Fitness Lately: Third Trimester

I’m 31 weeks pregnant which still seems a little surreal. During my first pregnancy, I felt like I had all this down time to simply think about being pregnant and what our little girl would be like. 32 weeks pregnant with Jada But, with this pregnancy, it was new job for Spencer, sell a house, […]

30 Week Pregnancy Update

I know this is a bit redundant, but this pregnancy is truly flying by. I’m already 30 weeks pregnant. Due Date: December 16th Baby’s Size About +3 lbs and +18″ long, based on the WTE app. Gender: Boy!  Weight Gain About 16-18 lbs. Baby boy is gaining at least 6 oz. per week, and I’m measuring on time. […]

20 Minute EMOM Workout

During this pregnancy, I intend to keep lifting heavy and incorporating CrossFit into my training. Hope you enjoy this third trimester 20 minute EMOM workout! I think the biggest difference this pregnancy versus my first pregnancy is the way I am training. I’m using more CrossFit and resistance training now and feel really strong. Accordingly, while my […]

Happy Birthday Cooper!

If you have been a reader for any sort of time on this site, you know one how much I love my dog, Cooper. Dog owners can likely agree that your dog is not just a dog. He/she is a family member, and the most loyal, loving companion, you will ever have. Cooper is celebrating his […]

A Trip to Wagner Farm

We recently visited nearby Wagner Farm, one of the last working dairy farms in Cook County near us in Glenview, Illinois. My parents visited us this past weekend, and one of our favorite activities was a trip to a local dairy farm. Although it is a working dairy farm, there is more than just the beautiful, […]

5 Reasons Why I Workout in the Morning

I’m sharing 5 reasons why I workout in the morning. I would love to hear how exercise fits into your schedule! Morning Exercise I have always functioned best with a morning workout. In the past few months, I would workout while Jada was at Y-care or played with toys in the garage during my workout. Lately, […]

Protein Packed Veggie Burritos

These vegetarian burritos offer an ample dose of protein without the meat for a welcome change of pace during football season! When I know a meal is primarily plant-based, not only do I feel nourished, but proud I’m making better choices for our planet. I never feel deprived without meat, especially when there are so […]

28 Week Pregnancy Update

Hello, third trimester! Honestly, this pregnancy is flying by. I can’t believe I’m already 28 weeks pregnant. That’s what moving and trying to keep up with a toddler will do to you. Days fly by. Due Date: December 16th Baby’s Size About 2.5 lbs and 16″ long. Gender: Boy! Gender reveal HERE. Weight Gain About 15 lbs. […]

Chicago Life

Now that we are just north of Chicago, we got a taste of Chicago life this past weekend! Spencer had a rare day off, so we thought we’d take advantage and visit the city of Chicago! We took the Metra from our house, because it’s easier than finding parking downtown, and we thought Jada would love […]

Home Kettlebell Workout

During this pregnancy, I intend to keep lifting heavy and incorporating CrossFit into my training. Hope you enjoy this second trimester home kettlebell workout! We had such an enjoyable Northwestern University athletics gathering the other night. The athletic director, Dr. Phillips, opens his home up every year to all the athletic teams at NU. It made us feel […]