Active Beauty on a Budget

Fitness and nutrition are primarily discussed on this blog, but a healthy lifestyle is all encompassing. I wanted to share a few tips from an active, budget-conscious individual’s perspective.

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Skin care.

I was not blessed with flawless skin and have to work hard at keeping it clear. That means I NEVER go to bed without washing my face, and I still battle breakouts.  

Without spending large sums of money on products, there are a few inexpensive items I’ve come to rely on.

I love this simple, DIY treatment found via Pinterest. Some products on the market have large beads that can irritate delicate, facial skin. However, the baking soda gently exfoliates without that abrasive feeling many products induce.

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Occasionally, I mix this with my facial cleanser for more suds. 

I have slacked in this area, but I try to do a weekly mask. Here’s a DIY one made from honey, cinnamon, & nutmeg:


Mix 2 TBS honey with 1 tsp nutmeg & 1 tsp cinnamon into a thick paste. Apply the paste for 30 minutes.

Smells yummy!

Natural remedy: Tea Tree Oil, mine is from Trader Joe’s.

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I add 1-2 drops to my moisturizer and facial cleanser. Tea tree oil is a natural, antiseptic. You can feel it working through subtle tingling of the skin.  *Important: Do not apply the oil directly to your face; you should always dilute it.

And, guys can add it to their aftershave to help prevent ingrown hairs! I doubt any guys are reading this particular post, so ladies, pass it on.

How about hair care? 

I’m a natural blond; however, my hair gets downright dull in the winter months. So, I use lemon juice to highlight, and if I’m desperate, Sun-In. I know, gasp! But, a little bit of Sun-in and a burst of heat from the hair dryer, gives me that “sun-kissed” look.

sunny streaks

I’m not too picky with my shampoo, but I have to have a legit conditioner to comb through my fine hair (read: tangles & perpetual ponytail). Pantene and Garnier have been staples for me, and I load up the ends of my hair.

Another cheap conditioner? Olive oil.


Massage 2 TBS into your hair & scalp (more if you have thicker, longer hair). Wrap in a warm, damp towel, and let set for 30-40 minutes. Shampoo afterwards (may take more than once).

Beauty from the inside out.

Ultimately, I strongly believe what we put into our bodies is reflected on the outside. So nourish it well.  Hydrate. Eat clean.

You likely can tell when I have been on a sugar binge, because I will be hiding behind foundation and concealer due to breakouts. When will I learn that ninja is not always in style?

My skin improved when I followed the anti-inflammatory diet, so there’s something to be said about that. I also take vitamins to make sure I hitting all my essentials. My favorite option is the Women’s Ultra Mega Active Vitapak. Grab and go.


Lastly, sleep. We need it. Coach & I invested in a high-end mattress when we got married (yes, we are that rough…ha!) because we value our sleep. But, then I go an skimp on pillows.  What a waste of precious Zzz’s.  Now, I have a new pillow that is making up for lost time. Amazing.

What is one beauty product you can’t live without?

Where do you splurge? Cut-back?


  1. Love the tips! I find that the more I run, the more I break out! It is very frustrating and I continue to search for a good face wash. I also wash my face each night before bed and every time I shower. I have been using a Burt’s Bees Acne Spot Treatment that has been working fairly well.

  2. Pound Cream. that’s it.
    I splurge on nothing related to beauty….I am low maintenance!!

  3. so coconut oil has actually been a huge thing for me with my hair this year. it’s so great to build up proteins.

    i will splurge on good night moisturizer or a great hair mask

  4. Great tips!!! Erica

  5. I love Pinterest for healthy and beauty tips. I’ve dissolved a few aspirin tablets in a little bit of water. talk about some exfoliation. i love it!

  6. What great tips!! Thanks for sharing. I’m going to give the baking soda in the face wash a try. I couldn’t live without moisturizer and mascara!!

  7. oooh totally trying that olive oil conditioner!

  8. Great tips, Jess! I like baking soda too. Also good in shampoo.

    Sun in? Who would have thought!

    You are gorgeous, Jess :)

  9. Current beauty treatment is trying to get enough sleep. Your blog is looking so good. LIke the changes.

  10. My husband is all about having an expensive mattress too. I could sleep on the wood floor and not notice a difference. My splurge is face lotion. I buy this French brand Avance that my mom got me hooked on. Dang you, Mom!!

  11. My beauty products are all food.
    the fancy stuff (hello sushi grade salmon :)) which Ive found really helps.

  12. For me, it’s Proactiv. Not cheap, but I set aside $$$ specifically for it. It seems to be the only facial care that doesn’t cause breakouts. I love it. Going to try the olive oil thing on my hair! My hair is crunchy-stiff, so it sounds like a great idea.

  13. I can’t live without my Mary Kay serum, it’s like botox in a bottle. I will admit though that rarely do I wash my face at night. RARELY. I told my friend Allison who keeps me stocked in Mary Kay, she’d make more money off me if she would convince me to wash my face at night!
    I think my beauty budget item would be jergens lotion.
    I have a set routine and regime that I think cuts down on my beauty budget but I splurge on my hair, I get those smoothing treatments and they are WONDERFUL!

  14. Mary Ann says:

    Love your $$ saving beauty tips. Here’s another one for your tea tree oil. It’s a natural anti-fungal, so it works on that nasty toe-nail fungus thing. Apply directly (do not dilute) to the base of the nail everyday (socks help in hiding both the fungus and the smell of the oil). Your nail will grow out healthy and without those nasty liver-threatening medications.

  15. I splurge on some Aveda products!! Or look for coupon deals if I actually want a facial or massage… but I’m pretty low budget overall. Great tips!

  16. We just purchased a new high end matress (that will be delivered tomorrow!) and I can’t wait to sleep!!!Thanks for the other tips, I need to try some olive oil in my poor dry hair.

  17. brilliant tips! i didn’t start breaking out again until I hit my 30’s…what’s up with that? ha!

    love the olive oil for hair, especially in the summer when mine gets full of chlorine and sun tan lotion!!!

  18. I splurge on my face moisturizers, foundation and mascara.

    Awesome tips! Especially with the tea tree oil!

    I have a confession- I hardly wash off my make up at night. How gross is that?! I really need to make it a priority.

  19. I just started to use Coconut Oil for skin and hair
    and I also use Aura Cacia Argan skin care oil for soft
    skin and also for hair treatments. I have this Lavender
    Aromatherapy body wash that I just love the smell .

    I like checking to see what other Beauty Secrets other
    lady’s have , and learn from what they do.
    p.s really enjoy your blog, very informative and
    just love to get new exercises and tips of all things.

  20. I have a ton of skin allergies, so I am all about homemade health & beauty stuff!

    For general bathing, I use honey mixed with sugar, EVOO, & jojoba oil, so it’s kind of scrubby as well. I can’t use baking soda scrubs on my face but they’re fantastic for everywhere else!

    For general moisturizing I use either jojoba or coconut oil, & EVOO for shaving.

    I do buy shampoo & as long as there are no sulfates / PEGs / fragrance / animal testing / other nasty things I’m not too picky about it, but I’ve started using apple cider vinegar as a conditioner / de-tangler & love it!

  21. great tips!

  22. Olive oil! Wow! I am totally going to try that.

  23. I need to hit up that anti-inflammatory diet again. I always feel so good when I do that.

    You ARE a natural beauty.

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