Would you rather…? No. 21 “Biggest Loser Theme”

I fell off my Would you rather…? wagon after a case of writer’s block.  But, I saw that the phrase “no teeth” was the most popular search keyword bringing readers to my blog this week and took it as a sign to get my creative juices flowing.

Look, I really have teeth!

It’s no secret I have a healthy stalkerish obsession with Biggest Loser’s newest trainer, Dolvett. He is the whole package as a trainer: Looks, attitude, experience…what about his package? TWSS

Accordingly, the week’s Would you rather…? is based on The Biggest Loser.

1. So, Anna is not returning for Season 13.  Would you rather see her replaced by former bunny Kendra Wilkinson?


Or, by Olympic swimmer Dara Torres?


Both women have banging bods, but lack training credentials (just like Anna).  Dara is over 40 and looks like a goddess, but I think Kendra’s humor and energy would be more entertaining! 

2.  Would you rather be the trainer for Bonnie?


Or, the trainer for Jennifer?


I have all the respect for Dolvett’s patience with Bonnie, because I would struggle with her tears and “woo-hoos”.  I think Jennifer was quite infatuated with Bob which prevented her from trusting others and was not a team player at all.  So, Bonnie by default.

3. Would you rather run 10 miles with 50 additional pounds strapped to you?


Or, complete a last chance workout with an additional 60 lbs strapped to you?


I doubt my feet could handle the additional pounds with running, so give me 60 and let’s go last chance! Grrr, baby.  Very grrrr.

C’mon, you knew this was coming….

4. Would you rather train with Bob?

Check out my review

Or, with Dolvett (D-Train)?

He does not own a shirt and I like it

Don’t get me wrong, I love Bob.  Especially this season.  He is tougher and has perfected the art of producing weight loss results. But, I would work out 12 hours a day if you put shirtless Dolvett in front of me.  I don’t care if he wants to drop a med ball on my stomach or scream at me to let go of him his treadmill. I will do whatever you say D-train. TWSS

Seattle RNR Half

Thank you for the feedback on my running form.  I plan to have Coach video me from the side (in more light) and will also link some of the more insightful comments and suggestions. Thank you readers!

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  1. • Definitely Dana! Although I’m secretly hoping Apollo’s appearance last week is a sign of things to come?!?!
    • Bonnie drives me crazy… I think I could whip Jennifer.
    • Last Chance Workout.
    • I love Bob, but Dolvett… it’s best just to leave it at that. I’m at a loss of words when I look at him. :)

  2. 1. Dana for sure. I probably wouldn’t watch if Kendra was the trainer.
    2. Jennifer because I would strangle Bonnie. And then end up in jail.
    3. I agree with you on the last chance workout with 60lbs. I would just pray it wasn’t alot of jumping.
    4. Dolvett. I have a horrible innuendo regarding balls, but I will keep it to myself.

    Happy Friday!

  3. Dara hands down…..that woman is incredible.

    Not Bonnie…..all that crying and carrying on would make me insane.

    Give me the last chance and 60lbs.

    Dolvett so I could say I trained with him and taunt you that I did.

  4. 1. Ummm I think I’d go with Kendra! she makes me laugh, and I’ve done some of her workouts on OnDemand before, and they’re not too bad!

    2. Jenn – I sort of want to punch Bonnie in the face every time she’s on camera. Something about her (boohoowahhhhhhcryateverythingohandI’m63yearsold) really grinds my gears.

    3. Give me 60. It’d be hard, but I agree, the pounding on my knees would be too much since they’d be unaccustomed to the extra weight.

    4. Gotta go with Bob on this one.. but if the question was, “who would you rather ogle?” Dolvett is the obvious choice hahaha he’s delightful.


  5. Dara.

    Jenn. I can’t stand Bonnie. I’d rather deal with someone that is standoffish (because she only wants Bob) then someone that annoys the heck out of me.

    I’ll be the first to do the 50 and running. I started running when I was 35 more then I am now. I just went slower.

    Dolvett. Mmmmm

  6. I love your obsession with Dolvett because I feel the exact same way. Oh my goodness… I would choose Dolvett over Bob fo sho!! you make me laugh!!

  7. – I want former BL Trainer Kim Lyons back, thats my choice, if I cant, then Dana, but we are falling back into the same thing as Anna, famous athelte lacking PT creditials

    – Jennifer didnt whine as much during the workouts, just inbetween them

    – Last Chance

    – My boy, Dolvette

  8. This is a fun one!

    – Dara hands down. She is one of my athletic idols. love her!

    – Jenn… she just seems easier to motivate and work with

    – run… I always choose run over anything. :)

    – Bob. I think Dolvett would be too distracting. Can’t work out hard if I am worrying about my hair or lack of make up. :)

  9. – Kendra, because I am a dude and like boobs.

    – Jen, because I would not be able to control my desire to slap Bonnie.

    – Run 10mi with 50lbs, because I think that would be a cool workout.

    – Bob, because he would never pullout a book from his childhood and make me look at pictures of him as a baby and then when finished try to hug me in the bedroom. #creepyscenerightthere

  10. Jeff and Undeterrable are cracking me up!

    1. I think both would make great choices but I’m going with Kendra because she has heart. And she says inappropriate stuff and doesn’t know it’s inappropriate and THAT is good tv!

    2. I think it would be hard to be patient with Bonnie.

    3. Last chance. I know what extra pounds can do to you when you’re running that far. blech.

    4. Bob. I love Dolvett, but I think I might punch him if he dropped his 8 pound balls on my stomach. Well…you know what I mean. So, no to D as a trainer, but I’d kiss ’em. Just sayin’.

  11. Dara for sure, I think I might have to boycott if it was the other…

  12. i think kendra would be fun! and dolvett all the way. so much hotness :)

  13. Kendra-not that Torres isnt awesome but i think kendra is hot and funny and a little dumb. a pefect formula

    didn’t watch this season so no clue

    def LCWO

    Umm, Bob. I like Bob and I would not be distracted by D’s hotness

  14. Dara! I CAN’T STAND Kendra’s laugh! I literally cringe every time I hear it!

    Oh, and Dolvett can throw medicine balls at my HEAD all day as long as he does it shirt-less! 😉

  15. Okay, seriously, we all linked Jill’s post today…so funny. I don’t watch the Biggest loser…does that make me the biggest loser? ha! But Kendra annoys me so I’d go with the other lady. And running with weight on me would be sooooo hard!

  16. I would RATHER do most things with Dolvette. But my heart forever belongs to Bob. :)

  17. Dara – absolutely. She’s amazing!
    Truthfully I would want to smack both Bonnie and Jen!
    Last chance workout
    And while I love Bob…just look at Dolvett…pul-leez! ‘nuf said :)

  18. I like Jeff’s honesty.

    I am only answering the Dolvett question. Him. That’s the one I want.

  19. aw I like both women…I’m just happy Anna won’t be back!!
    I love this biggest loser theme would you rather! I seriously LOVE that show :)

  20. 1) No question, Dara over Kendra.
    2) This is a horrible choice – both were so annoying. I’ll pick Bonnie only because I’m choosing in alphabetical order.
    3) 60lbs LCWO
    4) Bob. Love to look at Dolvett, but I like Bob’s training style…(i’ll just train with Bob and look at Dolvett across the room – win/win!).

  21. 1) Dara. Kendra annoys the crap out of me.
    2) Jennifer. I don’t do well with constant criers..
    3) I can’t run with weight strapped to me.
    4) Drool. Dolvett. PLEASE come to Caratunk and whip me into shape. PUH-LEASE! Do you think he would train me shirtless (him shirtless, not me)???

  22. finally this section is back!!!!!

    1. Dara she is my idol. But my real vote is for a REAL trainer not a pro athlete.

    2. Not Jennifer….fo sure. so Bonnie because she is the other choice…I would need ear pugs.

    3. last chance….

    4. Bob!!!!! I dont get all the fuss over Dolvett. he is ok but he is not Bob!!!

  23. 1. Easy peasy, Dara Torres. One because I was a swimmer in high school and idolized her and she was so amazing in her comeback at the last Olympics. Second, I HATE Kendra’s laugh, it grates on every nerve in my body!

    2. Tough call! I think I’d pick Bonnie, Jennifer was way annoying!

    3. I think 10 miles with 50 to run would be more doable, but both sound so hard!!

    4. I’d rather train with Bob, Dolvett is dead sexy but he’s not Bob. I adore Bob and think his personality is more my style!

    Have a great weekend!

  24. 1. Dara- I don’t think I could handle watching Kendra for more than 10 minutes. On the other hand maybe she could get the older group and have them do a pole dancing class or something…that could be entertaining.
    2. Jennifer. Whining makes my ears bleed.
    3. 60lbs
    4. The big D. Maybe he’d have to put his hands on me to adjust my form or something…;-)

  25. I haven’t really been following Biggest Loser this season but I do think I have a total obsession with Dara’s body and ability and story….if she can do it me too…right? Right? RIGHT! =)

  26. Mmmmmmm, Kedra.

    Wait, what was this post about?


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