Holiday Gift Guide: Endurance Athletes & Gym Gurus

Last year, I posted my newest creation sure to make even the most bone-chilling, winter runs seem toasty. Thermanips.

Yes, you too can have warm “bits” through a few inexpensive accessories.

Hand warmers re-purposed

Supportive bra or bro.

What I’m Wearing:  $1 store socks, hat & bra, Coach’s Christmas boxers, Nike cold weather gear, and a hopefully an overcoat to hide how ridiculous I look.

Santa Run last year
Okay, seriously.  Here are some REAL holiday gifts for that runner or fitness guru in your family.
* Recovery Socks.  My favorite compression socks out there.  I have 3 pairs that have lasted me over 16 months and counting with none of those annoying little fabric balls. Coach wore my gray pair after our half marathon too.
Use code “ja001dw” to save 15% off your order
* Hydration Belt:  I prefer to wear my hydration rather than hold it, although you’ll notice I am holding a water bottle in my header picture. I have a 2 bottle belt from Nathan Sports.
Nathan Sports
* Nuun.  You know I love and believe in the benefits of this product. How badly I wish this was on the Las Vegas course instead of the stale water. There a multiple gifts available at the nuun store for under $25 for the endurance athlete.
* Running Chics Clothing.  Select a personalized Running Chic (yogi or triathlete) and style of clothing.  There are tank tops, jackets, yoga pants, etc. available in Alo, cotton, and thermal materials.
Running Chic hoodie
* Sporty Girl Jewelry: Again, another personalized gift.  Choose from a line of inspirational pieces or create your own like I did:

* Run Naked Clothing: Be seen and be safe during your evening training sessions.

* Gymboss Interval Timer:  I know, I know.  I’m obsessed with my clip-on timer.  It’s true.  I use it to teach my HIIT and Ab Blast classes each week.  And, to create quick, effective workouts for Coach and I like the one we did last weekend. Virtually, unlimited interval options.
* Tommie Copper lightweight compression gear: With shirts, knee, elbow, ankle and calf sleeves, and gloves, your joints and muscles will be soothed.  The material is not binding like many compression products out there, so you can wear it comfortably under your work wardrobe or even to sleep in.
Coach wears his shirt to protect his throwing shoulder during batting practice
* Minimalist Footwear:  I currently wear my Nike Frees for cross training and runs less than 5 miles. They are the most comfortable shoe I own besides my slippers.  I haven’t tried Vibrams Five Fingers or the new Brooks Pure models, but I would guess they feel heavenly as well.
* Treat yourself or that special someone with a manicure/pedicure or massage.  Typically, these are treats we rarely splurge on for ourselves.  
* Give your favorite book or an gift card for Kindle owners. Currently, I’m reading Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. Love.
* Healthy food and supplements are a must year round.  GNC is the place to go (or shop virtually) for protein powders, vitamins and even chia seeds.  My favorites include Women’s Ultra Mega Active vitapak and products from the Total Lean line. Or, gift cards from Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s are great too.
* For the foodie that loves to cook, kitchen utensils like non-stick bakeware, the Ninja, or a cookbook like The Athlete’s Palate work well. Coach and I own this one.  Good investment.
There are many more gift ideas listed at The Holiday Gift Guide
What holiday gift are YOU hoping for this season?
– We are taking a trip to Arizona over the new year…and I get to watch my alma mater play in the Fiesta Bowl!  Score!


  1. Um, I want the warm bits joke gift for real!

  2. OMG that is such a genius idea!!!! Too funny!! I’ve used handwarmers in my gloves and shoes before a cold race before, but that is just awesome! And for Christmas, I’d love some compression/recovery gear. Three weeks into marathon training and my body is yelling at me already!

  3. GARMIN!!! the end. :)

  4. Great ideas! Thanks!

  5. I love my vibrams for weightlifting or any kind of balance work. I haven’t run in them and I’m not sure I will.

    I want an endorphin warrior bracelet that says “Undeterrable” for Christmas :)

  6. Just send me all of that okay? Thanks;) I remember your amazing outfit from last year and it made my day again today! Have an incredible day gorgeous girl!

  7. warm boobies, that sounds good!! great gifts here, girl :)

  8. great list!!
    im hoping santa brings me a Quintana Roo Illicito decked out in Ultegra.

  9. Great List! I am already going to websites and ordering things!!

  10. So the Run Naked and ThermaNips seem contradictory. Or are they ironic? Can’t believe you left the Thermajock off the list.

  11. Ohh, isn’t Born to Run the best book ever?! I LOVED it!
    The nathon waterbelt is great ..and doesn’t move around and of course, yes, the gymboss is an awesome tool. Great gift ideas!!

  12. Love that holiday outfit haha. Only you can look silly and gorgeous at the same time :)

  13. This Marathon Mama needs a massage!!

  14. That Nathan hydration belt is on my wishlist! I love Born to Run. Such a stellar book. Minimalist footwear is amazing. I run in the Newbalance shoe and it is by far my favorite shoe I have ever owned.

  15. Very funny with the bra bits! :-)

    Love your suggestions & that jewelry looks beautiful! Thx for all the great suggestions!

  16. Oh & hopefully Santa will get me the Runner’s World calendar!

  17. Great ideas! OH gosh I really need to start making a list, can’t believe Christmas is going to be here sooo sooooon!

    And PS thanks for your sweet comment on my marathon photos 😉

  18. Awesome suggestions! Just wanted to stop by and say I love your blog and your twitter…I live in Washington too! Thanks for all the great tips…looking forward to many more!

  19. Great suggestions.

    I am in the market for every Sufferfest video out there for the winter months of trainer riding.

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