One More

Clean & Jerk Garage WOD

My mom and dad are here to root on the Illini during NCAA Regionals, and Jada is soaking up every minute. We enjoyed a tailgate on Friday--note the Funbulance in the background?! Jada became quite proficient at begging for cookies. Tough to say no to this little face! She also got her sprints in prior to the first pitch. And, we saw the Illini defeat Ohio 10-3. Saturday's weather forced us inside most of the day, with the tournament being pushed back due to … [Continue reading]

Exciting Weekend Ahead!

Family Pic Billy Barooz

Let's catch-up on life lately, shall we? Monday, we attended the Illinois baseball team lunch to watch the NCAA Baseball Regional selection show. We were so happy to see that Illinois was selected as the No. 6 seed! That's out of 64 teams that make post-season baseball. That also means they are hosting this weekend, and we get more time with daddy! We attended a BBQ following baseball practice and the food was outstanding. Everything is better grilled, right? Even Cooper … [Continue reading]

Cooking Like Real Chefs with Blue Apron

Blue Apron meal prep_2

The following post is sponsored by Blue Apron. All opinions are my own. When I first became aware of Blue Apron, I thought it was primarily a meal planning service with gorgeous recipe cards. Well, that's only partly true. The recipe cards are beautifully photographed, but did you know that every single, farm-fresh ingredient that you need to cook the lovely meal above is also delivered to your doorstep? The ingredients arrive in a refrigerated box, so you don't need to be home … [Continue reading]

Moms Don’t Get Sick Days

Family Walk at Park

In honor of Memorial Day, please remember and honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in our military. I'm finally feeling like myself after getting hit hard with a cold last week. Moms don't get sick days, do they? Fresh fruit & honey toast were all that sounded good for a few days. Thankfully, my client had just gifted me with pure honey from her family's farm. It's amazing! Spencer was out of town all week at the BIG Ten tournament, so I had to rally with … [Continue reading]

Protein Up Your Eats

FlatOut Protein Wraps_1

It's no secret that I like simple, healthy meals. I'm not one to spend a lot of time prepping or cooking in the kitchen. So, I like quick fixes that pack a lot of nutrients and protein as well. I have found that when I'm feeling sluggish or hangry, it's a sign I'm not getting enough protein. That's why I was very excited to try Flatout bread's new line of ProteinUp wraps. It's an item that would easily end up in my shopping cart. Each flatbread has 12g to 15g of protein (from … [Continue reading]

Workouts & Eats Lately

Bear Complex Crossfit

I’m sharing workouts from this past week along with healthy eats. I hope you enjoy! After last week's workout post, I wanted to continue to share more of my training. For the most up to date workouts, you can follow along on Instagram. I'm sure many of you notice my furry, best friend Cooper in the background of many workout pics. He is a loyal training partner...even if he is not the least bit interested! For the movement above, I paired lateral push-ups with a burpee to work on … [Continue reading]

Recover Faster After Workouts

Recover Faster Post Workout ProHydrate

Here are a few tips that have helped me recover faster after my workouts. Hope they help you too! 1. Sleep This is essential to building and maintaining lean muscle (protein synthesis). Life can get busy...for everyone, but if your goal is to improve your fitness and physique, you have to make time for sleep. Neglect it too long, your body and your workouts will suffer. 2. Push Yourself Within Reason It's fun to challenge yourself during a workout, right? Get outside your comfort zone? … [Continue reading]

Workout Wednesday

KB clean and press progression 2

I'm sharing some of my workouts from this past week, and hope a few make it into your training plan! This week is rolling by as so many do, right? I mean, don't get me wrong, the days can feel long when you are in charge of a toddler. In reality, time flies. My little Jada will turn 2 years old next month. What?! Spencer and I are trying to soak up her fun personality (and ignore the tantrums) every moment we get. As I've mentioned before, part of my motivation for staying … [Continue reading]

My Mother’s Day Top 5

Cooper and Jada swings

This is my second year celebrating Mother's Day. Hope you the chance to celebrate or be celebrated this past weekend, mother or not! Here is my Mother's Day Top 5 1. Beautiful Weather The weekend called for lots of storms, but we had plenty of warm, sunny skies to keep us happy! We put lots of miles in using the stroller and playing at the park. 2. Sunday Morning Pancakes Pancakes could make a daily appearance as far as I'm concerned. These beauties are made with Try … [Continue reading]

Eats Lately

Snack plate

I love warm weather! This time of year, we find every opportunity to be outside. Like planting flowers... Even if you have to use your toddler's gardening tools. Or, playing with water. Think we need to find Jada a baby pool? She climbed into her water table and stated, "Mommy! Go Swimming!" Little stinker. We are pretty pumped to have daddy home for a while. I'm super proud of him. Not only is he an amazing dad, but he's an extremely talented coach who has the … [Continue reading]