About Time Natural Supplement Review

About Time protein products

As a personal trainer and active mom, I am always on the look out for the very best supplements, and in turn, share them with you. While I don't think supplements are necessary for everyone, I benefit from adding them to my diet & training. I don't always have time to prepare meals, so I rely on quality protein powder to add to smoothies & homemade protein bars. In the past, I would look primarily at the macronutrient make-up of the products. However, now I also want a shorter list of … [Continue reading]

Weekend Workouts & Active Recovery

AbX mat HumanX_2

Spring definitely arrived this weekend! But, winter also reminded us that it's not too far away. I'm so anxious to pack away the winter coats for good! Jada is a trooper though, and loves to go to baseball games. "See daddy! See daddy!" Saturday was gorgeous, so we went to the Illinois vs. Minnesota softball game first. My teammate from Stanford is the head coach for the University of Minnesota, so we cheered her on. They are ranked No. 15 in the nation, so they really didn't … [Continue reading]

Adding More Vegetables to Our Diet

Boca Burger

I'm always looking for ways to add more vegetables to my family's diet by sneaking them in where ever I can. This one's growing like a weed and needs all the nutrients she can get! 1. Smoothies Adding vegetables to your smoothies, is an easy one, right? Spinach doesn't change the taste of the smoothie, but you get the benefit of more vitamins and nutrients. Here is my favorite green smoothie of late: 1 cup frozen spinach 2 scoops of vanilla protein powder 10-15 red … [Continue reading]

CrossFit Inspired Running Workout

check your pulse wod

Happy Monday! I have been meaning to share another another CrossFit inspired running workout with you for months now. I love breaking up my running during a workout by using movements that incorporate a lot of muscles. It's efficient and effective. While we're on the subject, rarely, if ever, do I split my daily workouts into upper and lower body workouts. I almost always use compound movements. Let's get to the workout, shall we? I cannot remember how long this took me. … [Continue reading]

Toddler Favorites: Learning Toys

Melissa & Doug Blocks

Here is part II of Toddler Favorites! Last time, we shared our favorite books--many have since been added. Today, Jada is going to share some of her favorite learning toys. As a general rule, we try to keep things simple around here and not have an abundance of toys. Jada loves her Teddy bear and everything else is a bonus. ;) 1. LEGOS Jada loves building with LEGOS. After getting some for Christmas  and using them every day, Spencer got her (or him) the train set to add to … [Continue reading]

A Peek at the Week

University of Illinois Baseball_4

It's amazing what a little sunshine and warmer temperatures do for my mood. I love being outside and so does Jada. In fact, we got to see daddy in action as the team played their first home game. Jada even got the game ball. She's got quite an arm and kept the opposing team off balance. ;) After the win, she got to run on the field, throw the ball, burn off some of that toddler energy--she's 21 months old today! How did that happen?! The team has an extended home stand, … [Continue reading]

Be More Human & 2 New Gym Workouts

goblet squat be more human

I think we can all agree, you don't visit my blog for advice on how to do your hair, make-up or accessorize, right?! However, I will openly share my favorite workout clothes and products, because I literally use them all the time. And, I certainly put them to test during my workouts. I am in love with Reebok's latest campaign. This isn't a sponsored post. I really want to share their message, because I think if you are reading my little blog, then surely this will also resonate with … [Continue reading]

We’re Nutty Over Here!

Silk Cashewmilk glass 2

We have a new, favorite nut in our household. No, not Jada. Although, she is a nut! ;) Silk® has a new product that fits perfectly into our healthy lifestyle:  Cashewmilk. We have been fans of Silk products for some time. So, when I was offered the chance to try the new, non-dairy alternative, I didn't hesitate. I pick all the cashews out of the trail mix first anyways (after the M & M's, of course). Creamy Smoothies We are big fans of smoothies around here, as you have … [Continue reading]

Fit Pregnancy Workouts

Fit Pregnancy Workouts

For those of you expecting or thinking of adding to your family in the future, here are an assortment of workouts to keep your pregnancy a FIT pregnancy! Exercise boosts mood, improves sleep, and reduces pregnancy aches and pains (source). More importantly, it prepares you for childbirth by strengthening your muscles. Now, that I have given birth to Jada, I wholeheartedly agree that exercise helped me keep my stamina during pregnancy and child birth in addition to recovering … [Continue reading]

Weekend Workouts & Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

Reebok Pineapple pants 3

Despite getting dumped on, we made the most of our weekend. This is why I workout. Functional fitness. This stuff was heavy. Workouts So, speaking of functional fitness. Let me share a few of my recent workouts. Gym Workout I have been on a hang clean kick lately! Before completing the workout below, I ran for 30 minutes with interval work built in. 5 Rounds: 7 hang cleans 105# 5 fronts squats 105# 5 pull-ups Then, 4 Rounds: 20 calories rowed 12 hand release … [Continue reading]