Strength: No Substitutes, No Excuses

When I began running longer distances in anticipation of my first marathon, I completely neglected strength training.

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This sign is posted in the athletics weight room and I pay close attention to it each time I workout or take a RUNch-break.  Another reason why I’m focusing on balance this year rather than mileage.

This week’s training:

Sunday: 4 mi buddy run
Monday: 5 mi run
Tuesday: 4.25 mi easy run + taught HIIT & Ab Blast class
Wednesday: AM spinning class 50 min.
Thursday: 4 mi progression run + taught HIIT & Ab Blast class
Friday: TBD

Major swoob.

HIIT class is 30 minutes followed by 30 minutes of core work.  This is what I love about HIIT: Your body continues burning calories at an elevated rate long after the workout is over. 

I ran in my new Nike Frees. I didn’t realize how much I used my gray pair (I’ve been running in them off-and-on since May)–these felt wonderful during my treadmill run.


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Are you celebrating St. Patty’s Daythis weekend? 

What blog(s) you are loving lately?


  1. I’ve realized this more and more as I get older…gotta do the strength! I don’t do enough. Nothing special for St. Patty’s but my daughter’s party is on Saturday. Nice Swoob.

  2. nothing planned for St Patty’s..a 10 miler..because we will have crappy weather on Sunday..of course because it is the LA Marathon…

    strenght…I need to do some…really I do. I dont like it. I did start doing the Myrtle routine so at least there is that.
    but if I sign up for a 26.2 I need to add strenght for REAL

  3. I’m definitely a fan of strength training. I can tell a difference in running between when I do it and when I don’t…I prefer when I do it.

  4. woohoo!!! thanks for the shoutout :)

  5. The past few years I have been run obsessed…2012 is my year of balance and I have LOVED getting back to my love of strength training! There is just an awesome feeling at the end of a weight workout where you feel tired but SO strong!

    Half mary day after St Paddy’s day.

  6. My body forces me to do other things now! At almost 40, my body needs those other things!
    Love your shoes! :) I’m afraid to look at the 60 blogs! I already have a huge list that I try to read each day. Never enough time.

  7. I’m going to buy new gym shoes this weekend! I hope I enjoy mine as much as you do too :) I’ve been rocking mine for waaaay too long.

  8. Strength soooo important! I get my body pump in on Mondays even if I am exhausted.

  9. I usually dread my Tuesday & Thursday strength training workouts, but know that they are essential to my training. Since I workout at home, I really have no excuse not to get in a workout.

  10. Looks like a good week for you! I’ll be celebrating it by running a half marathon in VA.

  11. Can’t wait to check out the blogs! They are always inspiring.

    I’m running the Portland Shamrock 15K. The weather is supposed to be terrible!

  12. great fitness week! i am loving the HIIT.
    St. Patty’s day will definitely include something green. maybe a green protein shake! haha

  13. glad to hear the frees are working for you in running. i am looking at a pair of reebok nanos for crossfit. and at the gym as I run and do strength training in the same day (yes, I bring two pairs of shoes). it’d be nice to find one pair fits all. 😉

  14. I’m on a one day a week strength training regimen right now. Wish I had the motivation for two, but I’ll get it back up there.

  15. strength training is my all time favorite! Other than running or dancing with my kids. don’t make me choose.

  16. Good reminder. I’ve taken this to heart in my life recently by starting Crossfit. I plant to use the “Run Less, Run Faster” guide to train for my fall marathons so I can strength training!

    As for blogs…loving Wild Things Run Free, These Happy Miles & Mile Posts!

  17. LOVE that sign, Jess – there truly IS no substitute for strength and it is so necessary. I love HIIT (less in the form of sprints and more in the form of strength training). It’s so effective! Way to focus on that balance rather than mileage – that can be tough as a runner.

    Have a great, STRONG weekend, friend! 😀

  18. I think that strength training is so important as women athletes. But it is usually the first thing to go. I love that you are always reminding us to stick with it and have awesome tips and workouts for us to get it all in.
    Thank you.

  19. I’ll be heading to the gym tomorrow and doing a little strength training…so weird as it’s been about a million years 😛

  20. Totally needed to read this! I’ve been slacking on my strength training since I decided to run a full this year. I decided on Feb 4 to run one (my first) on April 1. I went from 3 days of strength training to one for fear of hurting myself before the marathon. Dumb. But since I’m only 2 weeks away I am not going to change anything. However, after the marathon it is back on with MORE strength training.

  21. Do you have any ideas of some exercises I can do, I sprained my ankle and I don’t want to put a lot of pressure on my ankle but I haven’t been able to workout and I am trying to think of some things I can do so I don’t turn into a marshmallow?

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