Excuse me. I burpee’d.

I saw this clever definition of a burpee on CrossFit Omaha’s site:

Burpees are a staple for Coach and I on the road. You can do them anywhere. Stength, cardio, and flexibility all in one. Sneaky devils.

Combining CrossFit and running is giving me ample preparation for the Hood to Coast Relay less than 2 weeks away. Your second and third legs are run on very tired legs.

Friday’s workout scared me a bit.
For time. 27 minute cap:
35 Double Unders
35 Dumbbell Swings, 40#/30# [I did 20#]
35 Toes 2 Bar [only got in 25]
Run 400 meters
35 Dumbbell Hang Squat Cleans, 40#/30# [I did 20#]
Walking Lunges, 35 steps
Run 400 meters
35 Dumbbell Single Arm Snatches, 40#/30# [I did 20#]
35 Burpees
Run 400 meters
35 Dumbbell Push Press, 40#/30#
35 Pull ups [made it to 6]

I think Coach’s position post-WOD sums this one up well. Truthfully, the 27 minutes flew by as I am still behind on the technical skills which is frustrating but humbles me equally. I forced myself to make up ground on the running because I feel like that is my strength right now.

So, you may see that this WOD would make 3 miles feel more difficult than needs be. But, again great prep for an overnight relay.

Recovery post-workout:

I incorporate burpees into lots of my workouts as you saw most recently, but I wanted to put a spin on them too!

Let’s take a look at 8 ways to vary this nasty little exercise.

Burpee Variations:
1.  Half
2.  Full
3.  Push-up
4.  Star
5.  Tuck-jump
6.  Half burpee to shoulder press
7.  Dumb bell row to half burpee
8.  Side

Starting position. From standing you drop to a squat placing your hands on the ground.

Next, kick your legs out, similar to a plank position.

Immediately, let your chest and belly drop to the mat.

To clarify, I am not doing the worm (although, I wish I could). This is mid burpee. Pop those feet back up.

Finally, jump and touch your hands above simultaneously.

I have worn Nike Frees for a long time, but these Real Flex shoes are unreal. Running, jumping, or lifting, I’m prepared.

Cooper tried some burpees too. He’d also like to point out that taking rest days are important.

Your turn:
Have you run in an overnight relay before? (I think I should do a burpee on Mt. Hood!)

Burpees: love ’em or hate ’em?


  1. I DO love the burpees. Lol. I’m looking for some shoes! So those are good for running sort of medium distances as well?? I thought I was too cool for Reebok, but may not now that they’re all over the Crossfitting!
    corrie anne recently posted..The Rotten Egg + Buying Local?My Profile

    • Corrie Anne! What’s up girl! Anytime there is a jumping, running WOD, I wear these Real Flex Shoes although the nanos are good for short distances. I just prefer the Real Flex for versatility. They feel like my Nike Free running shoes if that helps you make a comparison.

  2. I have a love hate relationship with burpees! Love your blog you have awesome tips & workouts! Since you are an avid crossfitter I was wondering if you followed the paleo diet and your thoughts on it? I feel best on a paleo type diet and am trying to lose some unwanted baby weight but am wondering if I would be able to stick to a low carb diet during half marathon training. Any thoughts?

    • Hi Jennifer! I am still in the skill-work stages of CrossFit but loving it so much! It humbles me…where I thought I had body awareness, I am learning a new feel for it. I’m not Paleo, but I’m researching more about it and trying to incorporate more Paleo friendly foods into my diet. I too agree that a low carb diet might not be ideal for half marathon training!! :)

  3. You know me and my love for burpees 😉 Love the GNC protein!! I have yet to try any of theirs, but I see it allll ova da place and it looks YUMMY! xoxo’s girl!
    Katelyn recently posted..BIG NEWS!! #ReebokNYC as Press for #FitFluential {VLOG}My Profile

    • I feel like AMP 60 is right up your alley! Living vicariously through you this weekend!! A WOD with Annie and Rich!

  4. just saw your video while on pinterest!! yay love burpees, well kind of 😉
    Purely Twins recently posted..making our 2 minute protein muffin videoMy Profile

  5. Love burpees! Let’s do a burpee video in Seattle!
    Hutch recently posted..Saturday Sweat: CrossFit Games ChipperMy Profile

  6. janae@hungryrunnergirl says:

    BAHAHA I love the definitions of Burpees…. NO ONE likes them:) I love your variations because I have only ever tried the basic kind. Coopers picture makes me want to snuggle up with him!

  7. I LOVE BURPEES!!! I mean I hate them love them!! (: I love the variations though!

    niki recently posted..birthday birthdayMy Profile

  8. hate ’em !! Hahah but you make burpees look easy. Thank you for the how-to on all these different types! Really helped clear it up.
    Meredith @ DareYouTo recently posted..Race Recap: Damon RunyonMy Profile

  9. i have to say, i miss burpees!! its been a while since ive done one. i hate them-but they’re effective and i love how u can do them anywhere too. strength and cardio is always a plus! i love this post and cant wait to try all these variations soon!
    amy recently posted..Post Pregnancy: Looking Forward To…My Profile

  10. I heard the word burpees and really didn’t know what they were or which muscles they worked until recently. They kick my butt every time! You should try the “death by burpees” #WOD!
    Leonor @FoodFaithFitness recently posted..Tilapia topped with GuacamoleMy Profile

  11. The workout you guys did above sounds intense!
    Yesss! I love the burn of the burpees! All the variations are awesome for switching it up!
    Have you tried man makers? Those things kill me everytime!
    Lisa recently posted..WIAW #19 – Inspiration From OthersMy Profile

  12. I see you drink the Wheybolic AMP protein from GNC…have you noticed the rediculous price increase! Not sure if its everywhere in the world but it went up 3 times in one month. Up to 74.99 in NJ! I drink the 100% whey, the BF drinks the AMP. I couldn’t afford it! But it is way better! and love your dog!
    Meghan recently posted..My first protein pancake!My Profile

  13. Hate doing burpees as I am doing them but love that tired feeling and the effects they have on the bod once I survive them! They always seem to come in multiple rounds of 25 or so, don’t they?!
    Nicole recently posted..I didn’t dieMy Profile

  14. Jess, I totally laughed out loud (no, seriously I did!) when in your video you automatically said “what-ever!” after the “as if burpees aren’t hard enough!” HAHAHAHAHA!!!
    That was totally my attitude last week during my 600 burpees in 6 days challenge! :) Love your videos!
    Maria aka LilMysNinja recently posted..Fit In #Fitness Weekly Recap {8/18/12}My Profile

  15. I love how many variations of the lovable burpee you offer… that’s great for beginners and advanced athlete!s :)
    Dena Maddie recently posted..Healthy ain’t just a short term thing. MEATLESS MONDAY!My Profile

  16. I love how many variations of the lovable burpee you show! Works great for beginners and advanced athletes :)
    Dena Maddie recently posted..Healthy ain’t just a short term thing. MEATLESS MONDAY!My Profile


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