Week of Wellness Giveaways: GNC Favorites

week of wellness giveaways

I’m so excited to host a Week of Wellness in the forms of giveaways this week from some of my favorite companies! Today, one of you has the chance to win a prize pack from GNC that includes my favorite products! 1. AMP 60 Natural Protein Powder ($75.99 value) Each serving (3 scoops) contain 60g of protein, […]

Glutes & Guts Workout

glutes and guts garage wod

The Glutes & Guts workout is a great for the gym or garage, and I even have a pinnable image for you! Before we get to that, that’s catch up a bit, shall we? Smoothie Power Despite the cold weather, we have been making smoothies almost everyday. The GNC AMP 60 Natural line of protein powders is becoming are […]

GNC Pro-Sculpt & AMP 60 Protein Powder Giveaway!

GNC Prosculpt giveaway

I have a fantastic giveaway for you today from GNC! You guys know I’m a big fan of the GNC’s pre-workout, thermogenic drink, Pro-Sculpt. While a pre-workout supplement is not necessary, I personally feel that it helps take my workouts to another level. I have seen improvements in my physique prior to having Jada and […]

Body After Baby: How I Got My Body Back

body after baby picture

It’s about time I wrote a post on the topic of Body After Baby! If you search “body after baby” you’ll find thousands of articles and images. So, it’s not exactly a ground breaking topic, but if something I share helps another mommy, then my job is done! How I Got My Body Back 1. […]

New Protein Powder & the Baby Squat

GNC AMP protein powder_1

Well, Friday is almost over, and it flew by! I spent the day at a Healthy Moms Fitness workshop, and have a full day tomorrow! I’m learning so much and will be sure to share more. For those of you that have emailed me about diastasis recti in the past, I now have a better understanding […]

GNC Puredge Giveaway! [CLOSED]

GNC Pure Supplements

This giveaway is now closed. Happy Friday! I have a fantastic giveaway today from GNC. One lucky reader will win the Puredge Whole Foods Based Supplement line. Remember when I raved about the line? Yep. Still love it. Here’s a summary of what you’re NOT getting in Puredge: No gluten No sugar alcohols No GMO-added ingredients No preservatives […]

New GNC Puredge: Whole Foods Based Sports Nutrition

GNC Pure Supplements

I have been wanting to tell you more about GNC’s new Puredge line! I was sent the Complete Protein, Daily Energy, and Complete Amino to review. These products live up to their name and are made with: No gluten No sugar alcohols No GMO-added ingredients No preservatives No wheat, soy, fish or eggs No banned […]

100 Miles in March!

GNC PureEdge Daily Energy

Happy Friday! Well, it wasn’t so happy for us earlier this week. It was bound to happen; Jada got sick. With croup. Not fun. She received a steroid shot at the doctor’s office to reduce the inflammation of her vocal cords, and her breathing has improved. But, it still sounds labored. So, most of our […]

What I’m Eating Lately

Jamie Eason's Turkey muffins

I haven’t made drastic changes to my diet, but thought I’d share a few of my eats of late. This is by know means a complete list–that would be looooooooooooooong post, because nursing = hungry mama. That also means I need to fuel myself properly, so I can take care of both myself and Jada. Okay, […]

Sunday Favorites!

Baby Gurrrrl!

Somehow Sunday Favorites doesn’t have the same to ring to it as Friday favorites, does it? First of all, doesn’t this picture make you think Jada is saying, “Guuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl….”? She was posing for a selfie.  I’m convinced I will have to ban the duck face in our house when she’s older. Seriously, though, her expression cracked […]