30 Day Training Plan

I’m so excited to offer you 30 days of constantly varied, high intensity workouts! I want to help you stick to your fitness goals throughout the season by offering a challenging program using a combination of body weight & gym workouts. Because half of the workouts require equipment (kettlebells, dumbbells or a barbell), access to a training facility […]

Thanksgiving 2015

We enjoyed a leisurely Thanksgiving holiday, celebrating with friends. Hoping your weekend was just as blessed! I hit the jack pot with Spencer. Not only is he a devoted husband and father, but he can cook with the best! I don’t love to cook. Cutting and arranging are my things. But, he did the turkey, […]

It’s My Birthday!

Normally, I’d do some themed workout to celebrate my birthday. Photo credit: Honeybrown Photography But, burpees aren’t happening this year with that belly! My family never went over the top with birthdays, so I really don’t expect or do much. The best gift was knowing Spencer could be with us all weekend, uninterrupted! Normally, he has recruiting […]

36 Week Pregnancy Update

Sharing a 36 week pregnancy update today which means we have less than a month! To catch up on past pregnancy updates, visit my pregnancy page. Due Date: December 16th Baby’s Size About 6 lbs and 20-22″ long, the size of a cantaloupe based on the WTE app. Gender: Boy!  Weight Gain Around 18 lbs, but I’ve […]

I Want My Daughter To Be…

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! We were blessed with quality family time, and that can be a rarity in a college coaching household. I took a moment (many moments) to soak it all up. In those moments, I often think of Jada and how soon she will become an older sister. More often, […]

30 Day Training Plan

Thank you for your interest in my 30 Day Training Plan!   The holidays are a busy time of year that usually includes travel. But, that is not an excuse to put our health secondary. I want to help you stick to your fitness goals throughout the season by offering a constantly varied, high intensity […]

The Newborn Checklist

We are steadily approaching the due date for baby boy in December. Accordingly, I’m creating a checklist for new parents to consider when welcoming a newborn. 1. Sleeping Arrangements It may be several weeks before your newborn transitions into a crib, but this is going to something you want set up. Initially, the mattress will […]

Elite Online Boot Camp November 16th

I’m thrilled to be running a second session of the Elite Online Boot camp beginning November 16th. For 6 weeks, participants will be provided with FIVE high intensity, constantly varied workouts per week including video demonstrations (emailed weekly). WHO IS THIS CAMP FOR? This camp is designed for motivated women with exercise experience, who want to […]

34 Week Pregnancy Update

I have been hyper focused on my Elite Boot Camp this week, so I totally forgot about a 34 week pregnancy update! We have less than 6 weeks before baby is due. Holy crap! Due Date: December 16th Baby’s Size About 5 lbs and 20″ long, the size of a pineapple based on the WTE app. Gender: […]

Weekend Happenings

It seems like most of my posts revolve around sharing a workout or pregnancy updates. So, let’s step outside and take a little peak at our weekend happenings. Happy Halloween Jada, the Minion, was really into Halloween this year. It started with Halloween themed books and TV shows, which led to her interest in all […]