Nuun Hood to Coast Relay Team: Are You Applying?

Last year, I had the opportunity to run with nuun for the Hood to Coast Relay.



Nuun and it’s employees are a class act. I was thoroughly impressed with their organization and enthusiasm last year. How could I NOT apply for that same opportunity this year?

You (females only) have until tomorrow, April 9th to submit an application for your chance to make one of nuun’s three teams this year.

I thought I’d re-share my application for 2011 before submitting my 2012 application tomorrow.

Would You Be My Teammate? 2011 Nuun Hood to Coast 
Many of you are familiar with the epic Hood to Coast Relay held annually in late August. This year marks the 30th year of The Largest Running Relay in the World with over 15,000 runners tackling 200 miles from Mt. Hood, OR to the Pacific ocean.
Can you imagine?  You will be awake for 36 hours, relying on adrenaline and 11 of your teammates to get you through the stretch.  To non-runners, this sounds ridiculous. Pure torture.  But to runners, this is the “Boston” of relays.  In fact, it was been coined, “The Mother of All Relays”.
NUUN, the delicious electrolyte for optimal hydration is sponsoring an all-female, all-blogger 12 person team to participate this year! You can apply HERE.
I already love NUUN, but now it’s a full-blown affair!


Requirements to apply:
1. Must be female.
2. Must have an active blog.

I proudly have the XX chromosomes and well, you’re reading this, so BOOM – active blog.  Okay, stay with me while I pimp myself.  Pretty please! With a cherry on top???
10 Reasons why Blonde Ponytail should make team NUUN
1.  NUUN is my favorite Palindrome!
A “Palindrome” is a word that can written forward or backward and is read the same way. 

2. I will be your NUUN-hydration girl WHENEVER you need it…

…regardless of what “shoes” I am (not) wearing.
3. I will run “HIGH”
NUUN uses key electrolytes and a big fat ZERO grams of sugar.  No sugar crash for Team NUUN! That means we will enjoy our runner’s high!
Runner’s HIGH!
Avoid the sugar crash
4. I’m a NUUN ninja
I will honor and adhere to the strict codes of relay running conduct:  
                  * Cheer on teammates to the point of exhaustion,
                  * Bring enough to share (like my PB protein bars), 
                  * Wear deodorant in close quarters
                  * Respect the exchange zones
5. Blondes have more fun…

Do the fair-haired have a better time?
Oh yeah, we totally do!

6. I am an experienced night-time runner:  Safety first teammates!

Reflective/glowing gear for the First Annual Pullman Glow Run
I am well prepared with glowing flair. Nothing is off-limits. Try me.
7. I’m a full tank of gas away from the H2C Relay
I’m just on the other side of the mountains from where all this H2C Relay magic will happen.  So close, I absolutely HAVE to be a part of this epic adventure, right?!
I mean, I live in the same state that NUUN was conceived!

8. We hydrate with NUUN as a family 

I love nuun.
Cooper loves nuun.
Coach loves nuun.
Coach REALLY loves nuun.
9. I hate the “C” word, and the NUUN H2C team does too.

The official charity of the H2C Relay is the American Cancer SocietyWho doesn’t want to punch Cancer in the face-hole? Last year +$500,000 was raised. 

My guns are ready to fight for that cause (so are my legs)!

10. There is no “I” in TEAM, but there is a “ME”
Teams are my specialty.  It’s what I know.  I live for working together for a greater purpose.  In this case, I couldn’t imagine a more rewarding experience than bonding with fellow female, runners and bloggers to complete the H2C Relay
Thank you for reading my list of reasons why NUUN should consider Blonde Ponytail for the H2C Relay TeamSo, readers, the ball is in your court, would you be my teammate?
So, are you applying this year?!


  1. You make a killer nuun-ja :) Proud to have served with you in the past, Private 😉

  2. yep I applied
    I posted mine on my blog a couple posts ago!
    I hope I get in and that I will meet you!!!!

  3. Hope you get in again, Jess! So many great applications floating around, I’m not applying, but I”m excited for those of you who are!

  4. Mine went up this weekend!

    Love ya girl!

  5. Hope you get it! Yes, I’d choose you. And I hope they choose me too.

  6. Can’t wait to see your application! Loved re reading last years! I hope we both get in! :-)

  7. I love running with you!! I can’t wait for your app. I know you will bring it! Ricardo is counting on it!

  8. Ahhh! Can’t wait to see your application! #wearekindofabigdeal #dreamrunningteam

  9. i applied and am so excited, hope I make it!! the team would be amazing from all the people i have seen!

  10. good luck girl! hope you make it. sounds amazing.

  11. Not this year….good luck! I would love to be your teammate!!

  12. I never knew about HTC until recently. Sounds like fun! Good luck with your application.

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