Who Wants Protein Powder? Neocell Collagen Review & Giveaway

As I mentioned in this post, my mini goal is to incorporate more protein into my diet. One way I do this is through protein powder. I just had the chance to review the Neocell Collagen Sport protein powder. And, 2 of you will get try it too!

What is IN Neocell Collagen Sport?

  • 30 g of protein per serving
  • L-Glutamine
  • Amino acids
  • Multi-vitamins

What is NOT in Neocell Collagen Sport?

  • Sugar or artificial sweeteners
  • Gluten
  • Wheat
  • Lactose


30g of PROTEIN and NO SUGAR!

This article discusses the performance benefits of using collagen, like boosting lean muscle mass, improving cardiovascular function and speeding recovery.

Coach and I both tried this product and preferred it blended in a smoothie rather than just adding water. It tasted a bit too chalky for us without blending.  I like to use a frozen banana and peanut butter with water and a scoop of Collagen sport.  And, I also used it to make my No Bake Protein Bars giving them a chocolate flavor. Delish!

And, Jill made protein pancakes using Neocell Collagen Sport; this is on my list to make!

Ultimately, the purpose Neocell Collagen Sport protein powder is not only to help you build lean muscle mass to perform better, but to help repair connective tissue as well. 

Those of you following rigorous training plans would benefit from this combination to prevent damage enabling you to train for a lifetime.

2 winners will be selected on Wednesday, February 22nd. All you have to do is comment below, by answering this question:

How do you currently use protein powder in you diet?

You can also show Neocell Sport some love by following them on twitter and facebook. And, you can visit the website for more information HERE.

*Neocell Collagen provided me with the product to review, but all thoughts & opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I use protein powder very sparingly since my debilitating protein overload back in October. But I still use it occasionally in recipes (ie your protein bars -yum- and protein pancakes).

  2. I am in a building phase of my fitness plan. I use protein powder between my meals because it is difficult to get lean protein completely from animal sources.

  3. I use protein powder after (almost) every Crossfit workout I do. It always helps me recover faster!

  4. Right now, I am using some through Herbalife but it is soy based and turns out, it’s really only meant to be added to their shake mix and doesn’t give much protein on its own. I’m back to the researching board and if your willing to do the research – I’m willing to give it a shot :)

  5. I use protein powders as a recovery drink or a snack in between meals. Or to supplement a meal (like my breakfast oatmeal) with a little extra protein.

  6. Right now I have been using it as a post workout supplement-especially after hard workouts/heavy lifting. Helps w/ recovery. Going to start using it with some smoothie recipes and have tried it in your PB Protein Bars-YUM!

  7. I haven’t found the right protein yet. I’m diabetic and lactose intolerant so most powders tend to bloat me. I definitely need more protein in my diet, my poor muscles are starving!

  8. I try to have 65g of protein a day – mostly in the form of the cheap, nasty stuff from Sam’s Club. So that’s why you should pick me – so I can know what REAL protein powder is like :)

  9. I use them for smoothies with spinach, ground flaxseed, sometimes chia seeds and fruit!

  10. smoothies are my favorite way to use it. I also love love pro pancakes!!

  11. I add it to smoothies, and my hot oatmeal. Also make it the non-flour base of my pancakes occasionally.

    Would love to try this one.

  12. I like to add a scoop to water or milk for a post workout shake. mmm! But, I can’t wait to try your peanut butter protein bars!

  13. I use protien powder damn near everyday, either as a meal supplement or after a workout…

    Don’t know what life would be without it now!

  14. I don’t really use protein powder at all, so I need this! :) I’m pretty bad about making sure I get enough in my diet.

  15. I don’t use protein powder at all, but I was literally, just yesterday at the Vitamin Shoppe, looking for protein powder to incorporate into my diet! But there were too many choices so I just gave up, haha.

    But I love how this one has such low sugar and such high protein!

  16. oh my wallet and body need this. Let’s see right now I use protein powder mostly in my green smoothies which I drink post run or in the afternoons for an energy boost before I workout

  17. i’ll use protein in smoothies either as breakfast, or a longer weekend run. I’ve been on a barley and quinoa kick the last few weeks as well

  18. I use protein powder in my breakfast/post workout smoothies and I like to make protein pancakes/muffins!

  19. I use protein powder mostly in oatmeal. Either for breakfast or a protein boosted quick dinner after getting home from the gym at 9pm. Yuck.

  20. sadly, i use protein powder very little these days. it’s hard to balance having two little ones to cook for and get my added protein as well, but ah i used to use it every day in college, but i needed it then, i was able to work out for hours…i miss those days sometimes!!!

  21. I used protein powder in your incredible protein bars— would LOVE more powder to make MORE bars!

  22. I don’t (yet) and really want to find something that works. Lord, knows I need some help repairing tissue :)

  23. I don’t actually use protein powder right now, so that is why this would be a great time for me to start! I’d love to try out your protein bar recipe.

  24. I don’t currently use it but this brand sounds like one I could trust… I’ve been wanting to start adding it to smoothies as well!

  25. I use protein powder when making peanut butter bars. They are so good…and all of my running friends agree!

  26. I use protein powders in shakes for lunch as well as after every run.

  27. I don’t use protein powder as much as I should, but I do like to incorporate it into smoothies, oatmeal, and pancake batter!

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  29. I love SunWarrior. I use it in my green monsters (almost a daily occurrence) and also used it for your PB protein bars–delicious!

  30. I use protein powder in my recovery smoothies after hard workouts.

  31. I use protein powder in a smoothie. I subscribe to some protein thingie page on FB and it’s full of protein recipes…they look so yummy but I haven’t been brave enough to make anything. Yet.

  32. Every morning after my workout I make a smoothie with banana, spinach, strawberries, soymilk and protein powder. It’s a great way to start the day!

  33. ooh! I am a gluten free vegetarian runner and need to incorporate better protein into my diet. i have been itching to try the whole protein powder pancakes but haven’t ventured out yet!

  34. I use it as a supplement for building lean muscle.



  35. I use it every morning with spinach and almond milk for breakfast.


  36. I sometimes use protein powder as part of my breakfast. And then after a long run of course.

  37. I currently do not have any protein powder because I haven’t found one! I would LOVE, LOVE to try this!!!!!

  38. I use protein in a smoothie. Never tried this kind before!

  39. MMMM my favorite has got to be no bake protein bars! They are the perfect post-run snack!

  40. I currerntly don’t have any prtein powder, and that’
    s why I need this stuff. I’m starting to kcik my workouts into gear, and need something to help, post workout.

  41. I put protein powder in my daily morning smoothie. I like vanilla flavors the best for smoothies. I also use chocolate protein powder mixed with skim milk right after I do a tough lifting working.

  42. I use protein powder in almond milk and drink it after my workouts.

  43. I use protein powder in my morning smoothies, mixed with water after workouts and in pancakes! My personal favorite:)

  44. I use protein powder in my smoothies & mixed with water for an afternoon sweet treat :)

  45. I am really bad about protein and have been wanting to supplement with something! Perfect timIng for your review!! I have used protein powder in shakes in the past and would love to try out the pb, banana, protein mix! Thank you!

  46. I use protein powder after working out and I either mix it with chocolate milk or I use it in smoothies!

  47. I like to make a smoothie about 3 times a week. Really depends on my workout.

  48. I use my protien powder – either pre workout for a boost early in the morning before 5:30AM spin, or as in a smoothie for recovery. I have started juicing and I love to blend the protien powder with fresh juice and some frozen berries. :)

  49. I use protein powder in my smoothies every morning post-workout!

  50. Awesome giveaway, Jess! I currently use protein powder in recovery smoothies after long runs and here and there in Greek yogurt bowls to boost my protein, although I do try to get most my protein from real foods. I’ve only ever tried one kind of protein powder; would love to try this one and think the stats are awesome! 😀

  51. Oh man I need this!! I would try the protein pancakes! And I would use it after my workouts in a shake!! Mmmm!! The PB shake sounds really delish!

  52. I use protein powder in smoothies and pancakes mainly. I’ve added it to oatmeal a few times. Love it! I definitely need to incorporate more protein into my diet, too!

  53. I currently use protein powder to mainly mix into shakes. I have tried drinking it just mixed with water or milk but I can’t drink it. But mixed with fruits &/or veggies – delicious!

  54. I use protein powder in my smoothies for an afternoon snack, usually protein powder with frozen fruit, some leafy greens (spinach, kale, or Swiss chard) with some chia seeds, and lots of cinnamon!

  55. I actually have a protein granola recipe that I love to make. It’s addicting!

  56. I use it as a recovery drink after my strength workouts. I want to start using it in smoothies.

  57. I try to get a protien shake or bar in after long runs and lifting days. However, i’ve sucked at it lately becuase protien powder is expensive:(

  58. I use it in a shake: 10oz milk, 1 banana and 1 scoop of vanilla protein power. Yummy!

  59. I actually don’t use protein powder and I have been thinking about how I really should start!

  60. I use it in the occasional smoothie, but I don’t really make those often. Usually it goes in my oatmeal.

  61. I have a protein powder smoothie after every workout. Would love to try this one! Thanks :)

  62. I am new to protein. I’ve only been doing it about 2 months. I have tried two brands, one I liked, one I didn’t like. I use it post runs, and after my stregnth training class. Its a great diet supplement, cause as a mom of young kids, I don’t make time to eat a proper breakfast. So the protein works.
    I have yet to make it into a shake or smoothie. I need to try that.

  63. Speedy Kat says:

    I put protien powder into my oatmeal in the morning…and i use it to make homemade protien bars yummy!!

  64. I do not currently use protein powder, but it is something I have been very interested in trying. Maybe just adding it to my morning smoothie.

    larkspurpurple (at) gmail.com

  65. I put it in my breakfast oatmeal!

  66. I use protein powder in my smoothies and in my oatmeal!

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