Coach: Can We Do Tabatas?

Coach and I did a repeat routine and worked out prior to his game. He requested tabatas, and I happily complied.

I set my Gymboss timer (I refer to it as my brain during class) for 8 sets of 20:10 intervals.

That’s 36 minutes of tabata work with a dynamic warm-up and elliptical work. We were smoked. Look at Coach’s shirt:


We focused on upper body and core. I’m still feeling it today (For exercise references, you can visit my workouts tab).

The hardest move? Probably the last 2 sets of EVERY move. No lie. Tabatas force you to step outside your comfort zone, push through, and get better. Stronger. Leaner.

Baseball’s mental conditioning guru was working out with us too and referred to me as an “animal” during the workout. I’ll take it (and hope he wasn’t referring to my primal grunts as I tried to complete this WOD!)

You can see a demo of butterfly sit-ups on Lindsay’s Tuesday Trainer.

And, will you pretty please check out my feature on  I sound waaaay cooler than I am which is a welcome change!


A huge CONGRATS to all the marathoners that braved the BOSTON furnace and completed the arduous 26.2 miles. I did not envy you in the least but am inspired by you nonetheless.


  1. Wow, that sounds like one awesome workout!! I need to talk myself into giving it a try, after I first look up what half of those exercizes even are 😉

  2. PS you have smokin arms!

  3. you are so bad ass.
    I’ve got to start doing your workouts!! or 1/2 your workouts. 😉

  4. DO you know I did ball slams last week for the first time as a part of a Crossfit workout, and those suckers were hard! I totally thought they would be a mini “rest” in the middle of the workout, but that was me lying to myself :)

    Gonna have to add this one to the list!

  5. This looks almost identical to the tabata workout I’m about to do in my living room in a few minutes. Love how you can get worked like no other in such a short time with tabata.

  6. I wish I lived closer so I could go to your classes. I need the extra motivation to get cross training in. *sigh* Your guns are getting impressive! Might need to revisit this myself one of these days :-)

  7. Dang girl! You go with those Overhead walking lunges. Thanks for the demo on the situps. Was just going to google. 😉

  8. Way to kick butt, guys! That’s a crazy workout … I’m super impressed (and motivated!) by both of you :)

  9. I love how these workouts are quick but super effective and schweaty! I also adore the gymboss trainer…it definitely keeps me moving!

  10. That looks like a fun tabata workout. I’ve been putting my fit groups and bootcampers through a lot of tabata lately. Thanks for the link up to the core work! I’m adding that butterfly move into my core class next week :-)

  11. damn girl. you guys kick butt. pinned!

  12. That looks like an awesome workout!! And the pics totally show that you guys put in A LOT of effort. Love it!

  13. You guys rock! I wish you taught classes at my gym too.:)

  14. I LOOOVE to loathe :) tabatas, too.

  15. I just LOVE that you and your husband workout together!
    Are you still Dolvett’s number one fan? :) He is now selling tshirts, check out my post.. you may be pleastantly surprised :)

  16. Jess–I love all of your new workouts! I’ve been out of the loop for a while and I’m just catching back up on the my fav blogs. Way to kick ass girl! :)

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