Tone Your Upper Body: 10 Push-up Variations


The push-up is an exercise that can be performed anywhere with no equipment, building upper body and core strength. Can't get much better than that! Perhaps a burpee, but we'll address that soon (cue evil laugh). When a push-up is executed properly, you are working your muscles in the chest, shoulders, triceps, back, abs and your legs. Starting position should look like a plank with your legs pressed together. Upper body is rigid, but your elbows are not locked. And, I expect a smile … [Continue reading]

How I Beat the Heat: Running in the Summer


During the summer, finding an optimal time to run can be challenging. Granted, I will always choose hot over cold, sweat over shivers. You get the point. Your body certainly has to work harder in warm temperatures, so remind yourself PR's are rarely set in heat and humidity. I like to tell myself that a run in the heat is making me tougher, stronger. Although, I can't fathom completing the Boston Marathon this year. 1. Run in the morning (or at dusk) This one is pretty obvious, right? … [Continue reading]

Vanilla Protein Quinoa Bowl


Continuing from where we left off, I thought I'd share some more information about protein and the benefits of making sure you get enough. Protein basics continued. You have heard about blood sugar, right? The more we can keep it at a consistent level (think horizontal line) the more consistent our energy level.  The best way to keep that energy level in a steady state is to always have a source of protein with your meals or snacks. Fitness magazine listed 6 quick options to have … [Continue reading]

Win the Day Burpee Workout


After posting 5 Tips for CrossFit Beginners, there were comments and tweets about the cost of joining a CrossFit Box. Many of us are on tight budgets and the added cost of a Box can put undue financial strain on our lives. Equipment: Ultimate Sandbag (or set of dumb bells) Jump rope Coach and I did this workout over the weekend before he tackled a full day of recruiting. Summer really isn't down time at all for a college coach. Here's the workout: 50 overhead walking … [Continue reading]

Protein Basics and a Giveaway!

Soy Protein

Protein is a key macro-nutrient for building muscle and maintaining a lean physique. But there are so many different brands out there, it can be overwhelming. What brand? What kind? How much? Protein basics: Active men and women need approximately .5-.8 g of protein per pound (source) which ends up being between 40-70 g per day. Endurance athletes and strength-based athletes will likely need a bit more, so will pregnant and lactating females. 1. Fast - Whey Protein tends to be digested … [Continue reading]

Crazy Exercises: Kipping Pull-ups


Back in elementary school, I remember completing the Presidential Fitness Test, a series of exercises like sit-ups, push-ups, 1 mile run, sit and reach and pull-ups. At the time, I was participating in gymnastics, so my upper body strength was developing nicely. Would you believe I knocked out 7 hanging pull-ups? Yep. But, I wasn't satisfied because the highest number a boy did was 14. Whatever, testosterone. Wait, we were 10. Would I be happy with 7 hanging pull-ups now? You bet! Enter … [Continue reading]

Before Breakfast Anywhere Workout

Before Breakfast Home Workout

You're busy. You don't have time to get to the gym before work or the kiddos get up. But, you know you'll feel more energized and productive if you workout. No equipment needed, just you and your commitment to MOVE! This likely isn't the only exercise you'll do, but this home workout is a great way to rev your metabolism while simultaneously incorporating strength training & dynamic movements at the start of your day. I also discuss the basics of squats, push-ups and burpees in … [Continue reading]

Ultimate Sandbag: Dynamic Fitness

Ultimate Sandbag_BlondePonytail

Looking for a dynamic tool to incorporate into your training? I had the chance review the Ultimate Sandbag and couldn't be more thrilled. This innovative tool has my creative juices following. Visit the website for even more exercise video demonstrations. I purchased play sand for all of $3 to fill the 2 filler bags that go inside the Ultimate Sandbag. I didn't think stealing from the neighborhood park was necessary (or sanitary). You can also begin with rice as a filler, which … [Continue reading]

Do You Still Run?


When I returned from the CrossFit Games and was amped up to conquer the Sport of Fitness, my husband asked me candidly, "Do you plan to keep running?" I balked at his question. "Well, yes, of course."  Thinking, I don't intend to stop one exercise because I enjoy another. But, that got me thinking further, are exercise enthusiasts all too specific nowadays?  Can I call myself a runner and an avid CrossFit participant? My verdict: YES! I'm an athlete. To me that means … [Continue reading]

Updates: Training & More


If you are reading this, you see that Blonde Ponytail got a makeover. Thank you Rita for your hard work, patience and the skills to execute it perfectly. Let's catch up. I haven't talked about my training in recent posts. Coach and I are continuing our introductory sessions at CrossFit Omaha and picking up technical skills each time. Yes, I'm still wearing my Reebok attire. The CrossFit line fits so well. Functional fitness all the way. For two people that train others for a living, … [Continue reading]