Hard Work. No Regrets. $40 for You.

I choose HARD WORK.  How about you?

I have continued starting my days with ProSculpt as part of my GenetixHD routine.

Fuel for my run too. Sweatastic.

Occasionally, I take a second serving when I’m teaching HIIT class knowing that added energy, increased fat metabolism, and repair all aid in helping me build muscle and shred fat.

Normally, I don’t like to “drink my calories” but at a mere 30 calories, the benefits of ProSculpt surely outweigh the cals.

Feeling powerful & seeing results

What?! Back-to-back “gun show” posts! Humor me and buy some tickets! 😉

Look who got mail? Not Coach. Not me.

Nom, nom, nom.

As you can see, Cooper LOVES Milk Bones. Linda at She’s Connected sent Cooper Healthy Favorites.  Don’t you think he should be a brand ambassador?

Cooper is also helping me create my next workout to share with you. It’s hard work (as you can see). Think Hunger Games inspired core work.



Planet Gear is offering my readers a chance to win a $40 gift certificate. All you have to do is comment below and tell me what fitness or outdoor apparel you can’t live without.

You can also follow Planet Gear on twitter and like on facebook.

A winner will be selected on Monday, April 16th using random.org.


  1. Shorts that don’t chafe!

  2. I buy a lot of Nike apparel. :)

  3. I can’t live without my running shorts!

  4. I want pants that aren’t ridiculously tightlike in the rear. :)Please humans…leggings are not pants, stop calling them that.

  5. I can’t live without compression gear (shorts and socks) for recovery. Feels so good!

    PS – NICE GUNS!!!


  7. I can’t live without my running skirts. I feel FAST when I wear them. I don’t like shorts, and I don’t like bunhuggers. I love my skirts.

  8. Ohhh I’m always tempted by their offers I get their emails!!! I’m liking the running skirt. I like them on FB..

  9. My Asics Gel Landreths … I’m on pair #2 and they are what get me through the miles more than anything else! Well, maybe some gels too, ha ha :)

  10. Good running hat…need something to direct all that sweat away from my eyes!

  11. I need exercise capris. I wear them in winter AND summer!

  12. Do you have a license for those guns?

  13. mizunos and a running skirt and I’m happy

  14. Gotta have my Brooks Beasts….as a large overpronator, these shoes have singlehandedly changed my outlook on running. Plus they have the coolest, most intimidating name which makes me feel faster.

  15. Swiftwick socks! It’s like air conditioners on my legs.

  16. Brooks Adrenaline’s, my feet are jacked! And my Moving Comfort boulder holders for sure :)

  17. I cannot live without my running shoes – previously my beloved Mizuno Wave Rider 13’s and since those are discontinued/upgraded to less awesome shoes I’ve converted to Saucony Triumph 9’s. Heave on my feet and neon green/blue – LOVE!

  18. I love planet gear! I always drool when their emails come. Anyway … I can’t survive without a good pair of shoes. Running shoes for, well, running and my boots for serious hard-core backpacking. :)

  19. I would say I can’t live without my Garmin except its busted and I’m still hanging in here so not that. I’ll go with my black Nike capris.

  20. I can’t live without my Garmin. I don’t know how I lived without one!! And Planet Gear has some awesome stuff! Waiting for some flip flops from them!!

  21. Summer Lite says:

    I can’t live without my favorite North Face running hat (it’s 12 years old!). I haven’t found another that fits as perfectly as it does. The search continues… :)

  22. I love Planet Gear!! Cannot live without that good running bra that supports my little girls.

  23. I love all of my cheap Nike Outlet running clothes! Moisture wicking clothes are a MUST HAVE! I refuse to run in anything less than moisture wicking. Oh and my new obsession? Actual running socks that guarentee blister-free feet!

  24. Yoga pants! I work out in them … sleep in them … watch TV in them. They’re part of my lifestyle :) haha

  25. Not being able to run lately(where I would say non-chafing shorts), I have to go for good shoes. A good pair of shoes that match my activity. Running, cycling, hiking, cross training. I think if the shoes feel good the rest usually will follow. Unless your knee isn’t working properly. Then you just walk or ride.
    Love the gun show!!! I would buy tickets. :0)

  26. I can not go without running skirts or running tights

  27. Need a good pair of running compression shorts (on the longer side.. helps with no chafing!) And good shoes. Need to find some good socks yet…

  28. Gun show was very nice indeed. I have actually been using vega after workouts and before others to ensure I’ve got electrolytes etc and I agree normally i woudln’t drink my calories, but when you know they are fueling you or ensuring you can go hard the next day it’s worth it

  29. Check out them guns!!! Woo hoo!

    Planet Gear totally rocks :) Love them!

    I cannot live without my Bondi Band. No matter what workout I do, I have to have it on to keep my crazy hair out of my way so I can keep focused on business :)

  30. Shouldn’t Cooper eat Chocolate milk bones? :-)
    I can’t live with out a sports bra.

  31. My iPod, if that counts!!

  32. A nice warm jumper or body warmer to put in afterwards – I have a tendency to cool down very quickly after running!

  33. running skirt for sure!

  34. A good pair of black capris!

  35. black capris! awesome guns and can’t wait for the new hunger games workout!

  36. My WrightSocks! I won’t run a race without them!

  37. I love my lulu capris. I know they are expensive, but my butt looks good, and that fact alone makes me a faster, more confident runner!

  38. moving comfort bra!

  39. I can’t live without a comfortable sports bra!

  40. I am picturing people having to choose between wearing tops or bottoms. lol! I love my lulu running capris.

    Cooper is so cute!

  41. I’ll take a whole sheet of tickets and yes I will pay full price. I think I have to have say a good visor and tank!

  42. Compression capris, hats, nike bras, anti blister socks..to name a few! Gotta have my gear!

  43. he’d be the best best brand ambassador. i can’t live without my champion sportsbras

  44. My running skirt!!!

  45. Sunglasses!

  46. I can’t live without my Saucony sneakers!!! Ummm 1 ticket for the gun show please!!

  47. Jess, your arms look AMAZING!! way to go!

  48. Compression shorts, Body Media arm band, Asics running shoes, and good hair tie to rein in MY blonde ponytail. Adding Pro Sculpt to my list of supplements to try!

  49. My Brooks running shoes and bamboo socks. =)

  50. compression everything, with a running skirt on top so i don’t scare the neighbors with my barely stifled jiggling.

    i need to buy some of that stuff if it is only 30 calories. lol

  51. My Garmin! Love it!

  52. I liked Planet Gear on FB.

  53. I am following Planet Gear on Twitter @diaperderbymama

  54. i can’t live without my sunglasses, sneaks, and compression shorts!

  55. I can’t live without my running shoes. They are my sanity.

  56. As silly and as little as it is – it is a headband clip that keeps all the little flyaway hairs out of my face and sweat so I can concentrate and not use that as a reason to stop :)

    This shake you are drinking….what flavor is it? I am not one for bad tasting things so I am still trying to find a good drink!

  57. My LuLu running tanks! I LOVE THEM!

  58. I liked them on FB!

  59. Well, the Garmin is a necessary piece of equipment. But the one thing I can’t run without us my RoadID. I feel naked without it on my wrist.

  60. A good pair of sneakers! Also my Garmin :)

  61. I definitely cannot run without my Mizunos. I am obsessed with my shoes! :) And perhaps my running rights!

  62. Running tights!

  63. I need synthetic fiber socks! Running in cotton gives me awful blisters!

  64. I love my Lululemon running crops and skirts! And my Arnette sunglasses. Cooper is so dang cute! He deserves another milk bone 😉

  65. I can’t live without my SmartWool running socks!!

  66. other than the typical things like shorts, skirts, tops… I can’t run without something to hold my hair off my neck and out of my eyes… I love my nike visor :-)

  67. Running tops with GOOD built-in bras. Cool giveaway, thanks!

  68. I can run without a bra. Wish I could but it is a necessity. Otherwise I live my Nike Capri’s or my 2xu compression shorts! Oh and some sweet running shoes are a must too!!

  69. Hands down…SPORTS BRA!!

  70. Dang! Look at those arms!!
    I need my Camelbak! Use it for hiking and skiing! Even some long runs!

  71. A supportive sports bra is a must for any work out.

  72. Lately I cannot live without a compression sleeve for my left calf.

  73. My iPod and Bandana!!

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