Weekend Workouts & Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

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Despite getting dumped on, we made the most of our weekend. This is why I workout. Functional fitness. This stuff was heavy. Workouts So, speaking of functional fitness. Let me share a few of my recent workouts. Gym Workout I have been on a hang clean kick lately! Before completing the workout below, I ran for 30 minutes with interval work built in. 5 Rounds: 7 hang cleans 105# 5 fronts squats 105# 5 pull-ups Then, 4 Rounds: 20 calories rowed 12 hand release … [Continue reading]

What Are You Training For?

CrossFit Box Jumps

Like most of the country, I'm counting down the days until Spring arrives. It's so much easier to entertain a toddler when it's nice out. Over the weekend, the Champaign-Urbana area got hit with a blanket of snow that's here to stay for a while based on the 10 day forecast. I promptly sent this picture to Spencer while he was in Florida enjoying +70* weather. But, I really can't complain compared to the amount of snow the East coast has received. Yikes! What Are You … [Continue reading]

Total Body Tabata Workout with HumanX

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Today, I'm partnering with HumanX for an effective total body tabata workout. Tabata workouts are topping the list of “hot new workouts,” and rightfully so. The workout method developed by Dr. Izumi Tabata combines weight training, cardio, and core strength in short bursts with rest in between that keeps you burning fat for hours after the workout’s complete. With a few pieces of quality equipment from HumanX by Harbinger, you can create an efficient, effective workout, just about … [Continue reading]

10 Non-Fitness Things About Me


So, I typically share all things fitness here. Although that is a significant part of my life, I do have interests outside of healthy living! 1. I'm a homebody. I much prefer to be at home with family than out and about. 2. Clutter makes me anxious. Let me clarify. It doesn't bother me in the least at other homes. However, in my house, I need a semblance of order. A tidy space = a clear mind. 3. I read every day. I'm currently reading Game of Thrones - Book 2. I love to escape with … [Continue reading]

Make It Count

Power clean 1.1

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Some of you may still be in weekend mode with Presidents' Day today. Enjoy! Cooper certainly is. ;) We had a leisurely weekend, and spent it inside as it was bitterly cold with nasty winds here in Central Illinois. So, lots of coloring, Legos, dance parties, and reading to keep Jada busy. Meanwhile my hubby enjoyed +70 degrees and opening the season 4-0! Make Nap Time Count Nap time is my hurry-up-and-get-everything-done time. Jada … [Continue reading]

Sweaty Love

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Okay, so maybe Sweaty Love isn't the title you're looking for with Valentine's Day around the corner. But, it's more appealing title than Hairy Love, isn't it? My hairy sidekick, Cooper, is always by my side. Even during this 20 min AMRAP: 20 calories rowed 10 bar facing burpees 5 thrusters at 95# The Rx'ed WOD had thrusters at 130#! Yikes! I couldn't even do 95# unbroken. Are any of you signing up for the CrossFit Open? Deadline is February 26th. Love Your Legs … [Continue reading]

The Power of Protein

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If you are reading this, then you probably know that you need protein in your diet. Protein is an essential macronutrient, along with fats and carbohydrates. Protein does not make us "bulky". Fat does not make us "fat". And, we need carbohydrates to fuel our activities. (Sugar is the real enemy, but that's another post.) Protein Functions and Needs Protein is probably best know for aiding in muscle tissue repair, at least in the health and fitness industry, that's what we hear about … [Continue reading]

Morning Wins…With a Toddler


Getting out the door in the morning with a toddler on time is a morning win in and of itself. Parents, you feel me? I do most of my personal training in the morning, so it's imperative I start the day with routine and energy in order to get to the gym on time with a toddler. Here's a peak into our typical morning: Morning Routine Timeline 8:00 p.m.  I like to think our morning starts the night before with a solid bedtime routine. After dinner, it's play time with activities getting … [Continue reading]

A Day of Eating

banana and nut butter

Happy Friday! Today, I wanted to share a little bit more about how I have been fueling by sharing a sample day of eating. Fuel for Performance Let's talk about fuel. I like referring to food as fuel, because we are truly fueling our bodies to perform to their highest capability. Take Jada for instance. You have to check out the Instagram video of her climbing--the laugh at the end makes it worth it! She is non-stop, so she needs high quality fuel. ;) While this isn't an … [Continue reading]

Burpee-Pull-ups & Workouts Lately

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Here is a collection of workouts lately. Hoping a few of them inspire you! Super Bowl Despite the outcome of the Super Bowl, Jada & Spencer proudly showed off their Seahawks gear. Spencer is from Washington, so he has been a Seahawks fan forever. His sister, Jada's auntie, found Jada the cutest gear to make dad's most adorable accessory. Did you guys watch the game? The commercials? The half time show? My favorite commercials are probably no surprise: Budweiser Lost … [Continue reading]