Tips for Exercising with Kids

Tips for Exercising with Kids

Hi there! Finally, I'm getting around to a post with some fitness talk for ya--considering that is the general theme around here! The past week, Spencer and I have been starting our days off with a workout...together. We both love getting it done first thing in the morning. But, that also means we have to juggle watching Jada while exercising. Tips for Exercising with Kids 1. Find a Safe Place Since we moved to our new home, the garage is an ideal location for us. The previous … [Continue reading]

Idea Garden

Garden of Ideas illinois_4

The weather in Champaign has been absolutely gorgeous! Mother Nature must've got the memo from me. We took advantage of the weather and the University of Illinois Idea Garden last weekend. The Garden of Ideas is just that: a place where you get ideas for your landscaping projects. My favorite part was the Children's Garden that encourages exploration and using all the senses. Also, that is a Fightin' Illini temporary tattoo on Jada's cheek--did I really need to … [Continue reading]

Let’s Play Catch Up

sleeping dog

Well hello! Slowly, we are getting settled after arriving in Champaign, Illinois. On Wednesday, my mom joined me for the drive to Illinois, to help with Jada and Cooper. Cooper is a seasoned traveler as you can see. Jada did really well on the 8 hour drive. We stopped at 3 rest stops along the way for some exercise and to eat lunch. My mom was amazing with her in the car--there's no way I could've done it without her. Jada has zero interest in movies; she's all about … [Continue reading]

One Last Time

photo 3

By now, we are in our new house in Champaign, Illinois. It still hasn't really hit me. My last days in Omaha were spent doing some of my favorite things. 1. Legit Workouts I took advantage of heavy weights and the gym while I could. My last one (which has 2 parts) was posted on Instagram. Try it out! 2. Visiting the Omaha Zoo This is one of the best zoo's in the country, and we will miss being regulars here. The aquarium is a kiddo favorite. 3. Treats with … [Continue reading]

PUMA Fitness: Where Performance Meets Comfort

PUMA Fitness clothing

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of PUMA Fitness. As a fitness professional, I really love trying new workout apparel. I live in the stuff! So, not only do I want workout gear to be functional, but it has to look and feel good too. Why would I wear something I didn't feel good in?! PUMA graciously sent me two different looks thanks to a campaign with FitFluential. The first look is all about PERFORMANCE. I love the color of the Gym Tank and … [Continue reading]


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Oh man. I'm exhausted. More mentally, than physically. Moving does that, doesn't it? Breathe. And, eat cupcakes. My sweet friend, and client, Erin brought Jada and me cupcakes for our last training session. We attacked them! This obviously does not fall in line with Skinnygirl Snack Swap happening in the month of September, but I'll get back to it. ;) Our Wednesday and Thursday involved packing and more packing, until the movers arrived. Jada was very helpful … [Continue reading]

Smart Snack Swaps & Skinnygirl Giveaway [CLOSED]

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The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Skinnygirl. Life has me on-the-go constantly. As a mom and personal trainer, I don't have much time to sit down (who does, right?). That couldn't be any truer than the present as we are in the midst of moving. I need, need to have healthy, convenient snacks readily available, or I will simply make poor choices. I tend to have a protein or snack bar in my gym bag just in case hunger strikes, and lately, I have been noshing … [Continue reading]

Crazy 8’s Sprint Workout

crazy 8 sprint workout

Even though this weekend was filled with packing tape and cardboard boxes, we managed to get in a family workout despite the moving chaos. Spencer is drinking the N.O.-Xplode pre-workout igniter I received for a campaign with FitFluential. The new formula helps deliver explosive energy, enhanced endurance and maximum performance for workouts. Spence said he felt amped when he drank this. He even had to dial it back at the beginning of the workout, because he thought he would burn … [Continue reading]

Run-Push-Pull Workout

reebok crossfit shorts

Happy Monday all! We spent a majority of the weekend packing boxes, but at least we were all together again. Jada and I will join Spencer in Illinois next week when we close on our house. Until then it's cardboard boxes, then living with my parents. Gym Workout Because I knew most of my weekend would be functional fitness (term used very loosely) in the form of packing and lifting boxes, I wanted to kill it at the gym on Friday. I wasn't sure what I was going to do when I walked … [Continue reading]

Blend Meet-up at Whole Foods

reebok crossfit shorts

I only had a few days left before my CPR/AED certification expired, and needed to remedy that ASAP! So, Jada and I visited the Exercise Science department at Creighton where I taught weight training. Thankfully, my friend Jen, one of my all-time favorite people, talented instructor and strength coach, is also baby whisperer. So, while I took my exam, she and Jada played. It's never too early to learn about anatomy and physiology, is it?! Well, Jada had a blast, meeting new people, … [Continue reading]