2012 CrossFit Games: The Best YOU


I am so inspired by the quality of athletes competing and walking around The Games.  Thank you FitFluential and GNC for making this happen.Joe, Heather, Tina, Me, & ScottWe are proud to represent!Two of my favorites. Kelly Olexa and GNC_Kelly.Met Michelle Adams, a GNC brand ambassador who ran 3 marathons in 3 weeks including Boston and Big Sur. Legit.Love her!Yes, there are paleo eats, bacon jerky booths, & pull-up contests galore around the expo.  Lots of equipment and clothing too. Joe is … [Continue reading]

CrossFit Games 2012: It Continues


After event 1 at The CrossFit Games, what can these athletes expect?!A triathlon on Camp Pendleton grounds. The Obstacle course. A day of rest and the athletes are back at it!I tried to "look the part" of CrossFit on my way to California.Reebok Nano'sI was scoping out the airport on the way to LAX seeing who was going to the Games based on their dress and eats! I met one CrossFit staffer that worked the North Central Regional.I bought roasted veggies on for my flight knowing peanuts were not … [Continue reading]

A Triathlon?!


Pinch me, it's actually happening.  I'm at The CrossFit Games watching The Fittest Men & Women on Earth compete! CrossFit is all about the unknown, but athletes were still thrown for a loop when Games director, Dave Castro, announced Day 1 of individual competition would be Wednesday, not Friday! What?!A extra day of competition.They were called to duty at Camp Pendleton, a federal base and training grounds for U.S. Marines.They had to complete at a 700m swim in the Pacific, 8k bike across … [Continue reading]

Meal & Supplement Plan: Part 2

Fueled by GNC

Thank you all for such a positive response to my first GNC meal plan and supplement stack post. I spent quite a bit of time editing that post in hopes of sharing positive and informative details on my journey to lean. Now, that the weather is hot, and we have moved, my eating and exercise schedule has changed. I use the mornings to run. Honestly, I have to. In Omaha, the heat index creeps up dangerously high on occasion. Before & after my run As you read … [Continue reading]

New GNC Workout: Playground Challenge

GNC Summer Series Playground workout

Workout no. 5 of the GNC Summer Series comes to you from the neighborhood playground!   GNC workout No. 1: Arms GNC workout No. 2: Abs GNC workout No. 3. Legs GNC workout No. 4: Butt   That's right. We are going to use the monkey rings and a park bench to challenge ourselves. http://youtu.be/Btm1kmUBxX8 5 moves for 10 reps each.  Work up to 4 rounds.   Hanging knees to elbows Bench jumps Decline push-ups Step-ups on … [Continue reading]

New GNC Workout: Butt Blaster


Hope you have been enjoying my GNC Summer Series of workouts. Today, I am sharing a glute-focused workout.   So, we have covered arms, core, legs, and now, it's buns!   http://youtu.be/XZHoJcRHCJc This workout includes 5 moves for 20 reps each. 3 total sets. Sumo squats Skiers Bridge walks Side lunge with knee tuck Split squat jumps If 3 sets becomes too much, then work your way up to that. Just get moving! Try to incorporate this workout or the lean legs workout … [Continue reading]

My first official CrossFit BOX experience


Since we have moved to Omaha, we now have access to multiple CrossFit boxes.  It's so nice to be in a city again! CrossFit Omaha. I was quite anxious [read: nervous] going into my first official CrossFit box. I have high expectations going into any athletic situation and feel like I should conquer it. But, that's the humbling beauty of CrossFit. No matter how in shape you feel, the prescribed WOD's will break you down.  Before our intro workout, we saw Stacie … [Continue reading]

Lean Legs Workout

Lean_Legs_workout with GNC_fitfluential

To continue with my Summer Workout Series, let's get those legs ready for the summer! I have a HIIT workout for you targeting your legs as the Part #3 of my GNC Summer Series. http://youtu.be/NH94sx4-DIM 5 moves for 20 seconds each. 3 rounds. Advanced individuals can tabata each move (which will shred your legs!). 180* squats Reverse lunge with kick Lower body jacks Cross-back lunge with knee tuck Pulse squat jumps   Check out the … [Continue reading]

Red, White, & Blue (dress) + Weekly Workouts

Happy Independence Day! I'm so proud to be an American. Go USA!Last week, I made an emergency tweet and instagram request:I was shopping for a dress for a wedding in Colorado and needed help stat! There was no real consensus, so here is the winner:Blue won! I sized down (see comments above) and added a belt for structure. I got this dress from Target and it's an x-small. Let's be clear; I'm not an x-small. And, I got the black one too (only $25). I know there will be something I need it … [Continue reading]

GNC Summer Series: Ab Attack


Here is another workout as part of my GNC Summer Series plan. Last week, I shared an arm workout to help you sculpt those 'guns'. Today, we are going to attack our abs!  Let's tighten and strengthen that core with the following 5 moves. http://youtu.be/4LiZmzqcOCE Set your Gymboss timer to 30 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. 4 rounds. Plank Toe Taps Overhead Squat with Cross-over & Tuck Plank Hip Twists Weighted Scissor Kicks Standing Figure … [Continue reading]