Group Fitness from a Pregnant Instructor?

I know not everyone is a group fitness fan. It can be intimidating and might not fit into your schedule. But there are plenty of benefits to the group environment.

Reebok CrossFit Lightweight tank top
Pre-prego pic.

Quality instruction, accountability, energy, and a variety of fitness levels are all positives you’ll find in a fitness class. You can dictate your pace and the instructor guides the class through the workout. Hey, you might even make some friends!

What you may not typically find is a pregnant instructor!


Teaching group fitness classes as a pregnant instructor has been weighing (no pun intended) on my mind lately.

What would you think about entering a class for the first time only to find an instructor with a basketball sized belly?!

  • Will it be challenging enough?
  • Is this a prenatal class?
  • How can she possible lead us?

As I approach my 3rd trimester (I’m a week away), I have to psych myself up each time I lead a class. I wonder, “Will they take me seriously with this growing belly?” I question if I’m providing enough of challenge for participants. I teach an intense circuit training class, so they expect a good burn! And, sometimes, I’m just tired.

But, once I’m in front of the class, my mindset shifts and I’m ready to roll!

pregnant group fitness instructor

Luckily, my doctor has been on the same page as me regarding fitness. I found out I was pregnant a few days before running a half marathon and she was all for it. Basically, I can keep going until I feel uncomfortable. Same with CrossFit and teaching.

While a general heart rate limit is advised for pregnant women, that is a very generic approach. It doesn’t take into account one’s fitness prior to pregnancy. We are all so different!

Polar FT 40 HRM_Gymboss timer

I wear my Polar HRM FT 40 during class but glance at it only occasionally. It helps me gauge how I’m feeling (adrenaline can take over when you’re in front of a class) as well as if I’m giving everyone a good workout!

My class participants are pretty regular and have been so supportive during my pregnancy. So, I’m being more critical than anyone else. Accordingly, I need to be kinder to myself.

5 Reminders to My Pregnant Instructor Self:

1. It’s not just extra weight.
I’m carrying around more weight, yes. That makes every exercise I do harder. Why do you think weighted vests are popular with sports conditioning? But, this is not just weight…it’s a human being!  That is work in itself. So, stop beating yourself up because you fatigue faster.

2. Reevaluate standards.
Prior to becoming pregnant, I was in the best shape I had been in years. Even if I can’t see the work I’m putting in through more defined abs and arms, I know exercising is better for me and baby–now and post-delivery.

3. Be a role model.
Many clients and class participants have told me how they wished they would have exercised while pregnant. They encourage me to keep going. That in itself is the reward! And, I certainly won’t waste their time–they are going to get just as good of a workout now! Many of my classes are interval based, so participants can control their pace and work every bit as hard.

4. You are working just as hard.
While I may not be able to do some of the exercises I used to or at the pace I once did, I’m working every bit as hard now. Remember No. 1? That’s a pretty big deal.

5. Coach it up!
Eventually, I won’t be able to do a majority of the moves that I use in my classes. So, stepping back and coaching my participants will likely be my only option. This will certainly rekindle my fire for intense workouts post-baby!

Your turn:
Have you taken group fitness classes from a pregnant instructor?
Have you taught classes while pregnant? How did it go?


  1. It’s so great you posted this, I was just thinking about this the other day. I teach an aerobics class at a high school and stuff I used to just breeze through slowly becomes more difficult. Before becoming pregnant I also feel like I was in the best shape of my life and there is a part of me that gets sad that I am losing that, however, I know it’s all for a good cause. Another part of me is really looking forward to the work I will do to get back to the place, I think I am excited for the burning and soreness! Is that sick?! 😉 I took a spin class from a lady that taught until she had the baby. I felt like it was inspiring then and still is now, that is who I think of to keep pushing my pregnant self and know that I am ok to keep going.
    Rosi recently posted..Group Fitness from a Pregnant Instructor?My Profile

    • Our pregnant selves will support each other through this!! 🙂 And, you’re right the decline in our overall fitness is for a VERY good cause!! 😉

  2. I’m sure your preggo behind would still kick my ass! 😉
    Kat recently posted..#GoalGetter2013 Update: February!My Profile

  3. When my favorite spin instructor announced she was pregnant, I was so happy for her but also worried. Her class was pretty intense (she’s amazing) and I was worried she would push too hard or the class would get easy. She’s very active like yourself, runs marathons and taught spin 5 days a week. She taught the class right up until the day before she gave birth! As she moved along in her pregnancy, I noticed that she definitely lowered the resistance on her own bike and didn’t actually sprint when she told the rest of the class to do so. I love your tip about coaching – she did a HELL of a lot of that when she was in the last trimester. She kicked our asses, but kept herself safe at the same time. Like you said, it all depends on your fitness level before getting pregnant. Sounds like you and your doctor have a good outlook on it.
    Sarah @ Blonde Bostonian recently posted..5 Things FridayMy Profile

  4. You definitely need to be kinder to yourself 🙂 I have had several pregnant group fitness instructors over the years. In some ways it’s nice because they have more to time to really concentrate on making sure you have the best form possible. It’s also very motivating (in my opinion) to have a pregnant instructor. Even if you put in HALF the effort you are still getting up and getting it done!
    Michelle @ Crazy*Running*Legs recently posted..Thursday ThingsMy Profile

  5. Haven’t done either of you questions but I wouldnt hesitate to join a group fitness class were the trainer is pregnant. I have joined many classes but none have been a pregnant one.
    I totally agree that you have to do the workout in your own pace and listen to your body and IT IS a human that you have in there. A beautiful one.
    I know a fitness instructor who did the same as you. She did her exicises as far as she could and then coaching at the end of her pregnancy.
    Keep it up but yes remember to be good to your self. You look great !

  6. My all time favorite instructor taught classes into her third trimester. As the weeks went on she no longer “did” as much of the exercises as she had previously, but spent that time making sure all of form was correct and that we were pushing ourselves hard enough. I never worried that I wouldn’t get as good of a workout because she was pregnant… in fact, I got an even BETTER one because she walked around and “coached” all of us.

    My point is that you seem like an awesome instructor, and I give you major kudos for keeping up with the exercise while pregnant! Don’t let those negative thoughts creep into your head. You are creating a beautiful little life 🙂 Love reading your blog, by the way!
    Marissa @Barefoot Colorado recently posted..Calling all CrossFitters!My Profile

    • Thanks so much for sharing this Marissa! I think will have to adopt that philosophy and it will only help make my class participants better! 🙂 And, thank you so much for your kind words!

  7. My first trainer was pregnant when she trained me. She also taught weight lifting classes and Tae Bo and other aerobics classes as well and was a role model for all of us. 🙂
    Cindy recently posted..What a dayMy Profile

  8. When I first started taking Turbo Kick classes, my instructor had just announced she was pregnant. At the time I was really clueless to the phycial implications for her, but I do know that I found it to be really motivating. I mean, if she could do it in her “delicate” condition, then I surely could too.
    Meagan recently posted..Five for Friday, vol 90My Profile

    • Great point! I love that you used “delicate”! 🙂 I had no clue until I started researching more about prenatal fitness. So glad our society is pro-fitness for pregos now!!

  9. I took group classes but never taught them while pregnant. Inspiring!!!
    Natalie recently posted..The great snack debate!My Profile

  10. I haven’t had a class where the instructor was pregnant (or knowingly), but that wouldn’t stop me at all from enjoying and pushing myself during the class! I believe that you have enough diction and gusto during the exercises and workouts that you don’t technically have to perform every rep to ensure your class participants get the workout they came in for! Super inspiring that you’re sticking with it until you physically can’t. Love it!
    beka @ rebecca roams recently posted..February #GoalGetter2013 ResultsMy Profile

    • Thanks so much Beka! You are so right! YOU are in control of your work output in a group fitness environment! 🙂

  11. haha I think one of your classes would kick my butt regardless! Fitness is awesome, and pushing further and further is where there is no limit is also awesome when we have the ability to do it. But in the end, health is the most important, and you definitely seem healthy!! haha. I love seeing this. I’m no where near having children, but it makes me happy to see that we can workout and be healthy while pregnant!

    • thanks Amanda! Yes, Once you decide to have kids you can be active as long as you listen to your body! 😉

  12. I loved reading all of the comments, but Rosi’s comment fit my situation best. I too, was in the best shape of my life before getting pregnant and I’m struggling now with the weight gain and the loss of energy. Now in my 2nd trimester, I’m starting to regain some energy but I can’t give my workouts my “all.” I teach weight lifting classes and my Dr. told me that I can only lift 5-10 lbs. Seriously!?!?!? This is tough not lifting heavy but I know that it’s all for a good cause. Watch out when I return! My goal is to participate in a fitness competition after the “bump” has arrived.

    I love your story and thanks so much for continuing to share….it’s so helpful!!!!

    • I’ll admit the changing body I worked so hard for has been a hard pill to swallow, but sounds like we are all pretty close together on our pregnancy trip, let’s keep each other motivated to get into even better shape than we were in BEFORE baby! 🙂 And remember even body weight exercise can be amazing and our “body weight” has increased so think of it as extra pounds you get to lift! 😉
      Rosi recently posted..Group Fitness from a Pregnant Instructor?My Profile

    • Steph oh wow, your doc limited you to that weight?! That seems really low but if it means you’re staying safe, then all for it!! 🙂 So glad you are feeling better this trimester!! @Rosi body weight exercises are a whole new challenge now, right?! 🙂

  13. I would totally take your class, pregnant as you are, and I took a Real Ryder class from an instructor who was 6 months pregnant at the time. I think having worked to be fit during my own pregnancy taught me that the limits are not as tight as people would like to think. Pregnancy is not a disability!

    It can be challenging to scale down. I was very similar to you in that I had felt like I was in my tip-top shape prior to pregnancy – I ran a 16-mile trail race the day before I found out – but I set goals for post-baby to help. I picked a fall marathon to look forward to and ordered a jogging stroller. And now, I might not be lighter or as fast, but I’m stronger and more capable than ever.

    Keep up the good work!
    Kimberly @ Healthy Strides recently posted..Wardrobe malfunctionsMy Profile

    • So nice to hear Kim! It IS tough to scale (especially in front of a class) I think setting goals for after delivery is a GREAT way to stay motivated throughout! I’m eyeing a few jogging strollers right now too 🙂

  14. I haven’t been to a group fitness class in a long time but if I walked in and saw a fit pregnant teacher I’d think hell ya! I would be sure to come to your classes when I was pregnant because I know you get it!

    I think stepping back and coaching, spotting, pushing others is a really great thing to do for people in your class. You’re getting paid to give them a workout not get your own in!
    Betsy recently posted..TransitionMy Profile

    • Thanks so much Betsy! I think that’s what I will likely do–focus more on helping participants instead of setting the pace! 🙂

  15. I am SURE you are doing the same amount of butt kicking as always! I teach a Circuit Training class in my town and wish I could come to one of yours! I am not pregnant, but one of my friends came to my classes all throughout her pregnancy and just modified for her level! Now she’s back at it and has a beautiful 2month old! Keep up the inspiration!
    Margaux recently posted..Mountain Dew Reveals a Breakfast Beverage!? No Thanks!My Profile

  16. Love it! One of my favorite instructors was pregnant when I first began attending her classes (spinning, boot camp). She became a role model right away, both for her dedication and focus as well as her health. She modeled how to modify a group fitness class simply through her instruction and gave me one more reason to reach my optimal health. Keep it up!

  17. Rachel Bouzis says:

    Personally, I think that group fitness is the greatest thing ever. In fact, I probably rely on it too much, but I do actively set my schedule around fitting in my workouts. I can very confidently say that no one in your classes questions your fitness level or ability to coach. You look like a really fit woman who happens to be pregnant right now. It’s inspiring to see a pregnant woman (which is a period that many women experience) remaining active and taking pride in her body, both for yourself and for your baby. I’m just sad I won’t get to experience your coaching after break. 🙁

    • Aw, thank you Rachel! I wish you could take my circuit class (darn work schedule!). I’d used you as my demo girl ALL THE TIME! 🙂

  18. I didn’t exercise much until *after* I had kids. I did some yoga and walking while pregnant. However, I would definitely continue to exercise throughout pregnancy if I were to get pregnant again (which isn’t going to happen. LOL). I am glad you are not limiting your heart rate. The official recommendation now is not to focus on heart rate, but perceived exertion. It sounds like you are being super smart with your pregnancy. Great job!!!
    Lisa (Mom to Marathon) recently posted..February recap: on the road to the Boston MarathonMy Profile

    • Thanks Lisa! I’m so thankful to feel good enough to keep working out–hope it continues! 🙂 RPE sounds like a much better method for exercise than HR!

  19. I’ve done both and hadn’t thought twice about either one! 🙂 My concerns teaching pregnant were keeping my heavy breathing quieted and fitting in my uniform shirt! Other then that I think it made me a better instructor because I was always thinking of modifications so I could continue to do the exercises I was asking my class to do. I hope I (and you too) provided some inspiration to other women who are or will be pregnant and beyond that coming back to work/working out afterwards -I do not have close to a perfect body and still have about 5 lbs to lose at 10mths post baby #2 but I think having your regulars see you work towards a body you once had is a good thing. 🙂

    • Ha! Awesome! I know–I’m running out of shirts to teach in! And, I might turn up the music to cancel out my heavy breathing every so often! ha ha!

  20. Loved reading this! I taught bodypump, cycle and bootcamps until I was due (actually stopped cycle around 37 weeks) and I actually think the participants loved it. Most were regulars and had been in my classes through my entire pregnancy. I found so many people would tell me after class how much of a motivator it was having a pregnant instructor up there, they said if I could do it, they should be able to stick through it and keep going. And new people in my classes were always like, whoa this pregnant lady kicked my butt! Just keep putting them through the challenging workouts even if you need to coach more, or have one of your all star participants show the moves you can’t. They’ll probably love it 🙂

    I can’t wait to be pregnant and teaching again!

    • That is Amazing Heather! So motivational! I have had new participants feel more comfortable trying my classes now that I AM prego! ha ha! I certainly will be calling on some demo stars–great idea! 🙂

  21. I have not taken a class that had a pregnant instructor but I totally would. I have a friend who teaches Zumba and did so with all 3 of her pregnancies. She even Zumba’ed her second baby out, lol.
    Natalie recently posted..RematchMy Profile

  22. Erin Gates says:

    Jess, it is obvious that you are one fit and fab woman. I can’t imagine anyone would walk into one of your classes and doubt how awesome you are. I am a mother of 2, so I understand the thoughts you may be having due to your changing body-but trust me-your body is still rockin’. I stayed active during both of my pregnancies but mostly during my 2nd and it helped me power through labor-which is truly the most grueling workout you’ll ever have. I walk/ran on the TM the same morning that my 2nd son came into the world and my labor was so much shorter and easier than my first when I did not stay working out the whole time. I ended up weighing less the 2nd time than before I ever started having kiddos-don’t get me wrong, I started working out again 3 days after my 2nd son was born ( not saying everyone should do this-but I delivered naturally and it was right for me in my situation.) Continue to rock your classes, you are an inspiration to ALL women:)!

    • Oh that is so good to hear–all this exercising will pay off in the end!! And, thank you so much for you kind words Erin!! 🙂

  23. ashleigh says:

    I was like a lot of the above posts and had a spin instructor continue teaching through her pregnancy. Towards the end she would spend more time walking around, checking form, watching our heart rates and offering words of encouragment. For me, the one time I noticed her pregnancy is when I was pretty sure she would still smoke me on the open road! I ran as long as I could with both my pregnancies and my Dr was great with support (as long as I didn’t run and get over heated on a muggy summer day). You’re going to be so thankful for continuing your work outs when you get into labor and then trying to ‘get back’ into shape. I had a leg up on my girlfriends that took pregnancy as a time to lay around and indulge. Of course every pregnant woman needs a bit of icecream, but all in moderation!!

    • Oh I love hearing stories like this–helps me stay motivated to keep teaching and staying active throughout my pregnancy! And, ice cream has definitely been happening! ha!

  24. I began teaching group fitness classes this semester, while still working on my weight loss goals. It was a difficult decision, and because I teach at a university gym (I’m a graduate student) I was extremely worried that 18-year-olds would not take me seriously! That said, even while still working to lose weight, I had already lost 120 pounds, was running half-marathons, CrossFitting, deadlifting 300lbs with ease, and can salsa-merengue-samba like no one’s business (I primarily teach Zumba, though I do other formats as well). I took the chance and not only broke through my end-of-2012 plateau, but realized it was all in my head. Maybe someone does walks into my class skeptical? I can’t change that, but I can certainly make sure they won’t walk out that way, as I am the one going hardest, strongest and longest! Further, so many staff and family members thank me for sharing my journey, and I realize I can be an inspiration at any size, not just once I’ve hit a certain “goal.” You keep inspiring so many, Jess, and I’d be honored to have you+1 kick my butt in a HIIT class any time!! 🙂

    • You are such a inspiration Ava!! I think you can inspire, empower and motivate others in so many ways by instructing! I teach at a university too, so I have a mix of staff, faculty and students in my classes! Thank you for the comment and sharing!!

  25. Hi Jess!
    I have been reading your blog for a while and haven’t had a chance to say hi yet! I figured this was the perfect time because I am in your same position and loved this post. I am 19 weeks pregnant with #2 and still teaching all 6 of my classes each week! I ran a 1/2 marathon when I was pregnant with my first and haven’t slowed down with this one yet!
    I often think the same thing when I head to the gym. I wonder if my class can tell I am not going as hard as I used to or if they are unmotivated by my but I have heard it’s the opposite. I really agree that it’s harder for us than for people. They are thinking – wow, she’s still going strong!
    Ali : The Healthy Hostess recently posted..Best Workout Songs for March 2013My Profile

  26. I have not take a fitness class from a pregnant instructer yet but I would not mind! Keep doing what you love!
    Brittany @ DulceVie recently posted..Thin Mints and BrowniesMy Profile

  27. I think it’s awesome you’re teaching an intense class while pregnant. Only you know your own body! I’m sure that if it was too much, you’d stop and take a break.

    I would totally take a class from an instructor that was pregnant!! It sets such a good example!! I think it’s awesome that you are still going!!!

    BTW, I bought a GymBoss yesterday. When I read your post a couple of weeks ago with kettle bell training, I HAD to have one!! I’m so excited to get it! Amazing what one little thing can do to motivate you!
    Michele recently posted..February TrainingMy Profile

    • Thanks Michele! Yes, I will really listen to my body in the next few weeks! 🙂 And, don’t you love the timer?! I just used mine today for an at home workout! 🙂

  28. One of my best friends is a Zumba instructor in the Charlotte, NC/Lake Wylie, SC area. The Mr and I live about 3 hours away, but visit them often throughout the year. Last year while she was pregnant, she continued teaching her 5-8 different Zumba classes. Whenever we were in town, I would join her. It amazed me how much energy she had and I couldn’t help but think that Baby Addison was going to come out with a little latin flair. haha 🙂

  29. I had a pregnant bootcamp instructor at my gym, as she progressed in her pregnancy she moved from partcipating a lot to coaching us on what to do. The class was still really intense and she made it a point of harping on us if she thought we were slacking off. It was also nice when she showed us modifications to do when pregnant (there were 1 or 2 pregnant women in the class) as I’m currently 35 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child so now I can incorporate those modifications into my fitness routine.

    • Your instructor sounds like she really cares! I plan to do the same thing–I can see so much more when I’m not doing the activity and have my breathing under control! 🙂 And, congrats to you for continuing to kick some @$$!!! 35 weeks!!

  30. My (past) Zumba teacher is pregnant, but she decided to quit once she hit about 5 1/2 months. Zumba is a ton of jumping around, so I guess her doctor didn’t recommend it anymore. I have another instructor who focuses more on tabata style workouts and strength training, and she’s still teaching and personal training. She talks us through the specific exercises that she can’t do, though, and it’s fine!

    • Wow, 5.5 months seems really early to stop teaching but she likely has to listen to her doctor. Baby’s health is priority! I plan to keep going till I can then coach, coach, coach! 🙂 Your current instructor and I sound like twins–I LOVE me some tabatas!! 🙂

  31. Stefanie says:

    I have actually taken a group fitness course from a prego instructor like yourself! I always just thought she was a badass. She could do most of the stuff in our class better than I could, and I wasn’t even pregnant! It kind of made me step up my game. Because if a pregnant woman can do it, then I certainly can, right!?

  32. Came across your website when I was looking for pregnancy workouts, and this was a great post! I currently teach group fitness classes three nights a week (spin and kickboxing) and have been worried about the same thing – whether or not I could ‘bring it’ for my classes like they’re used to me doing! I’m 14 wks and just told my classes recently, and they are all so supportive and excited so I’m hoping it won’t ever be an issue (but like you I always still wonder)!! However, as much as I want to teach all 9 months, I’m going to stop in my last trimester just to give myself a break and spend more time with my husband in our last few months as just the two of us 🙂 since I work full time and teaching almost every night of the work week has been exhausting! But thanks again and you have a new reader!!

    • Congrats Joni! I think you’ll find your classes even more motivated once they see you teaching with a lil belly! I’m in week 31 and still teaching, though modifying what I do vs. what I instruct. I get tired soooooo much faster now, but my classes seem to appreciate my honesty and being real! 🙂 I hope you continue to feel fantastic and wish you the best!!! 🙂

  33. Jessica says:

    I am so happy I came across your blog! I love it and think you are so inspiring! I teach 3 spin classes and 2 TRX classes per week. This is my second pregnancy and at this point the first time I had already stopped teaching (complications). The second time around has been much easier and I plan on teaching up until the end. When I teach I preview a few reps then walk around to check form and “coach”. In spin I don’t add as much resistance as I once did as well. I also get off my bike and walk around….which I love doing because I see people work just a little harder when I walk by! My peeps are very supportive of me and I am going to miss them while on maternity leave! Thank you again!!!

    • Thank you Jessica!! I think that sounds like a great plan–to coach your students. I’m doing more and more of that and I think they appreciate it too! Wishing you the best health during this pregnancy!!

  34. I remember when I took a group class with a pregnant instructor. I didn’t really think anything of it – but it was definitely a hard class! She did a really good job coaching, saying “Yes, you can!” right when I was thinking, “No, I can’t!” She also gave pointers and suggestions to any pregnant members of her class. But I never really thought about it from her perspective – maybe she was pushing us extra hard because she was afraid we thought she couldn’t push us! You are certainly inspiring. I am currently single, but if/when I get married and have kids, I hope I can exercise throughout my pregnancies!

    • Thank you so much Janelle! Glad you have had such a positive experience with a pregnant instructor! 😀 I think coaching more well be a positive experience for participants!

  35. My circumstances were slightly different, but am all for instructors teaching until they feel is appropriate, as long as they have support setting up and dismantling equipment (more relevant in the 3rd trimester). I worked through to 36 weeks in my hospital-based fitness instructor job. I taught in the hospital, community and in the homes of patients. Group sessions for cardiac rehab, pulmonary rehab etc etc (so slightly less intense workout-wise but still on feet teaching 3 or 4 group sessions per day in addition to one-to-one sessions.). I continued doing my own training and actually had a wonderful hill walk a few hours before I went into labour. I was fit when I became pregnant, but definitely should have rested a little more as the months went on. I actually only stopped working when I did due to having to use annual leave up, but in hindsight it was good timing as I probably would have overdone it had I carried on. I now have a very healthy 7 month old and definitely feel my fitness helped immensely during labour. Good luck and definitely do whatever feels right for you. Just take care of your back!

    • Thanks so much for sharing Kate! Impressed with your commitment! I have stopped teaching at 36 weeks and plan to rely mostly on walking and strength training now. So glad to hear your fitness helped you through your labor too! Crossing my fingers!! 🙂

  36. Nicolle says:

    Such a great post!! I just became a personal trainer and found out I was pregnant all within the same month. I have been worried about teaching and telling clients, but your post really inspired me! Thank you so much!

  37. Hi Jess, I have just stumbled across your blog and was very pleased to see that you continued teaching throughout your pregnancy. I’m in my early weeks of my pregnancy and wondering when the best time to tell my Zumba class will be. Already showing and worried that students might think I’m not looking after myself and not be seen as a very good fitness example. Whilst seeking understanding from the class, I do have my concerns however that it might put some of them off and think the workout will not be good enough. Hope you can help! Sofia xx

    • HI Sofia! Congrats! I think I told my classes when I was 19-20 weeks. I was concerned about them thinking it wouldn’t be hard enough too, but I think they have more respect for you and it takes the pressure off!

  38. Jenny Hyams says:

    My fitness instructor has suggested that I train to be one too (she’d be my tutor). I’m 4 months pregnant with my 2nd, so I don’t know whether to wait until afterwards (which would mean it would take ages to qualify what with breastfeeding and finding someone to babysit 2 under 3s) or do it now, against my husband’s wishes, but I have more time. What would you advise?

    • Each pregnancy is different so it is about how YOU feel (with dr.s consent). Might be easier to train now than finding care for 2!! 😉


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