Diet-to-Go: Healthy Eating Made Easy!

Fresh, healthy meals made with REAL ingredients delivered to your doorstep. Does this exist?

I had the opportunity to try Diet-to-Go delivery service recently and couldn’t be more pleased!

Now, my intention with trying this meal plan wasn’t to jump start a weight loss program for obvious reasons

Belly_25 weeks_feet

However, having healthy, convenient meals available and ready in 2 minutes was more than appealing!

Diet to go_egg scramble

How about this breakfast? Scrambled eggs in roasted red pepper sauce with asparagus and Canadian bacon. Heat in microwave 2-3 minutes and devour!

Diet to go_egg scramble_2

Diet-to-go allows individuals to select from a variety of meal plans like low-carb, vegetarian, or low fat based on dietary preferences.

Meals are made with real ingredients, portion controlled and labeled with all the nutrition facts you need. I selected the low-carb plan because I’m trying to get quality protein in my diet during my pregnancy.

Diet-to-go_shrimp stew
Lunch: Shrimp Creole Stew

Dinner: Veal Parmesan with veggies

I shared some of the meals with Spencer too. That really put Diet-to-Go to the test! While Spencer isn’t a picky eater, he eats very clean and needs a decent amount of calories to keep up with his activity level.

Let me tell you, it was absolute bliss to simply look in the refrigerator, rattle off a few meal choices for him to be ready in 3 minutes or less.

Diet-to-go_short ribs

Dinner: Short ribs with potatoes and green beans (I added some extra sweet potatoes for him)

Diet-to-go_chicken wings

Lunch: Buffalo Chicken wings with artichoke salad.

He loved each and every breakfast, lunch or dinner he tried. Seriously! He was impressed with the quality, taste and variety we had to select from. Diet-to-go meal plans include 3 meals each day. You can customize your plan or change it every 5 weeks for variety.

My favorite meal was the Wasabi Catfish with Pea Puree & Veggies.

Diet to go_catfish wasabi

Check out that HUGE portion of catfish!!

Diet to go_catfish wasabi_2

Final Diet-to-Go Takeaway:

  • I have a better understanding of portions with pre-made meals
  • You don’t need to sacrifice quality ingredients for convenience
  • The plans are affordable and live up to the value
  • I LOVE having healthy, meals ready to go during the week that require no prep
  • I’m considering using this service post-baby for time management and weight loss

For those interested in weight loss, check these success stories!

Your turn:
Have you ever tried a meal delivery service?
Which plan would you choose?

*FitFluential LLC compensated me for this campaign. All opinions are my own.


  1. These pre-packaged dishes do look better than others I’ve seen! The catfish one that you pointed out, especially. I’ve never tried a service like that, but if I did this looks like a good one to look up. Thanks for the review!
    Michelle @ Eat Move Balance recently posted..Practice Makes Perfect: Pan-Seared ScallopsMy Profile

  2. I’ve never heard of it. The food looks delicious :)
    Fit_Navy_Wife recently posted..Work Out of the DayMy Profile

  3. Wish this was available in Canada :(

  4. Ugh, this is my DREAM! If I ever won the lottery, I would immediately hire a personal chef, first thing. This looks like the next best option! Hope you and Baby are doing well, Jess :)
    Addy @ Six-Kick Switch recently posted..Good Weekend and Chocolate MuffinsMy Profile

  5. i think these would be great for athletes in training. Like if they don’t have time to cook or have someone to cook for them, ya know?
    lindsay recently posted..Sharing is Caring: Arbonne SabrinaMy Profile

    • That’s a great point Lindsay. Athletes have such busy schedules it’s awful to think so many of them default to easy, less nutritious meals. I see it all too often especially at the collegiate level!

  6. I haven’t tried Diet-To-Go but some days I wish I had this service. The food looks soooo delicious.
    Natalie recently posted..LOCK LACES Product ReviewMy Profile

  7. Looks like they sent all of the bloggers the same meals. It would have been nice if they could have mixed it up a little so we could hear about even more meals. Can you specify in the program if there is a food you don’t like (cheese and fish for me)?
    Nicole@TheKidlessKronicles recently posted..http://www.thekidlesskronicles.comMy Profile

    • Good point Nicole–I think for the month of February, many of us received the same meals if we selected the same plans (low carb vs. vegetarian). And, as I mentioned above, you could certainly make substitutions based on dietary preferences! 😉

  8. I’ve never done it, but I did spend the last 2 weeks before Susanna was born prepping meals and snacks. I had to prep a double batch of some because my hub ate them! :-)

    I don’t know what we’ll do with number 2. No plans yet, just open to what’s best.
    Wendy @ New Moms Talk recently posted..SHE Drums (Winter Pinterest Challenge)My Profile

    • I think that’s great planning on your part and something I intend to do too! We have a huge freezer that’s not currently being used, but I know that will come in handy!! :)

  9. Jess, I was looking for some diet program to reduce some weight and I found very good information in your post. I always check contents in the take away meal and I prefer protein rich diet.


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