My Bunny

Real or not real?Fake bunny. Real bunny.I wanted to share a fun virtual run hosted by my fellow FitFluential ambassador Run with Jess.  You can run a variety of distances for the Jelly Bean virtual and win some great prizes. So go sign up! It runs April 1- 8th.Cooper and I participated last year.Jelly Bean 10kDo you like jelly beans?-- Love them. Especially Starburst.What's your FAVORITE candy?-- Anything gummy...actually, anything candy. ;) … [Continue reading]

Hunger Games Workout: Get Ready Tributes


With the opening of the movie, I had to teach a Hunger Games inspired HIIT class this week.   Don't worry, we didn't try to kill each other in class...but I did give everyone the option to swallow the berries.  Hunger Games: Tribute Workout Tribute Sumos Katniss Planks Buns Catching Fire Peeta's Push-ups Gale's Coal Miner Lunges Reaping Burpees In class, we did modified tabatas (6 sets instead of 8) of every move with 45-60 seconds of jump roping in between. I also like the option … [Continue reading]

Supplements Are Worth It, If You Put in the Effort


I want to pop a pill and instantly have a six-pack, ripped arms and defined legs. Who wouldn't want it that easy? Unfortunately, many supplement consumers think it is that easy. Wrong.  source Using supplements without putting in some serious gym-time and following a healthy eating plan are a waste of money. But, if you are willing to put in the work, then GNC's line of GenetixHD products are for you. I am currently using the Pro-Sculpt, Physio-Burn and … [Continue reading]

I Have the Runs–All Different Kinds

Here's a recap of last week.. Only 20 miles of running, but calories were burned. Monday:  200m repeats (3.5 mi)Tuesday:  HIIT & Ab Blast Class (60 mins)Wednesday:  Speed pyramid (3.5 mi)Thursday:   HIIT & Ab Blast Class (60 mins)Friday:  Progression run (5.25 mi) Saturday:  3 mi easy miles w/ CooperSunday:  5 mi with running buddiesI have been nailing some legit workouts with a little help from GNC's GenetixHD line. I'm posting a review this tomorrow and feel REALLY good on it...I still have a … [Continue reading]

Do You Run for a Reason?

I was told I had speed (however relative that term may be) so that meant I competed in track & field. Middle school track & field evolved into high school track & field.State Meet: Triple JumpRunning turned sport specific for college softball emphasizing sprints and explosive movements. The bases are 60 feet apart, how much endurance do you need?Then, running became a way to exercise post-eligibility. Leisurely miles meant I could fit in my pants. It was a means to an end.However, my first … [Continue reading]

5 Moves for a Solid Core


You don't have do mindless crunches to refine that midsection. In fact, the more muscles involved the better. *Note: I'd also like you to note my overly active golden retriever, Cooper in the background of each picture. ********** Do each move for 45 seconds then switch (3 sets) 1. Weighted plank to T 2. Pullovers on stability ball 3. Single leg overhead crunch 4. Medicine ball plank  5. Cross-back lunge with knee tuck ********** 1. Plank to T with weights Start in plank and … [Continue reading]

Technogel Pillow Giveaway

I wouldn't say I'm a person that loves sleep. I need it and try not to sacrifice it. But, I do get a little bit excited each night in anticipation of sleeping on my pillow. Seriously.Last week, I reviewed my Technogel Pillow. Coach is plotting to steal it from me in the middle of the night. Cooper already is already making his move. iPhone pic sorry. Now, one reader (US residents only--sorry!) will have the chance to win a Technogel® pillow of his/her choice (a $150 value). Believe me, you want … [Continue reading]

Thar Always After Me Lucky Charms

So many races and festive costumes this holiday weekend! It's official, I have race envy. Must register for something stat!I did pay homage to St. Patty's Day by hydrating with lemon-lime nuun.  And, wearing my green LiveStrong t-shirt on a morning run with Cooper.Nike below the neck, nuun above.Then, I donned my only St. Patty's Day themed article of clothing. This is my mom's shirt from college! Although we aren't Irish, I believe this one is a keeper as long as it lasts--which is +30 years … [Continue reading]

Strength: No Substitutes, No Excuses

When I began running longer distances in anticipation of my first marathon, I completely neglected strength training. Pin It This sign is posted in the athletics weight room and I pay close attention to it each time I workout or take a RUNch-break.  Another reason why I'm focusing on balance this year rather than mileage. This week's training: Sunday: 4 mi buddy run Monday: 5 mi run Tuesday: 4.25 mi easy run + taught HIIT & Ab Blast class Wednesday: AM spinning class 50 … [Continue reading]

HIIT It & Get It!

If I changed my HIIT class to Super High Intensity Interval Training, do you think people would like to take a SHIIT with me?Phone face. I was schweaty. I teach at night, so I like to be able to get a run in earlier in the day to make sure my body is ready to work. Two-a-days, I know I could be better about making time for them.Pin ItIn fact, I've been using my lunch breaks to run at work. Run + Lunch = RUNch.  Wanna help me trend #RUNch on Twitter?Let's talk fuel. I've started using the … [Continue reading]