Run-Push-Pull Workout

reebok crossfit shorts

Happy Monday all! We spent a majority of the weekend packing boxes, but at least we were all together again. Jada and I will join Spencer in Illinois next week when we close on our house. Until then it's cardboard boxes, then living with my parents. Gym Workout Because I knew most of my weekend would be functional fitness (term used very loosely) in the form of packing and lifting boxes, I wanted to kill it at the gym on Friday. I wasn't sure what I was going to do when I walked … [Continue reading]

Blend Meet-up at Whole Foods

reebok crossfit shorts

I only had a few days left before my CPR/AED certification expired, and needed to remedy that ASAP! So, Jada and I visited the Exercise Science department at Creighton where I taught weight training. Thankfully, my friend Jen, one of my all-time favorite people, talented instructor and strength coach, is also baby whisperer. So, while I took my exam, she and Jada played. It's never too early to learn about anatomy and physiology, is it?! Well, Jada had a blast, meeting new people, … [Continue reading]

Gym Workouts Lately: CrossFit

wall ball CrossFit

Exercise is something that keeps me grounded and sane. I have control over it. It does NOT control me, but I LOVE pushing myself and seeing what I am capable of. In the midst of packing, I have been starting my days with CrossFit gym workouts--while I can! Here goes. Monday Workout #1 6 rounds of: 400m run 10 dead lifts at 135# 10 wall balls 10 G2OH (ground to overhead) 45# plate This one took about 20-25 minutes, I failed to stop my watch. But, I really, really … [Continue reading]

Beginner Workout Routine

beginner workout routine

Hi Friends! I've been meaning to post this beginner workout routine for a while now. While most of the workouts on my YouTube channel offer modifications, not many of them are geared specifically towards new exercisers. It takes a lot of courage to start something new.  I love nothing more as a trainer than to see individuals surprise themselves by lifting more than they thought or becoming fitter than they anticipated. Hopefully, this routine takes the intimidation out of starting. … [Continue reading]

Friday Flex

Friday Flex

The light was just right in our bedroom, so I took a selfie to pump myself up. If a bikini and fluorescent lighting was involved, you can be sure I'd spare you the picture! Friday Flex. It's a thing right? Group Fitness Today is bitter sweet as I will be teaching my last HIIT class at the YMCA. I never realized how much I loved teaching group fitness until I took a break after Jada was born. I love, love the energy found in a packed room. Plus, teaching regular classes holds me … [Continue reading]



I guess yesterday was National Dog Day, but we celebrate every day! Go hug your pup! Have you ever seen a 6-legged dog before? ;) We got some great news this weekend and found a house (that we love) in Illinois! Now, the stress of moving is even more real to me. We have moved 3 times in our 6 years of marriage (this will be #4), so it's not new to me. But, with a kiddo, it gets a bit more complicated. So, while I can stress eat with the best of them, I've been trying to find … [Continue reading]

Glutes and Guns CrossFit WOD

glutes and guns CrossFit wod

Bam! And, it's Monday. That always happens doesn't it? That's about how I feel too, Jada! :) My dad has been teaching her the bitter beer face, and she pretty much delivers on command now! It's pretty funny. See what I mean?! Also, this girl might turn into a watermelon. Cooper and Jada needed to burn off some energy during our morning walk, so I let them loose on the tennis courts for a while. Jada has also been working on that throwing arm of hers. My sweet … [Continue reading]

The More Things Change…

Couples selfie

The more things change, the more they stay the same... What the heck that does mean anyway?!! Here's what I know: as long as we have each other, we will be okay regardless of what changes we face. Not to get all sappy on you! Although, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous, anxious, and sad too. Omaha is my home. My family is here. Many of our friends are here. I feel plugged-in at work and the community. I'm starting over in Champaign, Illinois, and I'm scared. But, I … [Continue reading]

Work It Wednesday

photo 5

It's been a whirlwind around here to say the least. However, we had the chance to get in a family workout, before taking a brief trip to Champaign, Illinois to house hunt. First, we had to warm up at the playground. Don't you do that? Can we do it again, dad? We really wanted to get in a track workout, but had to be a bit creative with a toddler. The high school near us, Omaha Burke High, has an amazing track with field turf which means lots of room for Jada to run … [Continue reading]

How We Celebrate 6 Years!

Omaha farmer's market

Hope you all had a great weekend! We celebrated our 6 year anniversary on Saturday! We started the day off at the Omaha Farmer's Market in the Old Market downtown. Cooper was the star of the show--everyone wanted to pet him! Jada was a close second. ;) We met my parents there, and of course Jada had to be held by Grammy. Our haul included broccoli, zucchini, chai spiced honey, strawberry-rhubarb jam, and kettle corn. Love the farmer's market! Then, we walked to a nearby … [Continue reading]