We Made It!

After 3 days in the U-haul....Coach drove the ENTIRE time. I love him.Lots of Cooper cuddlesSuch a good, little travelerOne busted trailer, tire (2 hours delay).  Meals and snacks on the go...Cooper likes vanillaToo much fiber the first day...oops.tortilla chips. turkey, hummus and veggiesTaking my vitamins!Traveling from Pullman, WA, we arrived to the promise land. Omaha, NE  We immediately set forth to attend a College World Series game with my parents.  I couldn't be more excited to be HOME! … [Continue reading]

U-Haul: Next Stop Omaha

Last week was a whirlwind of events.  Coach was offered an outstanding professional opportunity which means...Home of CWS, Omaha, NEWe are headed back to Omaha and Creighton University where Coach will be the Associate Head Baseball Coach (that means 2nd in command essentially).We are calling this U-haul our home for the next few days as we make the trek to Omaha, Nebraska, my home!Hood to Coast shirtThe front is probably not meant to house two adults and an 80 pound Cooper, but we are making it … [Continue reading]

Out of the Box Workout


Variation. Muscle confusion. Keep your body guessing & you will see changes. When I began distance running, I didn't vary my speed much, just my mileage. You know what? My body figured it out and stayed the same. I learned to work smarter and incorporate HIIT into my running and strength training workouts. By continually mixing up my workouts, eating whole foods, and using specific supplements, I'm making changes. ProSculpt And, I don't get bored!  I rarely … [Continue reading]

Vanilla Almond Cran Protein Bites


Summer typically involves lots of travel, so portable, non-perishable, healthy snacks are a must.  Right?Vanilla Almond Cran Protein BitesWhat you will need:20 whole dates1 c. dried cranberries1 c. almonds2 Tbs. chia seeds2 scoops of Total Lean 25 French Vanilla (~1/3 c.)1 Tbs. organic honeyIn a food processor combine the dates, cranberries, & almonds.Then, add the chia seeds and protein powder, and finally the honey.  I tried to press the mixture into a sheet pan, but worked best was … [Continue reading]

4 Minute Fat Blaster With GNC


First of all, thank you for your welcoming response to My Journey to Lean post. Your comments and thought-provoking questions confirmed that this was an important post to share. I love the critical thinking taking place and believe you should always ask questions and research your options regarding your fitness and nutrition. Kudos to you! Since I failed to hook-up you up with a workout on Fitness Friday,Move It Monday is happening today. http://youtu.be/n9znVrHhSr8 4 moves in 4 … [Continue reading]

Sprigs Banjees WINNER!

Thank you to all the participated in the Banjees giveaway.  Remember, if you didn't win, you can still use coupon code BlondePonytail20.    Save 20% off of orders over $30 or 10% off orders $29.99 and under in your Sprigs shopping cart.   The winner of the giveaway out of 133 entries is No. 19: The Run Within.Congratulations! Please email me at blondeponytail [at] hotmail [dot] com with your mailing address. … [Continue reading]

How I Lost Body Fat

My Journey to Lean

Weight-loss is a controversial subject. I have been dependent on the scale in the past for my worth and value. That silly number meant it would be a good day or a blah day for me. Ridiculous. I am a NSCA-CSCS.  I am not an RD or physician (although you may refer to me as Dr. Ponytail if you like), so be as critical as you wish with this post. Here is a little gem that I recorded prior to my 2nd body composition test. Cooper makes his presence know multiple times throughout the … [Continue reading]

Total Lean Protein Cake


For the past month, I have been working on eating more protein, more often, about every 3 hours. But, I can't seem to shake that sweet tooth teeth of mine! So, I married the two. Pumpkin Protein Cake   What you will need: 1/3 c. egg whites 1/3 c. of canned pumpkin 2 scoops of Total Lean 25 French Vanilla 1 TBS chia seeds 1/2 tsp baking powder Cinnamon to taste Blend ingredients until well combined, including the cinnamon (about 1/2 tsp or so) till you have a … [Continue reading]

Banjees Wrist Wallet Giveaway

The Sprigs company has some of the most unique items for an active lifestyle including apparel and accessories. Most products are eco-friendly and attractive.My favorite item is the Banjees wrist wallet.The Big Banjees holds your smart phone or downsize to smaller version that holds credit cards, ID's, cash, etc.I used my Big Banjees on my trip to Stanford as Coach and I were running around campus, so I could snap pics and hold the hotel key as well.I love the Big Banjees in Black/African … [Continue reading]

I’m Going to The CrossFit Games!


I get to watch the Fittest On Earth™... in person!sourceOn behalf of GNC and FitFluential, I will be traveling to Carson, CA July 13-15 to watch, tweet, blog and be inspired by The CrossFit Games. When ESPN televises The Games, I can't look away. Show me more. More grit. More drive. More physical and mental toughness. I freaking love it.The Games began in 2007, but there is little doubt the Sport of Fitness™ has arrived and is here to stay.Post 'Filthy-50' Coach and I follow WOD's from our … [Continue reading]