It’s a Zoo Out There!

Omaha Zoo 2

This weekend was a whirlwind! Let's start with Friday. We took Jada to the Omaha Zoo this weekend! I taught a HIIT class in the morning and did a quick outfit change, so we could get there before afternoon nap time. Spencer's mom was able to visit us for a few days to celebrate Jada's first birthday (early), so we took advantage of time together. Jada enjoyed herself, especially the aquarium where you can get up close and personal with the sting rays. She really seemed to … [Continue reading]

New Outdoor Workout!

Wall Ball

This is the time of year to exercise outside! If you are like me and love to sweat, get outside. Use what you've got! I took my small group outside for a fun WOD using some uncommon tools. This tire is waaaaaaaaaaaay to heavy to flip (filled with concrete), so we found other ways to use it. The entire workout is posted below. Wall Ball One continuous movement of a squat to overhead toss (more like a push) of the medicine ball. The goal is to get the ball about 10 feet … [Continue reading]

National Running Day

BOB stroller walk in Omaha

Today, is National Running Day! June 4th is your chance to make those miles count by pledging miles to a charity. So, grab a buddy (or two) and get out there! You can even meet up with a local group or start a new one HERE. Will you run today? *If you are still looking for some great running socks, the code blondeponytailpromo to save 10% on Thirty48 socks and compression sleeves is still good! … [Continue reading]

My Favorite Workout Gear


Today, I want to share some of my favorite pieces of workout apparel and training tools! Although, I have worked with some of these companies in the past, this is not a sponsored post. Just sharing a few favorites! CrossFit Love the Reebok CrossFit shorts (I run in them too)! They have a wide waistband and are light weight for your sweatiest WOD!  The PlayDry material has built in stretch, so don't worry about getting deep on those squats! My favorite shoe for most of my workouts … [Continue reading]

Workout Selfies: Standard Practice?

PreWorkout Selfie

It's Friday! Jada and I had to pose for a pre-workout selfie to prove we actually were going to the gym. ;) On that note, what do you think of selfies? Sweaty selfies? I can't get myself to take one in the weight room because it feels so obvious. And, honestly, it's not the most flattering shot!  But, I find myself following others on Instagram that snap workout selfies. My favorite is Mankofit because her pics not only show off an amazing, muscular physique, but she usually shares … [Continue reading]

Push-Pull Kettlebell Workout

Push-Pull Kettlebell Workout

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by thirty48. All opinions are my own. I have a fast and furious workout for you today:  Push-Pull Kettlebell Workout! Before we dive head first into this workout, let's talk about Thirty48. They call themselves "The Sock Geeks" because they are obsessed with sock technology and creating the highest quality product for customers. The Ru Running socks are show above. They have extra padding to help prevent bruising and blisters during long runs. … [Continue reading]

More Than Digestive Health: Florastor Probiotics

Florastor probiotic_1

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Florastor Probiotics. Many of you are likely familiar with the benefits of using probiotics. If not, let's start with the basics. What are probioitics?! I was excited to work with Florastor Probiotics, the #1 probiotic supplement worldwide, thanks to a campaign with FitFluential. While I knew probiotics help promote a healthy gut, I had no idea the additional benefits. There are lots of the probiotics out there. … [Continue reading]

Never Forget

Armbrust YMCA

On Memorial Day (and everyday for that matter), we give thanks to all that have served our amazing country. Never forget. Today, we did the [modified] CrossFit Hero WOD "Murph" in honor of Lt. Michael P. Murphy (SEAL). The original workout calls for: 1 mile run. 100 pull-ups. 200 push-ups. 300 air squats. 1 mile run. a 20 pound vest! We didn't have a weighted vest (thank goodness!) and only did half the movements, so we treated it like a partner WOD.  We found this … [Continue reading]

Take Your Fitness Outside

BOB Revolution Stroller

This time of year, I'm taking my fitness outside when I can. Join me? You don't need structured workouts. Find a way move more outside like yard work or a neighborhood walk. Recently, Jada and I explored a new running trail. She absolutely loved it! I tell ya, this girl is happiest outside. After her second nap of the day, we have been taking an evening walk with Cooper. Usually, that involves a visit to the neighborhood park. Someone likes the swing. :) And, someone … [Continue reading]

How I Set a Half Marathon PR Postpartum

How to set a half marathon PR

After I set and met my goal to PR at the Lincoln Half Marathon, I received questions and comments on my approach. Here's how I set a half marathon PR postpartum: 1. Allow enough time for recovery. I listened to my body after having Jada and didn't try to set any records and return to fitness before my body was ready. I embraced the recovery time from giving birth and slowly added more challenging workouts. I waited almost 7 months to aggressively train for a race! 2. Have a … [Continue reading]