Mud Factor Nebraska 5k

Mud Factor 5k_Blonde_Ponytail

The Mud Factor Nebraska 5k was my very first mud run and obstacle course. I was a little nervous about getting muddy and wet because I thought would translate into being too cold! But, we had a gorgeous day to get dirty. Team Hershey Squirts was ready to roll! Bailey and Steve thought it imperative to rock the long shorts for the intimidation factor. Fashionistas. We powered to the start to make our wave time of 9:30 a.m. looking forward to the muddiness. Waves began at 9 … [Continue reading]

Kettlebells for Endurance Athletes: The Hybrid Athlete

Hybrid Athlete_Joe Vennare

I had the pleasure of meeting Joe Vennare at The CrossFit Games this summer. Joe is the co-founder of Hybrid Athlete, an innovative training program that helps prepare individuals for general fitness, endurance events and even obstacle course racing using online resources and developmental work shops. Hybrid Athlete also offers Kettlebell Cardio and Race Day Domination training programs. This site is a wealth of information; you must check it out. I know many of my readers are … [Continue reading]

GNC Sweet “Pro-tato”


It's no secret that I have a sweet tooth. Instead of immediately reaching for the twizzlers, I have been TRYING to beat my sweet cravings with healthy substitutes. One of my coaches at CrossFit Omaha suggested adding cocoa powder and coconut butter to a sweet potato and mashing. It was delicious-an actual treat! But that got me thinking, why not use chocolate flavored protein powder? What you will need: one sweet potato 1 TBS of coconut oil or coconut butter chocolate protein … [Continue reading]

Omaha Corporate Cup 10k & a PR!


12,000 runners & walkers ran the Omaha Corporate Cup 10k or 2 mile run/walk in downtown Omaha. The event raises funds for the American Lung Association. The day before, I ran the Mud Factor 5k obstacle course (which I still need to post about), so I really didn't know what my legs would do today. And, the last 10k I ran was the Athleta Iron Girl 10k in Seattle, over a year ago. I wore my ViewSPORT tank, Reebok play dry shorts & socks, Brooks Pure Flows and accessorized with … [Continue reading]

Running Back to Back Races


Running back to back races has become pretty popular. In fact, Runner's World posted an article in the September issue on two-timing:  running two races in one weekend. Like the Goofy Challenge. Have you ever raced back-to-back? This weekend I'm not doing 39.3 miles; only 9.3 miles, but I'm still a two-timer. Saturday, I'm running the Mud Factor 5k and obstacle course with friends. We are aptly named Team Hershey Squirts. (Team Shart was a close second). The awesome folks at … [Continue reading]

Hood to Coast Relay: Leg 28

Hood to Coast Relay_Leg 28

Need to catch up? Hood to Coast Relay: Leg 4 and Leg 16. Well, it's only taken me 2 weeks or so to wrap this amazing adventure. There are multiple conversations, events, and images that I am failing to share. 200 miles goes by fast! Team Morning, Van 1. After my night leg #16, I only had 4.1 miles left to run for Leg 28.  Adrenaline and the energy from my teammates would provide the "fuel" for that final surge. One of the Dead Jocks from the Hood to Coast movie essentially stated … [Continue reading]

Home Power Circuit


The GNC Fall Workout Series is underway and I will be sharing workouts and video demos through the end of the year. Do you see Cooper in the background? He likes to photobomb me. In fact, I think I need to create a Cooper WOD. What do you think? It will likely involve naps and peanut butter. Last week, I shared GNC Get Strong & Lean Workout. This week we are focusing on power and balance. GNC Power Circuit You will perform each exercise for 20 seconds with a 10 second … [Continue reading]

Moving. New Home


What a whirlwind Labor Day weekend was! Laborious, but the fruits of our labor were well worth it. We have a new home. We can root down now. Unpacking is much more fun than packing. Especially with beer! The wall paper isn't too bad. It will go eventually. The previous owners bought this home brand new in 1966 and took immaculate care of it. The kitchen rocks with all it's storage. Coach is in heaven. Yes. They're real. I'm a neat freak and love to have … [Continue reading]

Hood to Coast Relay: Leg 16

Hood to Coast Relay_Leg_1166uun

I was on such a runner's high from my first leg that I didn't want to wait 11 more legs to run. But, that is the nature of a relay. We continued our Hood to Coast Relay journey from the Sandy, Oregon van exchange, traveling to Portland to eat some real food. Typically, I would order a chicken salad at restaurant, but limiting fiber sounded like a good idea. So, the chicken wrap sufficed instead. Can you see the pickles in there? Nice sodium addition to the nuun we were already … [Continue reading]

STRONG & LEAN Home Dumbbell Workout


With summer winding down, many of you are solidifying your exercise routines whether that involves a 10k training plan, personal training sessions or home workouts. I will be once again partnering with GNC to bring you regular workout routines that will not only challenge you, but assist you in reaching your fitness/physique goals in the convenience of your home. The GNC Summer series was a huge success, so we are going to move forward with a GNC fall series. I strongly believe you … [Continue reading]