Proper Form and Delivered Goodness

Proper form is crucial. Quality > quantity.Starting dumb bell swing positionI'm demoing the starting position for a dumb bell swing (with Cooper diligently supervising), but upon second glance, it looks as though I'm preparing to take a dump.SUAR, can I get your expert opinion on this? Taking It On, how about a second opinion?  The Boring Runner has his PhD in this area as well, so I will put a call out to him.Any hooters, I went to a STELLAR training session at my gym this week discussing the … [Continue reading]

Coach: Can We Do Tabatas?

Coach and I did a repeat routine and worked out prior to his game. He requested tabatas, and I happily complied. I set my Gymboss timer (I refer to it as my brain during class) for 8 sets of 20:10 intervals. That's 36 minutes of tabata work with a dynamic warm-up and elliptical work. We were smoked. Look at Coach's shirt: #PROOF We focused on upper body and core. I'm still feeling it today (For exercise references, you can visit my workouts tab). The hardest move? … [Continue reading]

Boston Marathon: The Inferno

The top story in the running world today is the Boston Marathon and the likely sweltering temperatures surrounding it. The Boston Athletic Association is offering runners a deferment to run next year in (hopefully) safer temperatures.  The B.A.A. posted a list of warm weather advisory recommendations for runners that choose to run.I bet the nuun hydration booth was completely swamped at the Boston Marathon expo.  With Kim at RNR Las VegasEven the fittest runners are being warned.I think it would … [Continue reading]

Hunger Games: Core Catching Fire

After creating the Hunger Games Tribute Workout, I thought it only appropriate and fair to share an equally challenging core routine. sourceMocking Jay CrunchesRue PlanksCato CrunchKatnissCinna Sit-ups … [Continue reading]

Hard Work. No Regrets. $40 for You.

I choose HARD WORK.  How about you?I have continued starting my days with ProSculpt as part of my GenetixHD routine. Fuel for my run too. Sweatastic.Occasionally, I take a second serving when I'm teaching HIIT class knowing that added energy, increased fat metabolism, and repair all aid in helping me build muscle and shred fat.Normally, I don't like to "drink my calories" but at a mere 30 calories, the benefits of ProSculpt surely outweigh the cals.Feeling powerful & seeing resultsWhat?! … [Continue reading]

Heavy Breathing…Push It.


Before Dog Day at the Park, Coach and I got a workout in (not that kind of workout XLMIC).I love working out with him. We push each other...hard. Lots of heavy breathing (TWSS).Here's our #PROOFSo, Coach is the only one actually doing work in the above picture while I just flex my guns (term used loosely) and act like I'm exercising. I sandwiched this CrossFit WOD in the middle of my 3.5 mile run (1 mile warm-up, 2.5 miles to finish).  I used a 35 pound plate instead of a 45 pound bar and did … [Continue reading]

Hood to Coast Relay: Meet Your Nuun-ja

Last year, I ran in the "Mother of All Relays".  It's hard to put into words how much those 200 miles of running with nuun meant to me. This video gives you a glimpse of how special this experience really is. And, I want to do it all again. With nuun.  Last year, I enjoyed spreading the nuun love.You bet we tattooed that 'Great Bowels of Fire' buttRunning in the heat of the day with no fear. I had nuun.Post Leg 7 (90*) Still enjoying the company of my teammates after 36 hours in a van.Nuun … [Continue reading]

Nuun Hood to Coast Relay Team: Are You Applying?

Last year, I had the opportunity to run with nuun for the Hood to Coast Relay.sourceIt.was.amazing.Nuun and it's employees are a class act. I was thoroughly impressed with their organization and enthusiasm last year. How could I NOT apply for that same opportunity this year?You (females only) have until tomorrow, April 9th to submit an application for your chance to make one of nuun's three teams this year.I thought I'd re-share my application for 2011 before submitting my 2012 application … [Continue reading]

I’m Sexy and I ‘Throw’ It


Who has LMFAO in their head now? Yeah, buddy. You're welcome.One of the tools I use to teach my HIIT classes is a SandBell.They come in varying weights and can be used like a kettle bell or thrown like a sack of flour (next Hunger Games workout, a Peeta move perhaps?)Wood Chops I asked one of my class participants (who is awesome, thanks Codie!) to film me post-class for a quick demo of THROW DOWNS and WOOD CHOPS.HIIT workout (Set your Gymboss timer to 30s:15s x 4) Reverse Overhead lunges w/ … [Continue reading]

A Reunion & Plans Tonight

Oh my gosh, I'm glad March is over! Coach was traveling 19 of the 31 days; 'tis baseball season. Cooper and I missed him!Is dad ever coming home?They were happy to see each other (despite Cooper's expression). Thankfully, April is a little nicer, so we get to spend more time with Coach.During Coach's absence, Cooper and I did have a chance to catch up on your blogs. This is so not #PROOF-like, but sure comfy!Cooper is captivated, I promise.Onto some eats.  Jenn is encouraging her readers to add … [Continue reading]