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Welcome to my Frequently Asked Questions page!

Below you will find the answers to the questions I receive most frequently through the comments section or via email. I’ve categorized your questions to make it easier to find the answers you’re looking for when you browse around. Or, you can use the ‘search’ option on the home page!


What is your daily routine like when taking the GNC GenetixHD line?
While what I take and when I take the supplements vary depending on the day, the posts My Daily Supplement Routine and My Journey to Lean break down what supplements I’m taking, and when I’m working out.

Did you increase your exercise when taking GenetixHD to see results?
I have had great results with the line, I knew they wouldn’t do all the work though: Supplements are worth it, if you put in the effort.


How do you balance running and CrossFit?
I feel the two can go hand in hand, depending on your goals. How CrossFit Improved My Running may be a helpful post.


How did you deal with plantar fasciitis? 
After increasing my mileage too much, too soon, I suffered from PF. I decided to change the way I worked out in order to heal and maintain my fitness. I never realized changing the way I worked out would help me improve my physique too!


Did you change the way you worked out once you found out you were pregnant?
The first question I asked my doctor when I found out I was pregnant was, “Can I still workout like I have been?” She was supportive and encourage me to keep going. Into my 2nd trimester, I was still going strong with this CrossFit workout. Also, check out the my Prenatal Workouts for the 2nd & 3rd trimesters.

I found out I’m pregnant! What are the best exercises to do?
Each pregnancy and individual is different, but here are some of the best exercises to do during pregnancy.

Can I do CrossFit now that I’m pregnant?
As long as you have been doing an exercise prior to pregnancy, you shouldn’t have any problems (unless your doc says so) with keeping up your routine. I continued CrossFit and CrossFit style workouts throughout my pregnancy. Read more on how I modified the movements.

Beginning a Fitness Routine:

I desperately want to lose weight. Can you create a plan that includes cardio and strength training and when I should be working out?
I get this question the most often form readers. While I’d love to help everyone, my job as a personal trainer is to design programs for clients, so I hope you all understand I don’t have the time to do this for every email. Plus, that’s my real life, paid gig! However, I have numerous free workouts available. Additionally, the Summer Shape-Up Plan is a FREE 4 week program with prescribed workouts and video demonstrations.

Workout apparel: