Weekly Workouts And Pregnancy

Thank you for your kind comments on my belly pics! I appreciate them so much. I’ll share progress pics from time to time, but I promise not to overload you with pics of my belly!

The day after our New Year’s party, Spencer and I attended CrossFit together. I love working out with him!  We hit up the afternoon class at CrossFit Omaha for our first WOD of 2013.

By the way, I love this picture from his first competition:

That’s some focus for the third WOD of the day!

New Year’s WOD – on a 20 min clock:

5 Deadlifts #242 / #170 
Box Jump 24/20 in, max reps 

3:00-5:00 Rest

5 Deadlifts
Burpees, max reps

8:00-10:00 Rest

5 Deadlifts
KB Swings 1.5 pd./ 1 pd., max reps

13:00-15:00 Rest

5 Deadlifts
Double Unders, max reps

The pic above is from the Reebok CrossFit ONE team WOD, and we were using 24″ boxes. I was at 10 weeks during this WOD.

I should’ve bumped my weight up to 150# on the deadlifts because 131# was too easy. However, I keep telling myself now isn’t the time to gain, only maintain.  Essentially, we had about 2:45 min to do max reps because 5 deadlifts don’t take much time. That means you have to pace yourself somewhat.

My totals:
box jumps: 46
burpees: 36
KB swings: 48
Double-Unders: 90

This was the first time I felt my belly doing burpees. In fact, I had just asked my doctor at our appointment when I should stop doing burpees. She thought if I maintained control throughout the movement (not belly flop to the ground) I could do them as long as I was comfortable. Ha! Burpees and control!

You’ll remember in the Holiday Travel Workout, I demoed burpees without much problem, but that was nearing 15 weeks, so I wasn’t showing as much.

Reebok CrossFit TriBlend burpees

But, this time, I could feel my belly–like a little ball or something. So, I can see some modifications happening in the future. I was under control when I performed the burpees though!

Today, Cooper and I headed out for a frigid run. Can you tell he was anxious?


I bundled up for the 25* temps and found a clear, paved path for us. Most of the sidewalks still have snow and ice every so often which is tiresome to watch for.

Normally, I wear my Garmin to run, but I like seeing my heart rate and tend to get frustrated with my ever-slowing mile pace. The watch above is the Polar FT 40 HRM. I use it when I’m teaching class or for home workouts.

Monday: 3 mi run/walk
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: CrossFit WOD
Thursday: 3 mi run/walk
Friday: 4 mi run
Saturday: Hero WOD

Every person is different when it comes to working out while pregnant, so don’t use my personal experience as a guideline. Listen to your body and do what makes you feel good!  So far, I am thankful to not have any nausea or aches and pains, but it’s a long road ahead as I hit 18 weeks complete tomorrow.

I’m also not shy about eating…treats too. It’s still peppermint ice cream season, isn’t it?


By the way, I added a tab below Our Story for all posts related to my pregnancy titled creatively as Baby for reference. 🙂

Your turn:
What does your weekend workout(s) look like?
Favorite flavor of ice cream?!


  1. I’m so late to the game on congratulating you but … CONGRATS. I’ve really enjoyed your posts thus far about your pregnancy, and I think you have been striking an amazing balance about the topic without it being overwhelming. I appreciate, too, the info about modifying exercises. When I was pregnant, I ran until 37 weeks but that’s what I had been doing before. CrossFit (which I still need to try!) is a whole different beast but I’m glad your doctor is (seemingly) so knowledgeable and awesome. Best wishes!
    Kimberly @ Healthy Strides recently posted..Excuse me, I burpeed.My Profile

    • Thank you Kimberly! So impressed with you ability to run that long–I hope I can too. CrossFit is a different beast. While I don’t want to give it up, I will have to modify when the time comes! 🙂

  2. That is so awesome that you are still doing your regular workouts! I couldn’t imagine doing burpees when I was pregnant not cordinated enough to feel safe to control them. I have to find lots of at home workouts for the weekend to keep me busy and active and not think about my best friend moving far away.
    Shelley recently posted..Looking back at 2012My Profile

    • Thanks Shelley! Trying to keep it up but my intensity and duration have both taken a nose-dive 🙂 I’m so sorry to hear about your best friend moving 🙁

  3. A belated congratulations to you! And sounds like you’re keeping up with your routines, but will make the necesssary modifications. Keep it up!! Love the intensity.
    Meredith @ DareYouTo recently posted..Friday FeaturesMy Profile

    • Thank you so much Meredith! I’m trying to kept my body fit so I can be an active mama in June–the summer is my favorite time of year, so I want to be out and about!!

  4. I cannot believe that you are able to do burpees for that long during a pregnancy. Craziness! Either way you still look fabulous and secretly love your long legs. PS: I modified the Holiday Travel for myself and my clients and it ROCKS. Hugs to Cooper!
    She Rocks Fitness recently posted..Pumpkin Smoothie Recipe + WorkoutMy Profile

  5. I do boot camp and yoga. I love that I have more time on the weekends. My favorite flavor is sea salt caramel gelato.
    Julie recently posted..Thank Your Body Thursday: IntentionsMy Profile

  6. Very impressive that you are still cranking out the burpees! Has your doctor said anything about minimizing breathlessness or body temp? I never understand that rule about not getting your heart rate over 140 – That’s only 67% of my max so would provide hardly any fitness for me. Why do they use an arbitrary number like that?! UG!
    alma recently posted..Marathon planMy Profile

    • My doc has indicated that using “talking while exercising” is a good method as the 140 bpm doesn’t seem standard for all fitness levels. With body temp, I haven’t given it too much thought as it is FREEZING here! ha ha! Though as my due date approaches it will get warmer and I will likely need to be more aware of that! 🙂

  7. Check out Fitnessista.com. She’s a super fit trainer, who has been thru her first pregnancy and still going. She has lots of pre birth modifications. She was doing zumba right up until birth.

    • Oh yes! I’m familiar with her. I have actually never done Zumba (not my thing) but I will keep my current training and teaching as long as I can! Thanks for the recommendation. 🙂

  8. It’s ALWAYS Peppermint Ice Cream Season!

  9. This WOD is right up my alley. I can’t wait to try it!! Unfortunately I nearly broke my wrist yesterday and will be out of commission for at least a few days. Hopefully I’ll be back in the game soon, though, I’ve got a competition on Saturday =x.
    PS: If you’ll humor me and agree it’s always a good time for cupcakes, I’ll also insist it’s always Peppermint ice cream season!
    Gaby@eatdrinklift.com recently posted..Not CoolMy Profile

    • OH Gaby–ouch!! Injuries flat out suck–I’m nursing a left shoulder right now, so any overhead lifts make me a little nervous! And, yes yes for cupcakes!!

  10. I thought about your workouts today as I was doing my core and strength training 🙂 Today’s workout was geared toward easing back into core/strength training as I have slacked since last October *for shame*. 2 rounds of these sets: 20 pushups, 20 crunches, 20 leg pushaways each leg, 20 squats. The workout took exactly 10 minutes and kicked my butt, see I am all doughy and soft again 🙂 Glad you are still able to run and workout during your pregnancy! Enjoy what you can while you can as long as you can. Sounds like it will be time for you to start researching jogging strollers? 🙂 babylove!!!
    Christina recently posted..Weekend update: marathon training and petsMy Profile

    • That sounds like a great workout Christina!! And, you know, what I need to get on the jogger stroller research. One of my best friends has an all-terrain BOB with a fixed front wheel and LOVES it. Any suggestions?

      • I don’t have any suggestions since I didn’t use one (wish I had) but I often hear good things about the BOB brand. I would say one that has some suspension for the child and that also has some comfort to the hand/arm grip that you will have to manage. That was something I found important with just all strollers – that I needed comfort in the pushing and hand grip area. I really liked the Maclaren stroller I had the best but I believe they have some recalls now 🙁 (I swear everything gets recalled for babies.)
        Christina recently posted..Weekend update: marathon training and petsMy Profile

  11. Jess, I think your pregnancy workouts could still kick my rear. And I’m not even pregnant. Geez.
    Addy @ Six-Kick Switch recently posted..I’m Back, Green Smoothies and All!My Profile

  12. Love long runs on the weekends. I have more time to take my sweet time at the gym! also, throwing in a dance or TRX class is fun too.
    Candice@allthingsyogi.com recently posted..5 New and Healthy Foods Items to try/add/ enjoy.My Profile

  13. Baby bumpin’ burpeeees! I think it’s so awesome you’re doing your regular workouts! And you hit the nail on the head: maintain! This is a great time to maintain your current level of fitness and grow your baby! You are the cutest mom to be, ever. 🙂
    Courtney recently posted..Milk Squats and MustachesMy Profile

  14. I taught PE all the way until delivery while pregnant with my first. I did all of it–including jumping jacks! Almost 13 years later he has turned out just fine so far! 😉 Staying active is so good for you and baby.

    My weekend workouts are random at best. My workouts are focused on the week days where I have more time. Favorite ice is anything where chocolate and peanut butter are combined. YUMMY!

  15. I taught a Booty Barre class this weekend and my booty is definitely feeling it. I usually reserve one weekend day for my long runs.
    Lauren @ Fun, Fit and Fabulous! recently posted..Healthy Eating at Home and OutMy Profile

  16. Love to hear about your workouts. I don’t do crossfit so some of the exercises you list I don’t even know what they are 🙂 Ha! My doctor told me to measure too much intensity with breathlessness too – he said that they don’t really use the heartrate at 140 as a guide anymore. Thank goodness!! This weekend I did a workout at home – lifting weights, lunges, planks, workout ball crunches and on and on. Basically I did a circuit of 9 exercises (3 sets of 15 reps each). It felt great, but now that I’m pregnant I can DEFINITELY tell I get heightened breath much easier than before. I’ve just been giving myself a little bit more time in between activities. I want to be a fit mama just like you and to be honest the best I feel all day is right after a workout. I’m sure you agree!

    • Breanna you can look up exercises at crossfit.com if you want! 🙂 I just did a home workout and feel the exact same way–winded much easier! I start back teaching my circuit training next week and am kind of nervous! Congrats on maintaining your fitness throughout you pregnancy!!! AWESOME!

  17. Congrats on the pregnancy! It’s the best. I’m expecting my second (5/22/13) and still do burpees too! I ran until the day I gave birth with my first one so good luck to you. You are so knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition that you will make a great ambassador for us fit preggies out there! Enjoy all the fun 🙂 Can’t wait for all the updates!!!

    • Thank you Kristen! When you do burpees, do you do full or half ones? I’m beginning to think full burpees will be modified shortly! I hope to be an ambassador for fit mamas! Congrats on your 2nd!!!

  18. Hey Jess… I’m so glad that I found your blog. I’m due on 6/4/13! 🙂 I love seeing that you are stick active and can’t wait to follow along your journey to your little one as well. Congrats!


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