Home Kettlebell Tabata Workout


*Edit: I have added an instructional video! See below. Because I teach and train on a college campus, my schedule revolves around the academic calendar. So, I'm back in my routine! I told my classes that I was 5 months pregnant (in case they couldn't tell!!). When I'm in fitness gear, you can really see my belly--time to fess up! I felt really good teaching and continue to use the "talk test" for intensity; meaning if I can still instruct and encourage, I'm doing okay! However, I … [Continue reading]

CrossFit During Pregnancy

Prenatal fitness_sandbag

I get a lot of questions from readers about how to design workouts and balance strength training with cardio. Now, I'm receiving more and more questions regarding pregnancy and scaling workouts, especially with CrossFit. There's not a ton of information out there. But, thankfully many pregnant bloggers are sharing their personal journeys with fitness & pregnancy. Each one different, but it's empowering to see so many woman remaining active during this time. Are you scaling your weight … [Continue reading]

We are having…


Yesterday, we got to find out if we are having a boy or girl. More importantly, we saw that our little girl is healthy and progressing. She is 12 oz. and long, lanky at this point graduating from a mango to a banana. We listened to her heart beat (147 bpm), they took measurements, checked out vital organs, etc. She is very chill and was a little stubborn in letting us see "her" but she finally relented after I turned to my side for a bit. I honestly thought we were having a boy … [Continue reading]

The Best Exercises for Pregnancy

The best exercises for pregnancy.jpg

Prenatal fitness is becoming more important & visible. No longer is it a sentence for a sedentary lifestyle. That being said, each woman is different when it comes to exercising while pregnant depending on preexisting conditions, health risks, and exercise history. Exercise boosts mood, improves sleep, and reduces pregnancy aches and pains (source). More importantly, it prepares you for childbirth by strengthening your muscles.  Bonus: it makes it much easier to get back in shape … [Continue reading]

My New Job!

Weight Training Steps to Success

Happy Friday all! I have some exciting news to share! In addition to the fitness classes and personal training I do at Creighton, I will be teaching a course for the Exercise Science department--a couple sections in fact! Technically, I'm adjunct faculty. I think that sounds pretty nice! Since moving back to Omaha, I made a career change (scary) to the fitness arena and wanted to see where it would lead me (or wouldn't). I'm so thankful to be part of a respected department with … [Continue reading]

My Belly is Growing: 19 Weeks Pregnant.

19 weeks pregnant.jpg

Apparently, growing bellies are interesting? Actually, I have always wondered how each woman changes throughout a pregnancy. I remember thinking, "I hope I look like her when I'm pregnant." Or, "OMG, will my body do that?!!" We are all so different: musculature, skeletal structure, height, hips...that it's tough to predict, so try to avoid the comparison trap (<---trying to take own advice here). I'm entering the 20th week of pregnancy which means, we are halfway there. … [Continue reading]

What My ‘Mango’ Is Doing


I hate putting away holiday decorations. I postponed it as long as I could but even I have limits. Luckily, Cooper helped me organize the ornaments. He seemed sad to see the tree going down too. Now that we are in our own home, I'm trying to be as organized as possible. Plus, with the "office" turning into the nursery, I'd like to be as space savvy as possible. Love me some storage containers! Who else goes a little crazy for organization? I'm a neat freak at heart, but not to the … [Continue reading]

“Silky” Recipes for the New Year

Chocolate Almond Pudding Pops

I can't remember exactly when Spencer and I switched from skim milk to almondmilk. It's been over a year. It started initially because we couldn't use the skim milk fast enough when he was in-season & traveling so much. Almondmilk has a longer shelf life. Then, I started reading about the benefits of reducing dairy intake. Plus, the Silk Pure Almond Unsweetened Original version is only 30 calories per cup compared to 80 calories in a serving of skim milk. And, it has 50% more … [Continue reading]

The GNC Total Lean Challenge


Today, marks the start of the GNC's newest program:  The Total Lean Challenge. For 12 weeks, GNC will be offering meal plans, workouts, exercise video instruction, and helpful links on their blog to help you stay on track and motivated in 2013. GNC will also be giving away $10,000 in Total Lean and other GNC products and merchandise throughout the 12 weeks on twitter. Follow the hashtag #RespectYourself as this challenge encourages you to respect yourself by making exercise and healthy … [Continue reading]

Weekly Workouts And Pregnancy

Reebok CrossFit TriBlend burpees

Thank you for your kind comments on my belly pics! I appreciate them so much. I'll share progress pics from time to time, but I promise not to overload you with pics of my belly! The day after our New Year's party, Spencer and I attended CrossFit together. I love working out with him!  We hit up the afternoon class at CrossFit Omaha for our first WOD of 2013. By the way, I love this picture from his first competition: That's some focus for the third WOD of the day! New Year's WOD - … [Continue reading]