I almost forgot this feeling..

A pain-free run.

5 mi progression run

I was elated! That’s a HUGE smile hiding behind my phone.

I had just read a Runner’s World article sharing a simple mantra for runners: ABC

A- Attitude
B- Breathing
C- Cadence

Checking in on these three points during a challenging part of your run gives you new focus.

My focus during the progression run:  Cadence, cadence, cadence.

Oh, runner’s high, I missed you!

I shared the news with Coach immediately who was knocking out a Crossfit WOD.

We love using our lunch breaks to sneak a workout in.  I choose sweat over smelling nice the rest of the day. Sometimes I use hand sanitizer to shower. What? Its antibacterial!

This weekend I tested out Tommie Copper compression shorts.

They are longer than my Nike ProFit shorts which have a 5″ inseam. The material is super light, very comfortable, moisture wicking, and stays in place.

I took them on a 4 mile run and prefer this length since my thighs tend to get hungry and eat my shorts.

Regarding compression, they are not as tight as my Aspaeris shorts. However, I ordered a medium based on sizing chart and while the waist fits well, I would like the legs a bit tighter.  So, if you decide to order a pair, size down.

I also tested out the Clean Bottle “Runner” model. Great concept:  the top and bottom of the bottle unscrew for easier cleaning.

iPhone holder + bottle

The Runner model holds an iPhone and has additional storage in handle for gels.

The size of the bottle was perfect for me! My Nathan hydration hand held is too wide so my hand ends up cramping and it’s storage compartment too small for a phone.

This is definitely coming with me for the Hood to Coast Relay.  Last year, leg 7 was 90*.


It kind of looks like I’m flipping you off with my favorite nuun flavor in the photo above. Oops!

Speaking of nuun, you can save 15% off your order when you use code: bloggerslovenuun

Do you prefer a handheld bottle or a hydration belt on your runs?

What is your running mantra?

*I was provided the Tommie Copper shorts and Clean Bottle free of charge. All opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. I’ve never used a handheld because I feel like it would tire my arm out or something, no? I have a Fuel Belt thus far and I really like that, although it does slide around sometimes.

  2. Yay for a pain free run! I have a fuel belt that I practically live in. I also have a handheld but get really annoyed carrying anything for more than a mile or two so I almost never use it. I decided to try it out again today and was sorry I did. I do like the clean bottle concept.

    Nice legs, they are looking nice and toned in those TC shorts! Are they made of the same material as the calf sleeves? I like how thin that material is.

  3. I love TC calve sleeve and knee sleeve. When I’m combining in the fall I pretty much live in my TC knee sleeve. I have been wondering how the Tc Compression short would work. I have some Aspaeris shorts. I like them on shorter runs. I did 20 miler last sat and felt like my legs were so heavy. I do remember running some short runs where my leg felt heavy with these shorts. So I will be looking into TC compression shorts to see if I would like them on a long run.I know lot of people just us compression shorts after a long run, but I have thunder thighs and have to wear something to keep the big legs apart or I will be in trouble with the chaffing gods. Thanks for the great review.

  4. Hey pretty girl, you look awesome in those compression shorts. I’ve never had a pair. I almost bought some last fall when my hamstring was being testy but right now (knock on wood), it’s happy so going to leave well-enough alone for the moment :).

    So happy you had a pain-free run – yay!!!

    I use a hand-held for shorter runs when it’s hot. I use a fuel belt with an attached water bottle for longer runs. I’ve also been known to put water at the end of my driveway and run mega laps around my neighborhood, just so I don’t have to carry anything. :)

  5. Pain free – all good. Glad running is treating you well again.

    Much prefer the Fuel Belt to a handheld. After many, many years of running holding a Sports Walkman with a killer mix-tape blaring while running, I love not having anything in my hands now with the iPod clipped to my arm. Although I do really like the removable top and bottom on that bottle. Why didn’t I think of that?

  6. you are freakin awesome!! Love those tights too, and look at coach?! HARD CORE!!

  7. definitely hand held bottle… mine has become my new running staple (other than shoes, of course. oh, and clothes.. apparently people tend to frown on nude running unless it is a planned clothing-optional event… weird, right?)

    My running mantra is Focus, Drive, Strength. It reminds me to FOCUS on my goal, put forth the DRIVE to do what I need to do to pursue my goal, and tells me that I have the STRENGTH to see it through.

  8. The shorts look like a good option – I have the same thighs-eat-shorts issue. Congrats on the pain free run!

  9. You are so fit!!!! That water bottle is a pure genius idea. Why didn’t I think of that? Washing out water bottles is such a pain in the you know what.

  10. Oh and I am thrilled about your pain free run. Yahoo! :-)

  11. Yahooo for pain free running!!!

  12. so excited for your run!!! what fantastic news!

  13. such an awesome blog! love all the fitness info and motivation..keep it up! :) Thanks!

  14. Yeah for a pain free run, & those endorphins! :-)
    I like my fuel belt. I tuck my shot blocks in there, & don’t typically mind wearing it for my longer runs. My mantra is “you can do this”, or “suck it up, buttercup”.

  15. Yes! You will want something with you in the August heat! Depending on your leg!! :)

  16. Yes, distance makes a difference!

  17. I have an assortment of handhelds, but I usually run with a separate arm band or wear my other fuel belt so I can carry my phone. So I think I’ll be picking up one of those puppies. Perfect for shorter runs. (I drink a lot of water so I always try to be prepared.)

    Just faced severe dehydration thanks to the nearly 100 degree temps during my first leg of the Ragnar So Cal Relay last month. Scary! I had some water on me but only one water station handing out teeny, tiny cups (and no van support) made it very tough.

  18. Fresh Bath wipes are my favorite for after lunch cleanups. Oh and Tresemme has a line with dry shampoo and hair refresher that I keep in my desk drawer. I feel bad for the people in my vanpool sometimes… but lots of us go to the basement gym or run at lunch so we are just a smelly bunch together.

  19. Hey missy! I love those shorts! Thanks so much for the review.

    I actually prefer my Camelbak for longer runs. I need to test out the handheld and belts again, since I will need them very soon!

  20. I have never used either, the bottle or a belt. for my long runs I would just carry a watter regular water bottle but that just gets old. So I plan on trying a few different options this summer while training.

  21. I have a handheld bottle almost all of the time and while it bugged me a little at first, now I can’t imagine running without it!
    Legs are looking great in those shorts, Jess!!!

  22. I REALLY like that water bottle!!! I might go buy some of those. I love that it holds the phone too. Awesome!!

  23. We have water stops, so luckily I don’t have to carry water. I have worn a belt and it wasn’t bad. I was thinking a handheld would come in handy. No pun intended.

  24. A big fat YAY for a pain free run!! That is great! I love the idea of a bottle that can be cleaned on both ends…mine always get mildew at the bottom and I have to soak them in bleach to get them clean!

  25. I got a hand held the other day for short runs during my lunch breaks. But I think I prefer my fuel belt, I like to have my hands free and just run. Maybe it also because I’m so used to the belt.

    My mantra is: Pain is temporary, pride is forever!

  26. Anonymous says:

    For trail runs over 10 miles, I use a hydration pack. Get one with front pockets. Stash GUs, snack, baggies, tp, a phone.Be prepared.
    For trail 7-10 miles, two handhelds. They can break your fall if and when you trip.
    City/road running, you can go lighter. I like the I-Fitness belt with the smaller, 6 oz bottles. I refill them as I pass city parks. (plan ahead for hydration stops on longer runs). I’ve raced with this belt to a 1:39 half marathon…no need to waste time at aid stations and you can fill it with your own stuff. I love Cytomax- no stomach distress.
    I’ve been in half marathons where they plan poorly and run out of cups -nighmare! One race was in June in CA and it was 90 degrees. I always come prepared. My motto is self reliance. I like to control as many variables as I can.

  27. Great info about the water bottle! I’ve been looking for one with that exact pocket setup, with no luck until now.

    And thanks for the Nuun reminder — just ordered 2 boxes to get me through the summer out in the heat of the cornfields :)


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