3.5 slow run T- CrossFit sprint WOD & taught Circuit … [Continue reading]

My Favorite Things Giveaway!

Gear Giveaway

I have assembled a giveaway containing some of my favorite items from this summer and one of you will win this haul! This giveaway includes the following: GNC blender bottle, Total Lean 25 protein packets, vitapaks, probiotics and breakfast squares Nuun hat, bottle, and tubes Team Sparkle skirt of your choice Endorphin Warrior bracelet of your choice Sparkly Soul headband Recovery Socks compression sleeves 1Band ID personalized ID No Bake Protein Bars from me! Maybe a few … [Continue reading]

Mud Factor Nebraska 5k

Mud Factor 5k_Blonde_Ponytail

The Mud Factor Nebraska 5k was my very first mud run and obstacle course. I was a little nervous about getting muddy and wet because I thought would translate into being too cold! But, we had a gorgeous day to get dirty. Team Hershey Squirts was ready to roll! Bailey and Steve thought it imperative to rock the long shorts for the intimidation factor. Fashionistas. We powered to the start to make our wave time of 9:30 a.m. looking forward to the muddiness. Waves began at 9 … [Continue reading]