Banjees Wrist Wallet Giveaway

The Sprigs company has some of the most unique items for an active lifestyle including apparel and accessories. Most products are eco-friendly and attractive.

My favorite item is the Banjees wrist wallet.

The Big Banjees holds your smart phone or downsize to smaller version that holds credit cards, ID’s, cash, etc.

I used my Big Banjees on my trip to Stanford as Coach and I were running around campus, so I could snap pics and hold the hotel key as well.

I love the Big Banjees in Black/African Black as it matches my ninja attire well.

I can tuck my iPhone in one side, and key & cash in the other. I don’t really like things around my waist when I run or walk Cooper, so this is perfect.

My phone remained protected and secure despite my schweaty-ness. I plan to use this on my Hood to Coast relay legs to snap pics too.

Do you think you could use a Banjees for your fitness activities?

– Visit Sprigs and comment below on which Banjees you like most (1 comment).

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Want a Banjees of your own but don’t want to wait? 

Sprigs was kind enough to provide a coupon code for my readers. Use code BlondePonytail20 in your shopping cart to get 20% off of orders over $30 or 10% off orders $29.99 and under.

Open to US residents only. I received the product above for the purpose of reviewing. The thoughts and opinions in this blog are mine.


  1. I dig the reflective yellow banjee – safety first!

  2. Thanks for the tip! Looks perfect!

  3. The turquoise and black is probably the most versatile for my running clothes but I love the pink tie dye.

  4. I like the reflective swirl/grey one!! What an awesome idea!

  5. Liked them on fb

  6. Following on twitter

  7. Tie between Black/African Black and Camel/Black. How have I never seen these before? I don’t like running with things around my waist or in my hands either.

  8. Reflective Swirl/Grey or Black/Paisley. Super cute and functional.

  9. I already like them on fb :)

  10. I’m loving the pink/black reversible ones! I would love love LOVE to try these!!!

  11. I like the purple paisley black

  12. I like them on FB

  13. I follow them on twitter

  14. I like the yellow paisley/pink

  15. Liked them on Facebook!

  16. I like Sprigs on FB!

  17. I also follow on Twitter!

  18. i like the turquoise/black!

  19. These are awesome and so convenient, I like the rainbow one!

  20. I follow them on twitter!

  21. I like them on fb!

  22. I liked them on FB!

  23. I need a ninja banjee, too! Black is my go to! Would love one for the gym as well as my runs!

  24. I like the denim/paisley one.

  25. I think the Big Banjee would be perfect for lunchtime runs or other short runs where I don’t care my fuel belt. I like the security of having my phone with me.

    I’d go with the Tie Dye Blue or (and) Pink.

  26. I like the turquoise/black stripe! I’m so tired of holding my phone while i run, I’m so glad you mentioned these!

  27. I like the purple paisley/black one!

  28. I follow them on facebook!

  29. Followed them on Twitter!

  30. Liked them on Facebook!

  31. I LOVE their bright multi paisley or the yellow paisley banjees! So fun!

  32. Shared it on Twitter too!

  33. they yellow swirl reflective one would be my pick

  34. I liked em on facebook

  35. I liked em on twitter

  36. I like the black/white wave big banjees. Great idea!

  37. I LOVE the large purple tie dye one! =)

    Katie Smtih
    Adventures of Ms. Smith

  38. I follow Springs on twitter!

    Katie Smith
    Adventures of Ms. Smith

  39. I like the Paisley/Black

  40. i like the big banjee in african black

  41. I love the Pink Paisley/Pink reversible banjee!

  42. Quite a few I could easily pick, but I think Art Tree Blue or Rainbow would be a good fit for me. Thanks!!

  43. I like the reversible pastel camo!

  44. Megan C says:

    I love the paisley/black banjee! And have been looking for something to hold my phone while running. Just like you I don’t like wearing anything around my waist!

  45. I like the reversable spandex ones, my favorites being the multi-bright/paisley and the rainbow since they would match a lot of my running outfits. These are so neat!

  46. I would love the multicolored one!

  47. Just tweeted!

  48. I love the pink flower/pink!

  49. I follow on Facebook!

  50. I follow on Twitter!

  51. I like the purple paisley/black

  52. I liked them of Facebook.

  53. Pastel camo green! Thanks!

  54. I followed them on Twitter.

  55. Anonymous says:

    I like the big banjee in black with pink stripe. Thanks! AmyD

  56. Anonymous says:

    I liked them on FB. Thanks again, AmyD

  57. i think the simple pink big banjee is great!

  58. I’m following on Twitter!

  59. tweeted about the giveaway! @ laureninlaw

  60. I like the Big Banjees Tie Dye black.
    Hippie-Ninja :)

  61. Just tweeted the giveaway

  62. I like the black/reflective strip! Cool and safe!

  63. I follow sprigs on twitter!

  64. Wow, yes, I could use something jUST LIKE THAT! I’d love the big banjee in turquoise/black. So great that it’s reversible.

  65. I “like” Sprigsville on Facebook (I’m Dare You To)

  66. I already follow Sprigsville on twitter – I’m @DareYouToBlog

  67. Awesome product!! I love the pink tie dye one!!

  68. I just liked them on FB!

  69. Following on twitter!!

  70. Just tweeted about giveaway!

  71. I love the big bangee in pink. I think the big one for me would be best because my smartphone is a little on the big side.

  72. Just tweeted the giveaway

  73. Followed Sprigs on twitter

  74. I like the polyspandex reversible in brown paisley. I think everyone else does too – it’s out of stock!

  75. I like Sprigsville on FB.

  76. I like the pink w/black strip big bangee

  77. Liked Sprigsville on FB.

  78. I like the paisley and black combo

  79. Following them on Twitter

  80. Tweeted!

  81. Khaki bliss cotton! I think another material would grow too warm.

  82. I like the Paisley/Black banjee!!

  83. I follow Sprigs on Twitter!

  84. I like Sprigs on Facebook!

  85. Awesome idea!

    I’m torn between the organic cotton (black bliss) or the recycled! I have a pair of workout pants made out of recycled h20 bottles and they feel amazing. Too bad there’s not a better variety of designs. I guess I’d go with my first choice :)

  86. Like them on FB :)

  87. Follow them on Twitter :)

    follow em on twitter :)

  89. I love the red/orange stripe one.

  90. I like the black/orbital/black one!

  91. Liked them on facebook!

  92. the pink bliss is so pretty!

  93. tweet tweet!

  94. I like the black/orbital black one

  95. I liked them on FB :)

  96. Kelli Noel says:

    I like both the blue/sunflower and the black/african print. Hmm…hippie or ninja??

  97. Heather H. says:

    I use a running belt that is pink and black, so the black/pink stripped banjee would be really cool.

  98. I like the reflective swirl grey! I don’t mind things around my waist but am always looking for a way to carry things.

  99. This is a neat product! I have a SpiBelt which I wear for races so that I can carry my phone and get in touch with people afterward. This seems like a great alternative!

  100. I really like the big banjees black with a pink stripe
    frugalohio at gmail dot com

  101. I Like Sprigs on facebook
    frugalohio at gmail dot com

  102. I Follow Sprigs on twitter
    fruglaohio at gmail dot com

  103. I tweeted
    frugalohio at gmail dot com

  104. I like the reversible ones!

  105. I like the navy/black or black and white wave/black big banjees.

  106. I’m a fan of the big banjees paisley/ black!

  107. I like the reflective ones, as Im doing alot of my running at night!

  108. Tweeted!

  109. And followed on Twitter too.

  110. I love the pink/black and the rasta! I can see why you like these. :-)

  111. I love the reflective stripe/ black!

  112. I tweeted (@JessLK721)

  113. I love the multi bright/paisley polyspandex reversible Bajee. I have somewhat of a paisley problem.

  114. I like the tie-dyed blue

  115. My favorite are the grey/black, reflexive stripe and black/white wave.

  116. I tweeted!!

  117. ohgoodgolly where have these been all my life? I most certainly have always wanted one of these…love the giant size and the Black/African Black is also my favorite. My nieces like the recycled Butterfly and Medallion designs. Perfect gifts, maybe with iTunes gift cards tucked inside. :)

  118. Totally could go for the big black and white wave banjee! Perfect to be able to carry my iphone and keys and other things while running!!

  119. I LOVE the paisley/black big banjee! Perfect for my iPhone!

  120. I like Sprigs on Facebook!

  121. This comment has been removed by the author.

  122. I follow Sprigs on Twitter!

  123. I tweeted this giveaway! :-)

  124. I “Liked” Sprigs on Facebook!

  125. I like the pink camo/green! Cool colors!!

  126. I like the paisley/black big one! Super-cute and practical!

  127. foillowing on twitter!

  128. Tweeted!

  129. And shared on Facebook!! :)

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