The WHY behind the workout

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I love feeling fit, energetic and strong as a woman, and especially, as a mom. It's important to me as a personal trainer to "look the part."  But, Jada is the real WHY behind my workouts now. It's Not Selfish There's no doubt, I will always put Jada and her needs first. As a parent, you become completely selfless with regards to your children (fur babies included). However, I've said it before, making time to workout, makes me a better mom.  I don't feel selfish for taking that time … [Continue reading]

How to Live Active in 2015 + a Lorna Jane Giveaway!

Lorna Jane Live Active Diary

Can you believe we are approaching February?! If your goal is to LIVE ACTIVE in 2015, needs a little push, I have just the item for you today! The Lorna Jane 2015 Move Nourish Believe Diary is as beautiful as it is motivating. In fact, it is on sale for 50% off right now! But, one of my readers has the chance to win this amazing item thanks to Lorna Jane. Before we get to the giveaway, let's talk about how to LIVE ACTIVE this year. 1. Write down your goals & track … [Continue reading]

CrossFit Inspired Running Workout

CrossFit Running WOD

Happy new week and fresh start to you all. I posted a workout on Instagram last week that many followers loved (and tried), so I wanted to be sure and share it here. CrossFit Inspired Running Workout After a 1 mile warm-up on the treadmill, do the following. 6 rounds: 10 burpees 20 kettle bell swings [eye-level] 50# 10 push-ups 400m run [9.0 mph on treadmill] I failed to get an accurate time, but the workout took between 22-25 minutes, I think. You can modify this by reducing … [Continue reading]

Fuel & Firsts

GNC natural protein powder

I always used to look forward to catching up on, well, everything over the weekend. But, that doesn't really happen anymore. Exhibit A. Jada digs her smoothies. I mix a scoop of chocolate protein powder, frozen spinach, a scoop of nut butter, half a banana, and some whole milk (we use Horizon Vitamin D with added DHA) and blend it up. I still dig GenetixHD Pro-Sculpt, and often only drink this before a workout. I like working out on an empty stomach, but it's not for … [Continue reading]

Creating a Successful Morning Routine

Silk Dairy Free Yogurt Alternative

A morning routine is commonplace at our house. It's a must with a toddler! Kids actually crave routine (whether they act like it or not) as it provides structure, security and the means to develop self-discipline. Here are our morning goals that set us up for success the rest of the day: get Jada dressed & do her hair (untangling curls takes some coercing!) eat a healthy breakfast feed Cooper (in the winter, his walks are later in the day) tidy up the kitchen & put … [Continue reading]

Developing Upper Body Muscles

Reebok CrossFit Nano 4.0 Push-ups

Any of you football fans? Well, our house was pretty excited after yesterday's NFC championship game! Spencer is from Washington, so he was pumped to see the Seahawks head to the Super Bowl again. :) Upper Body Muscle Development I want to thank you for comments on my last post! I'm working through the questions in the comments either through replying (so check your email) or through future posts. Which leads me to this post: Developing Upper Body Muscles. Many of my workouts are … [Continue reading]

Why I Changed My Training

Training for Fat Loss

Several years ago, if you looked at my training journal, it would've only contained running entries. I caught the running bug. Races were fun, and I just might lose weight while training. But, I but logged too many miles too soon, and an injury (plantar fasciitis) caused me to reevaluate my training. I backed off running and started incorporating more HIIT workouts. Soon, I began to see changes in my physique that further encouraged me to train smarter. Before and After On the left, … [Continue reading]

Being Flexible: Weekend Workouts

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We are almost settled back into a routine here. And, I'm all about routine (more to come on this subject this week). Because Jada was still under the weather on Friday, we decided exercise some flexibility and do a family workout on campus. I thought she needed one more day before I brought her to the YMCA child care. Spencer doing some toddler-sled pulls! Getting creative over here, you guys. We ended up doing a sprint & body weight workout. 10 x 200m sprints 5 rounds: 10 … [Continue reading]

A Smart Man


Well, we made it back to Illinois in one piece during this polar vortex. Brrr! I highly recommend a dragon costume to keep yourself toasty. Hope it still fits her by October! ;) We had such a wonderful time visiting our families over the holidays, and never felt overwhelmed or stressed (<--well, maybe a first flight with a toddler, but she did great). We deliberately tried to focus on quality time as opposed to buzzing from one place or event to the next (sometimes, you … [Continue reading]

Staying Fit on the Road

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We have been on the road for several weeks during the holiday season and are currently visiting Spencer's family in Washington. Jada has especially loved playing with her cousins and second cousins & auntie Angela. And, savored every moment with Oma. Spencer's mom comes from a very large family, so there have been new faces every day, and Jada has loved meeting her Washington family. The little ham enjoys the extra attention! Traveling is tough for us with Spencer's … [Continue reading]