Simple Speed Workout & Simple Eats

ย There are some days getting to the track isn’t feasible.

Ah, the oval. Reminds me of high school track where lots of speed training and jump workouts took place.


So, creating a speed workout on the treadmill is the next best option. Pace is controlled. All you have to focus on is form and breathing.

I always begin with an easy paced warm-up mile, or 2 depending on the day, and usually set the incline at 1.0.

Occasionally, I increase the incline to 5 with this workout to create more of a challenge.

The speed is relative but you should be pushing well outside of your comfort zone since it is only 60 seconds.

When I’m not following a training plan, I usually do this once a week.

Snack time: I ordered some apricot fig Healthy Bites from the lovely, inspirational Lindsay. So delicious! Order some NOW.

Oatmeal:ย  I add total lean protein powder to my oats for flavor and the satiety that comes with protein for b-fast. Also, 1 TBS of chia seeds, sliced almonds, almond milk & a banana.

Easy Eggs:ย  I’m all about ease & convenience in the kitchen, so I microwaved 1 c. of egg whites for 3 mins. in a mug for a protein packed sandwich.

Treats: I don’t need Starbucks everyday to function; it is usually a treat 1-2x a week. Here, I took an iced skinny vanilla latte, added 1 scoop of protein powder, blended, which means a skinny frap.

Workout fuel: I drink 1 scoop of mixed ProSculpt in the morning before breakfast and take 2-3 Meta-Ignite pills before workouts/runs. This formula has been working for me with no side effects.

Some of you maybe be cursing me for giving up a potential overnight oats in a jar breakfast, but that’s how much I love this guy.

Cooper starts salivating when he hears the nut butter jars being scraped clean. How can I deny him?

Do you like coffee or lattes? What is your favorite caffeinated drink?

Do you prefer running on the treadmill or track for speed workouts?


  1. thanks for the speed workout, gonna use it tomorrow.

  2. I’m not a really big coffee person usually, when I get on a coffee kick I will drink it almost everyday… but usually only for 3 or 4 days, then I’m over it again. lol

    Definitely track… treadmills and I do not get along.

  3. I’m pretty much a coffee-coffee person…straight-up brew! I enjoy a pumpkin-spice latte or skinny mint mocha during the holidays, but other than that, I don’t really treat myself to anything else (perhaps I should! Lol).

    I guess it depends on the workout as to whether I’d lay it out on the track or the tready. Some days I don’t trust myself to run slow enough (isn’t that ridiculous?) out on the track, and thus making myself depend on the buttons of the ‘mill. That looks like a fun session, though!

  4. LOVE the oats with added protein and GENIUS adding protein to your Starbucks! What a great way to get added protein. You go girl! I’m on a chia tear these days. I add a T every morning. Love it! xoxo

  5. Oh my. I just placed my first order for Healthy Bites and am so excited!!

  6. hehe, thanks for the Healthy bite love! did coach like them? his face is priceless!

  7. I am totally a coffee drinker. I do like starbucks lattes but I also just love me a good cup of coffee from the coffee pot with too much creamer . ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. I only crave coffee a few times a month, maybe. When dining out, after a good meal, a cup of decaf sometimes sounds good.

    Do you find it’s more difficult to practice good form on a treadmill? I’m a bad heel striking and I’m trying hard to mend my ways.

  9. yessss. im loving the light java chip frap at starbucks right now! so good!

  10. I haven’t done much speedwork on a track but I have enjoyed it the few times that I’ve done it. I typically do mine on the treadmill just to ensure that I get to the proper speed.

  11. I prefer running on the road for speed workouts. We usually reserve Tuesdays for speedwork. It’s fun to do it as a group. I don’t hit up 4bux that often. If I do, it’s a skinny vanilla latte.

  12. Christina says:

    I often do the same thing, microwave my eggs. It’s just become so much quicker and less clean up. I was recently looking at some make-ahead ideas on Pinterest with eggs. Doing little egg mixes in muffin trays. It would be like a whole week of eggs prepared! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. i SO need to order some bites from lindsay thanks for reminding me!!

    i definitely prefer running outside…i tried the treadmill yesterday and it was brutal. i just stare at the time which of course makes it seem like its going by SO much slower haha great eats!

  14. Cooper is the best name in my opinion! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I agree about the track vs. the mill. I think they both have their place!

  15. I like intervals on the treadmill too, mostly because I get bored otherwise!

    And I’m SO with you on the microwaved egg whites. I did the same thing for lunch! (Except I just stirred in a veggie burger with the egg whites, haha)

  16. Mary Ann says:

    Thanks for this great idea to put in another workout on the treadmill. I did this one this morning and it was hard! Thanks for all the ideas on workouts. I like the way you mix it up!

  17. I LOVE latte!!! Our doggie is soo cute!!

  18. Sorry, I meant YOUR and not OUR ๐Ÿ™‚


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