Dumb Bells Only HIIT Workout

Based on the positive feedback from my recent gym workouts, I wanted to share a few more exercises you can do in the gym or at home.


1. Plank Row to Burpee

Grab a set of dumbbells with flat edges (for stabilization) and get ready for an amped heart rate while strengthening your entire body.

2. Woodchops

Feel your core (and specifically your obliques) aiding in this full body movement. Remember to use your legs to get low instead of your back.

3. Thrusters

Essentially, this is a squat to overhead press moving at a fast pace. Emphasize hip depth and extension.

4. Crazy Russian Twists

This is a variation on the Russian twist that targets those obliques. This move requires more upper body and core stability.  Stay on one side, then switch halfway. Lightly resting your heels on the ground is fine as long as your torso is at a 45 degree angle.

5.   Sumo Squat with Row

Use a wider stance than your normal squat and add a dumbbell or kettle bell for added resistance and upper body work.  Obviously, I was weaksauce and needed a heavier kettle bell.


I set my Gymboss timer to a work for 30 seconds and rest for 10 seconds for 5 sets for each exercise. Complete all sets before moving to the next exercise.  The interval options are limitless, so you can adjust as needed.

If you like this workout, try one of these as well:

Do these videos assist in your fitness goals?  Would you like to see anything added to fitness routines?


  1. LOVE THIS! I would love abdominal work that you’d share! A goal for me is to make my flab turn to fab! LOL!

  2. My workouts have been getting stagnant lately, so I’m enjoying these videos and will be trying some of these today! Anything you add will be great! Maybe more upper-body? My biceps are crying out for variety!

  3. I have never used videos for workouts, though I watch movies on the trainer and treadmill.

  4. I love the videos. Great so see moves in action, keep it up!

  5. I LOVE this!! Thank you!!

  6. These are awesome! You are so strong! I need the visual!!

  7. These videos are GREAT!! You are such a pro! I wish I could take your HIIT class! Sounds fun!

  8. Great videos! It definitely helps seeing videos because when I read about an exercise, I don’t always understand exactly what it is I should be doing.

  9. o m gosh! Incredible exercises. When are you moving to Seattle so you can train my sorry arse?

  10. ok i am book marking these so that in a few weeks after the marathon when I have promised myself not to run i will still be able to kick my butt

  11. I love having these to help remind me, when I forget how to do them.

  12. GO COWBOYS!!!! =)

    You know I’m a born and raised Okie, right? =)

    Love the videos!! You’re looking good!!

  13. Love move #1, that’s one of my favs to incorporate into training

  14. Them Be Awesome!!

  15. Dang Girl, you’re strong!!

  16. Love these moves. I have my clients do some of these already. All of my clients have a love/hate relationship with Burpees. http://www.dashingdiva.net

  17. I love the crazy Russian Twist, I’ve never used that. I have been using the Gymboss timer to teach my boot camp class, and I love it. I especially love how you can set it to vibrate so your class doesn’t have to hear the beeping.

  18. #1 looks like i will probably hit myself in the head with a dumbbell, but i’m going to try it.

  19. I have been reading for a while, and have never commented. I think you are great, and very inspiring. I run, actually run a lot, and I would love to see some leg stretches to work them out so you don’t get shin splints or calves that hurt, or IT Band problems. I am training for my second marathon, and I see that I have better strength, but still feel slouchy when I run, I would just love some help.
    You got me into weight lifting twice a week now, and it is great. I also increase speed, and I can now hold a firm 8:30 mile for 4 miles, and then a 9 minute for the rest. I have never been able to break 10. It feels great, but I don’t want to hurt.
    I love pain, but good pain. I hope this makes sense. Do you ever hurt?
    ps love the videos, they are great to see how to do them

  20. Wow – those moves look pretty intense. Thanks for sharing. I’ve never tried that first one, but I should!

  21. Thanks for posting! You make it look so simple and bad ass at the same time.

  22. So what would you suggest for a beginner? My mind is stronger than my body right now and want to build endurance and functional strength.
    Videos are great! I like the visual.

  23. Julie Arts says:

    I’m adding the russian twists to boot camp tomorrow!! Thanks!

  24. I love these videos and love love love your blog!

  25. Nice vids Jess!! I like to watch them when I am doing new things to be sure I am doing things correctly!

  26. killer!!! you are looking fit and awesome. great videos. keep them coming 🙂

  27. Great workout! I just have to tell you I LOVE seeing your pictures on Pinterst. Even though I really do not know you when I saw your pic on Pinterst I felt like I was seeing a famous person that I knew!! It was awesome!

  28. You’re a beast! Maybe I’m just totally jealous because I’m 37 weeks pregnant & ABSOLUTELY can’t do any of those…but dont worry, I will soon. Thanks for the awesome inspiration & motivation. Monday Moves is a great idea!

  29. These are great! I bookmarked this page for ideas. Thanks!!

  30. I love your site! I have another site I follow regularly, and have done so for about 2 years. However, I am always looking for new exercises and routines – and I love heavy lifting, but also HIIT, in addition to CrossFit. I love to do something new everytime I work out, and I have really appreciated having your site to add to my arsenal of exercises! I also love your info on nutrition and supplements, and you are great at explaining them in layman’s terms! THanks for your site! LOVE IT!!!

  31. Love this!

  32. Thank you so much for posting workouts! I just did the lean legs workout, along with this one and I definitely feel it. So glad I found your website.

  33. billysarah says:

    Hey Jess! Discovered your site on Friday and did the “CrossFit Style Anywhere Workout” – nails, but awesome! Today I tried this one – again, pretty nails but think I could have done more weight on a few exercises to get the real “OMG I think I’m gonna vomit” I got on Friday.

    Will definitely keep coming here for inspiration and new workouts so please keep up the good work. Moved from UK to Australia (Cairns) in July and found out about CrossFit so am enjoying incorporating some of those ideas into my training. And it’s having a big effect on my body comp too! I’m a similar build to you and am aiming to get cut, but can’t afford supplements so doubt I’ll achieve exactly what I’m after, but I’m enjoying the ride 🙂

    • Thanks so much for your comment Sarah!! I’m excited for you and your CrossFit journey as well. I will keep posting workouts and videos as long as there is interest! 🙂

  34. Love it- first round makes it seem as though it will be a breeze… but oh no! Its a killer. Thanks!!!!

  35. Katherine says:

    Just completed 5 rounds of this exercise, and boy was it ever good! It’s amazing what a short 15 minute HIIT workout can do for you! Thank-you! This is a great one for me on days when I am short on time!

  36. Hi Jess

    How do you know with what weights to start off with? I am wanting to do some strength training at home with weights but have no idea where to start with how heavy they should be etc.

    • It really is dependent upon each individual. 5# can be good for some and +10 for others. If you are new to wt training, I would recommend starting with less weight and higher reps.

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  38. This is a great HIIT workout! I use many of these exercises with my in home training clients and they work great. Many people think HIIT has to be sprinting or biking but that’s just not the case.
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  39. I did this workout yesterday and my upper back is so sore today! Did anyone else experience this? Or am I just crazy? Not complaining though! Thanks Jess!


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