Road Trip and Workouts

We survived our first road trip with the kids and Cooper last week! Most of the trip, Cooper had to be up front. Typical golden retriever. Northwestern baseball was playing at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, so we thought we’d make a trip of it since my family is in Omaha (45 minutes from Lincoln). I […]

How to Fit in Fitness

While I have been finding ways to fit in fitness, finding time to blog is another story! Staying active and elevating my heart rate daily is a priority for me. I need, crave, my workouts for balance and to be a better person in general. Ideally, I’d like to knock out my workout first thing in […]

Elite Online Boot Camp Registration OPEN NOW!

Is your current fitness routine not giving you the results you want? Time to rethink the way you train. I’m looking for a select group of motivated women that want increase their overall fitness, lose body fat, and gain strength for my next 6 week Elite Online Boot Camp beginning April 4th. Are you ready for […]

How to Stay Organized with Young Children

As a mom of two little ones, I must be efficient with my time. I hope my tips for staying organized help other mamas out there! I should preface this post by telling you I’m a bit of neat freak in my own home. Other homes don’t bother me in the least. However, in order […]

Cole 3 Months Old

Cole turned three months old yesterday! I’m not sure what his stats are compared to two months, but he’s at the end of all of his 3 month clothes. He’ll go in for his next well check at 4 months. He is becoming more and more interactive which is the most fun, lots of smiles […]

Fitness & Parenting: The Balancing Act

Fitness, parenting, and simply life are quite the balancing act. And, I’m not so sure there is actual balance when you’re a parent, is there? At least as a mom of two young kiddos, I haven’t found it. But, I’m doing my best. That’s all we can ask of ourselves, right? Taken shortly after Cole filled […]

Big Sister Update

I have given you updates on Cole, but how about a big sister update? Photo credit Inna Romanenko Photography Jada is thriving as a big sister, which wasn’t the case when Cole was born. Now, she wants to be involved and help. It’s so fun to watch. “Can I hold him, mom?” She’s super sharp, […]

Cole 2 Months Old

In true second child fashion, I have Cole’s two month update posted a week or so late! Two Months Old Cole turned two months old on Wednesday, February 10th! Two month stats: He is 24.5 in long (98th) and 12 lbs 3 oz. (50th). He is working hard on filling our those cheeks and adding […]

Carb Cycling and Postpartum Life

Since my last post and sharing updates on social media, many of you have been asking me more about carb cycling and postpartum life. As I mentioned, I’m removing gluten and dairy from my diet and following a carb-cycling and intermittent fasting format found in this book. I’m modifying slightly as I’m breastfeeding, but it really has […]

The Truth About Breastfeeding and Weight Loss

Let’s touch base on breastfeeding now that I am eight weeks postpartum. More specifically, the truth about breastfeeding and weight loss. Cole is gaining like a champ! And, so is his mom…or, was. Breastfeeding doesn’t magically melt away the pounds after pregnancy. For some women, this may be the case. You are burning a ton […]