Fall Festivities in Illinois

photo 4 (6)

Happy Friday!  We have some stellar weather coming to Illinois this weekend, so we will be enjoying plenty of fall festivities! The baseball cancels out the tutu, right? Trick-or-Treat with Basketball The University of Illinois women’s basketball team hosted a Trick-or-Treat event that we couldn’t pass up. Even though candy is off limits for Jada (choking hazard…or, […]

Running Workouts with Weights {pinnable images}

running pyramid thrusters

I want to share a few running workouts with weights that I have been doing lately. Thanks to a suggestion from Kat, I turned them into pinnable images. Is that how you guys like to save workouts? Running Pyramid This one is similar to a workout I did last week, but I used running as the form […]

Family Outdoor Run & Fun

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The weather has been so wet here lately, and Spencer and I have been dying to do more hill sprints. Why not just run them on the street, you say? It is literally flat for miles upon miles here. The only hill we have nearby is man-made. Finally, it stopped raining, so we had a […]

Weekend Warrior Workouts

overhead squat

I never know how to open Monday posts. I mean, do you really want to read, “Happy Monday!”? So, let’s slide right in, shall we? (<–See what I did there?) Spencer and I took a rest day on Friday, so we planned on a lengthy workout for Saturday, not as punishment, but because we actually wanted […]

How I Vary My Workouts

thruster nano 4

Let’s catch up on home workouts, shall we? Thanks to the additions to our garage, I can create quite a range of workouts. Sometimes, it’s hard to decide. I have all these ideas and need to narrow them down to one workout. Work vs. Rest Days I often get questions from readers on how many rest […]

16 Month Update

Curtis Orchard apples

I haven’t done an update on Jada since she turned one year old in June. In the midst of moving, Jada turned 15 months, but I failed to write a post–and she’s 16 months old now! #momfail The Stats We found a new pediatrician in the Champaign-Urbana area and were able to schedule Jada’s well-check. I loved […]

Must Haves for Fit Moms

must have for fit moms

Hey guys! I get a lot of fitness related questions from new moms, so I thought I’d create a post focused on the must haves for fit moms. I’m sure many of you moms and moms-to-be have googled must-haves for new moms including standard items like nursing bras, a sleep sack, and changing pads. However, […]

GNC Pro-Sculpt & AMP 60 Protein Powder Giveaway!

GNC Prosculpt giveaway

I have a fantastic giveaway for you today from GNC! You guys know I’m a big fan of the GNC’s pre-workout, thermogenic drink, Pro-Sculpt. While a pre-workout supplement is not necessary, I personally feel that it helps take my workouts to another level. I have seen improvements in my physique prior to having Jada and […]

His and Hers Workouts

Front Squat CrossFit

Ever since the new additions to our garage gym, we have been coming up with workouts to incorporate the equipment. And, because it was a Monday, I felt the need for my Reebok CrossFit compression tights (on sale)–sure to brighten any WOD. We took advantage of an afternoon nap to complete a fast and furious workout together. […]

Pumpkin Pickin’! Curtis Orchard

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We spent the weekend together which is a real treat with Spencer’s schedule. So, we decided to get to know the area better and visit Curtis Orchard & Pumpkin Patch. Curtis Orchard is located in Champaign, IL and has FREE admission for all! Of course, once they get you in, you’ll likely purchase something like fresh […]