More Big News!

Fam pic

We announced some pretty big news a few weeks ago. We are so excited about Spencer reaching a HUGE career goal of his, but I know many of you thought it would be a different kind of “big news.”   So… I’m 17 weeks along, and we don’t know the gender yet (I just like […]

15-Minute Kettlebell Workout

Working Out with a toddler Thrusters

This home kettlebell workout takes less than 15 minutes, and hits most major muscle groups! Life on the road with a toddler can be a challenge, but I have made it a priority to keep workouts a constant in addition to keeping Jada busy & engaged with lots of play dates and activities. Above, Making Mine’s […]

Why Try Kettlebells?

Push-Pull Kettlebell WOD

I originally shared the post, Why Try Kettlebells?, on the HumanX blog. Check them out for superior training tools. _____________________________________________ Training with kettlebells is an effective way to improve your overall conditioning and strength simultaneously. With many of us short on time, this is an efficient way to train and maximize results. Where to start? […]

New Stroller Fitness Workout

Stinson Park Stroller Fitness

Before I share a new stroller fitness workout, let’s catch up a bit. One of my goals while in Omaha, is to keep Jada busy and engaged (that way we don’t miss Spencer so much). So, I have tried to either schedule play dates or fun outings each day. Spencer was especially proud of this […]

Road Tripping with a Toddler

Road trips snacks

Life has been a whirlwind as we have gotten our house ready for the market, and tried to do some searching for a future home in the Evanston area. Road Trip We decided to road trip to Omaha (my hometown) while Spencer is commuting and beginning work at Northwestern. It’s over an 8 hour drive […]

Fast Workouts, Fast Eats

Stud pull up bar CrossFit

Thank you for all your kind comments on our recent news! Life moves fast around here. Speaking of fast, that’s exactly what workouts and eats look like around here lately. Workouts When I’m short on time, I choose exercises that use lots of muscles to maximize my workout. 4 Rounds 400m run 10 thrusters 65# 5 […]

Big News Here!

Blue cupcake

Over the weekend, some pretty exciting changes happened over here. Nope. Jada didn’t win her first cupcake eating contest. She loves the frosting like her mama, though! She did help daddy get set-up for the CrossFit WOD Fran. She’s a barbell expert at this point in her life. 😉 Big News! Okay, okay. Get to the […]

2 Years Old!

Jada comparison 2 years

Yesterday, Jada celebrated her 2nd birthday! The Stats We had her 2 year check up today, and she is 35 3/4 in. tall (95th percentile) and weighs 31 lbs 2 oz (91st percentile) Play She is very physical and pretty darn coordinated, so she loves to climb, run, exercise with mommy & daddy, and visit […]

Working Out With Our Toddler

Toddler Pull-ups

This weekend, Spencer and I had a chance to do a partner workout, which also meant working out with our toddler! Recently, I wrote about safely exercising with your kids. We may have broken rule #1, but there were two of us to play defense & we embraced rules 2 & 3! Working out together […]

Diamond Dreams

Illinois baseball regional_4

We’ve got another special weekend ahead at the baseball diamond! The Illinois baseball team won the Regional tournament to advance to Super Regionals! This is a first for the program and such a special season to be a part of. They are only 2 wins away from Omaha and the College World Series, where 8 teams […]