Healthy Tips for Parents

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As a parent and personal trainer, I have many roles and responsibilities. We all do, right? Unfortunately, I don't get "sick" days as a parent, so it's imperative that I make my health a priority in order to keep up with an active toddler and training schedule. My Tips For Staying Healthy 1. Get Enough Sleep. My goal is to sleep 8 hours per night. With a husband that travels often, I'm the sole parent on many weekends, so I can't take a break unless my toddler does. That means I want … [Continue reading]

The Evolution of This Blog


This weekend, I was reflecting on how much my blog has changed since I began writing in October 2010. So, for those of you that are fairly new readers, here's a peak into the beginning of Blonde Ponytail. On Saturday morning, I took Cooper and Jada for a walk in the cold, windy, and rainy conditions. Doesn't Cooper look amused? While I was getting soaked & increasingly cold on our only 30 minute walk, I thought about all the Illinois Marathon runners braving these conditions, … [Continue reading]

Burning Off a Piece of Pie

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Are you ready for the weekend?! This little cutie is. Unfortunately, the rain might throw a wrench in our plans, and those of the Illinois Marathon participants. Ugh! Spencer's mom visited us last weekend, so Jada made sure to keep her Oma busy. "C'mon Oma! Let's run! Go!" And, it also gave us a chance to spend some kid-free time together. Cheers to that! Neither of us have family nearby, so adult-only time is far and few between. By the way, this chocolate peanut … [Continue reading]

National Stroller Running Day 2015

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Today, I wanted to share more about National Stroller Running Day coming on May 31st! A BOB stroller was one of the first items I purchased when I found out I was pregnant. With as much as I walk/run with Cooper, I knew I needed something to keep Jada safe and not slow us down. We use it almost everyday. It has offered me a chance to stay active and sane while spending time with Cooper and Jada. I even used it when I was teaching Stroller Fitness classes last summer. About … [Continue reading]

7 Reasons Why Couples Should Workout Together

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Here are several reasons why we choose to workout together, and how it helps our marriage. 1. Similar Physical Goals Exercise has always a been part of our lifestyles, even before we meant. Spencer & I were very active as children & went on to be collegiate athletes. So, it's completely natural for us to want to train and keep our fitness levels high. The only competition is being a better version of ourselves. 2. Spend Time Together During the baseball season, Spencer's time is … [Continue reading]

6 Qualities Clients Want from Personal Trainers

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Being a personal trainer is both a rewarding and challenging job. The relationship personal trainers have with their clients can be one of the most gratifying connections around. As a trainer I want my clients to not only respect me, but know that I am there to listen as well. Here are 6 qualities to keep in mind as a personal trainer or when searching for one: 1. Be Professional Many of my current and past clients have hired me because they studied how I trained other individuals … [Continue reading]

My Workout Space Bubble

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When I'm at the gym, I always try to use less crowded areas and respect individuals' workout space bubbles. No one wants to be up in anyone's sweaty business, right? However, when I'm in my garage, I don't have that same courtesy extended. Please note the proximity of Cooper as I complete bar facing burpees. Ha! My loyal sidekick. Never far away. The Workout So, I went into this workout thinking, I'd do 6 rounds. But, that went quickly, and I thought, let's go for 10. Why … [Continue reading]

9 Tips to Exercise Safely with Kids

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My tips to help you exercise safely with kids. A few months ago I wrote a post on Tips for Exercising with Kids. However, as Jada has gotten even more mobile and interested in participating, I realized I needed to make a few additions to that post. 1.  Eliminate Unsafe Exercises Depending on your child's age, you may need to modify your workouts to include only certain movements. While Jada is developing both physically & mentally faster than I can keep up, she doesn't … [Continue reading]

What I’m Loving Lately

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Happy Thursday! I'm sharing a quick post about things I'm loving lately. 1. TRX I've been incorporating more of the TRX into my training sessions. I was TRX certified in November 2012 and love using this tool for training. Not only does it fire your core and provide a full body workout, but it can be helpful for clients' with limitations like bad knees or hips. 2. Toddler Gymnastics We are facing some rainy weather this week, so it's nice to let Jada expend some energy at the … [Continue reading]

Family Fitness, Bunny Ears, & Healthy Eats

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We loved being outside to enjoy the Easter holiday! And, we just might be doing egg hunts the next two weeks, Jada loved it so much. In fact, she even got to participate in one following on Illinois baseball game with daddy! And, a hug from the Easter bunny--no tears! Thanks to Jada's Grammy & Auntie, ahem, the Easter bunny, she was quite the lucky, little girl. Lots of items to keep her busy like coloring books, sidewalk chalk, books, and even a bunny for … [Continue reading]