Second Trimester CrossFit Inspired WOD

second trimester crossfit wod

During this pregnancy, I intend to keep lifting heavy and incorporating CrossFit into my training. Hope you enjoy this second trimester CrossFit-style workout! Second Trimester Fitness The primary motivating factor in why I train is to keep up with my 2 year-old! Parents of toddlers are nodding their heads in agreement, I'm sure. These cute balls of energy require lots of work, though they are well worth it, aren't they? My goal this pregnancy is to hang onto as much lean … [Continue reading]

Outdoor Exercise: Park Workout & SKINS Compression


This post is sponsored by SKINS compression clothing. All opinions are my own. Many of you reading this blog are likely aware of the benefits of compression clothing. Today, I get to review items from some of the best in the business: SKINS. But, before the review, here's the outdoor workout. I did this workout while Jada played happily beside me. Mom win! 5 Rounds: 10 burpees 10 push-ups 10 bench step-ups (each leg) I even got a High 5! For push-ups, you can … [Continue reading]

Diastasis Recti & Corrective Exercises

Diastasis Recti

Diastasis recti is a side effect of pregnancy that many women encounter. Here's more about it, and how to heal.  What is diastasis recti? In its simplest definition, diastasis recti is the separation of the two rectus abdominis muscles that are held together by a band of connective tissue called the linea alba. During pregnancy, hormones cause the linea alba to soften. This can lead to a "thicker" waistline in the early stages of pregnancy. The softening combined with pressure from a … [Continue reading]

20 Week Pregnancy Update

20 Weeks Pregnant belly

Yesterday, marked the halfway point in pregnancy #2 for us, so I'm 20 weeks pregnant! I had my most recent check up in Chicago with my new doctor and really love her, so that's a relief! I will go in August 11th for an ultrasound, and yes, we will find out the gender. I'm late to the party on this, because we switched health insurance mid-pregnancy, so scheduling has been a pain. Due Date: December 16th Baby’s Size Baby is about the size of a mango at 6.5 in. & 10 … [Continue reading]

Let Go of Mom Guilt & Exercise

Mom Guilt and Exercise

Guess what moms? It's perfectly reasonable to do something for yourself. So ditch the mom guilt and exercise! Once you become a parent, your priorities shift and suddenly your needs take a backseat to this little human(s). Although your needs come second (or third), they should not be ignored, right? Sadly, I have read comments on various social platforms from mothers tearing down other mothers for choosing to exercise. Shouldn't we be lifting each other up? Inspiring other moms … [Continue reading]

Family Road Trip

Traveling with Toddler healthy snacks

We made our way back to Illinois this week after a fun month in Omaha that included lots activities, play dates, and time with my girl. Whole Foods dinners Painting  Frequent trips to the splash park The Lincoln Children's Zoo with friends Outdoor concerts with Mimi & Papa Backyard swimming & picnics Omaha Farmers Market The Omaha Zoo, playground workouts, and time with blends are a few more activities you read about. But, then the … [Continue reading]

Fun Fitness Gear Giveaway [CLOSED]

View Sport tank

This post is sponsored by ViewSPORT®. All opinions are my own. Today, I have a fun sweat-inspired giveaway from ViewSPORT®, the makers of sweat-activated fitness gear! I have worked with ViewSPORT® in the past, and they have expanded their collection of shirts and tank tops to include hoodies, tights, capris, and shorts. The Faster, Better, Stronger tank top material is soft and moisture wicking. Plus, I love the flattering, athletic design. You can see I put the sweat … [Continue reading]

How to Stay Fit While Traveling


Whether it’s for work or play, travel can be tough on your fitness routine. But, it doesn’t have to. Here are a few tips I use for staying fit on the road. 1. Explore Your Surroundings A workout doesn’t have to take place in the gym. Depending on your destination, take time to explore your new surroundings by walking, running, or even biking. I recently took a quick trip to Chicago to visit Spencer, meet a new doctor, and do a fast and furious house hunt. We are on the edge of … [Continue reading]

18 Weeks Pregnant

For Two Fitness Shirt_2

Thanks to For Two Fitness® for sponsoring this campaign. I recently shared a first trimester update, so here's an 18 week follow-up for those interested (I understand this may not be everyone's cup tea!). Food Aversions/Cravings: Snack plates continue to be a favorite. But, it could also be due to the summertime temperatures. Sometimes my body is screaming for protein (even in the first trimester). Sleep: Like I mentioned, I need my sleep to keep up with Jada. Sleep has been … [Continue reading]

No Equipment Outdoor Workouts

Outdoor workout with toddler burpees 2

I have been relying on no equipment outdoor workouts while Jada and I are visiting my family!  You guys know I love lifting heavy weights and find that is an effective way to not only get stronger, but stay lean. However, when I'm traveling, I can't bring my barbell with me. Accordingly, here are an assortment of no equipment workouts that happen to be kid-friendly as well that I have been doing on the road. Playground Workout 5 Rounds 10 squats 10 push-ups 10 reverse … [Continue reading]