Do You Run for a Reason?

I was told I had speed (however relative that term may be) so that meant I competed in track & field. Middle school track & field evolved into high school track & field.

State Meet: Triple Jump

Running turned sport specific for college softball emphasizing sprints and explosive movements. The bases are 60 feet apart, how much endurance do you need?

Then, running became a way to exercise post-eligibility. Leisurely miles meant I could fit in my pants. It was a means to an end.

However, my first marathon (and race) introduced me to a world of training plans, missing toenails, tempo runs, and GU… all foreign subjects to me. 

Portland ’10

As I learned more, I realized how little I knew about a sport that seemed so simple.  Now, I run to challenge myself, my limits. To improve. To obtain that seemingly unattainable BQ. All selfish reasons.

How about running for a real reason? A cause? 

Here are two upcoming events that take running to a whole new level.

1.  Rev3 Run Across America

My running buddy and dear friend Harmony will take part in a portion of the Rev3 Run Across America (21 days, 3080 miles) beginning Monday, March 26th in Oceanside, CA.

She will help raise awareness and funds for the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults.  This population tends to receive less support than children and elderly individuals.  Harmony’s husband is currently battling a rare form of sarcoma.

Harmony & her beautiful family

You can help both monetarily and simply by running. Donate here or visit Harmony and join her team.  All your miles logged from March 26th-April 15th will go towards raising funds.

2. Bangla-Dash  building schools for the underprivileged.

One of my friends from youth softball, Jacque, made me aware of this amazing event that her brother, Chris, is creating.

Chris with his sons

Chris & his wife live in Dhaka, Bangladesh where he teaches. Chris and his colleague, Marc, are running 90 miles from April 17-20 to raise funds for schools for underprivileged children in Bangledesh. I think the event title alone deserves your attention!

You can follow their journey on facebook and donate here.


Have you run a race with the purpose of creating awareness and/or raising funds?

If not, what would you like to run and raise money for?
– The ASPCA or a local Humane Society. Animals are so special to me as evidenced by my Cooper.


  1. After I ran the St Jude Marathon in Memphis, and as I ran through the campus, seeing all the little kids wearing masks and standing out there cheering us on had an effect on me. All I wanted to do was run a marathon! So I have been thinking through the reason I run and how I can use something I love for a better cause. So thanks for this post!

  2. Raising money last year for Kisses from Katie was a seriously awesome way to get me to train and do my first marathon.

    I’m not raising money this year, though, that can be a part time job!

  3. I may not be running, but I am currently going to start training for the SGK 3-Day walk and fundraisinng for breast cacner.

  4. It is for sure noble to run for a cause…I haven’t yet but I would like to someday…I have done volunteer work and it is always nice to give your time to something worth while!

  5. Last year, my friend and I formed a team and completed a series of running/triathlon/adventure races in order to raise money for First Descents, a non-profit that works with kiddos who are recovering from cancer. It took extra effort, but was definitely worth it!

  6. First year I ran for the American Heart Association in memory of my mom. Last year I ran for Train 4 Autism in honor of my daughter with Autism. This year again I am raising funds for Run for Autism in honor of my little one. Which reminds me I have to kick my ass and start on it!

  7. I am signed up for the Rev 3 Run Across America…logging my miles for them!!!

  8. Haven’t run for a cause … yet. Was going to get sponsors for my first marathon for a local charity that delivers toys to the sections of hospitals for critically ill children, but then I got injured and worried about not being able to run after getting all the sponsorships. I haven’t revisited that goal, but I definitely will. Great post, and great causes.

  9. oh yes…several races

    Susan G Komen..tomorrow will be my 3rd time.

    I am also on Team Gab for Ped. Cancer.

  10. Well my issue now that I have ran in a half marathon and have my medal Im not excited about the smaller runs. I have a 5k race in the morning and Im just kind of blaugh because I wont get a medal after….its that BAD! I hope after I run my time will be a PR and that will get me excited about the smaller runs! Erica

  11. This is great! Thank you! Thank you!! You are such a amazing friend!! Running and giving to others is the purest joy and gift I can ask for. Can’t wait for a long summer run over some Palouse Hill with my favorite Blonde Pony!

  12. So far I have only done “walks” for causes where I have actually raised money. Everyone does seem to have a cause close to their heart. Obviously my heart pulls toward autism, but, really, any cause is a good cause!

  13. Just stopping by to say that I miss you. And I’ll be back tonight to read this!

  14. When I lost my second Rottie to cancer, I started running for Chase Away K9 Cancer. They a grassroots effort where donations and net proceeds from merchandise fund canine cancer studies and awareness efforts. I’ve pushed myself through some difficult races in honor and memory of my Rotties, Leo and Jersey Girl. Love my fuzkids!

  15. Came across your blog on HRG site…nice blog! I wish I had some grand, higher cause for running, but it is all for selfish reasons (although you could argue that running = happier me = nicer to other people : ) I grew up competitive figure skating for 18 years, so when I quit, I needed something else for a competitive outlet and to fulfill that need for goal setting, structure, and a sense of achievement.

  16. This is my 5th season racing with Team in Training for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. There are SO many great causes out there to race for – it only makes sense to do what we love for others who can’t.

  17. I haven’t run for a cause yet. I’m currently in the “running-to-keep-fit” category. However, most of the 5K’s I do are fundraisers for this or that cause.

  18. Thanks for the promo Jess! We are excited to run the 180 miles, raise loads of money and build as many schools as we can! We appreciate your support. Chris and Marc- The Bangla-Dashers

  19. I’ve started running MCM for the Semper Fi Fund. This year will be my second year. They raise money to help Marines wounded in combat. At first, I was just doing it to do it, but the more I got involved I realized how truly lucky I am. My husband served for 5 years and though he has his issues now, they are no where near as severe as many of his brothers. It very easily could be us needing adaptive housing or daily therapy. Because we are so lucky, I need to pay it forward for those that weren’t.

    That was all I thought about while I ran MCM last year. I saw so many shirts paying tribute to people who lost their lives for our country that I decided I want to run for those who can’t.

  20. Love Harmony’s family photo … and cause. Awesome.

  21. I ran my first half marathon with Train to End Stroke, which was awesome! Since then, I did the Run to Home Base at Fenway last year where I raised money for injured war vets of Iran & Afghanistan. This year, I’m raising money for Team Blazeman for ALS or Lou Gherig’s disease for my first 70.3 . I LOVE running (now adding swimming & biking) for a cause!

  22. Such awesome causes! I have done lots of fun runs that support causes but the nearest and dearest cause is breast cancer. I have run 3 Race for the Cure, walked the SGK 3day/60 mile walk( most unbelievable event I have been a part of). Will continue to run or donate for any and all causes!

  23. Im starting back.
    my reason? ROLE MODELING.

  24. Love this post! I did the 2010 Portland Marathon too… SOOOO rainy!

  25. You know me – I’m always fundraising for some cause close to my heart! Right now, my main focus is a non-profit Moses Waweru and I are starting, Tumaini for the Future.

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