Biggest Loser: New Season, New Trainers

The Biggest Loser Season 12 returned this week minus hardcore trainer Jillian Michaels.  I went into the show trying to keep an open mind about new trainer An-nah K.  Let’s be honest, no one will replace Jillian…


Anna K. was a professional athlete; not many can say that, right? I respect her athletic ability and how she demonstrates that female athletes are beautiful.  Plus, I wouldn’t mind looking like her either. What?

I was pleasantly surprised by her training debut (I had pretty low expectations).  However, inexperience training an obese population shows. Your knowledge base, instruction, and motivational strategies must be on point when coaching individuals that have been predominately sedentary their whole lives.

But, let’s talk about Dolvett
Dear Biggest Loser producers, thank you for the eye-candy in Season 12. Sincerely, Infatuated Viewer.


Regular readers had to know I’d be a fan of D-train (yes, I have a pet name for him). 

I dig his training philosophy, “…to help people transform their minds, bodies and souls. His regimen focuses on weight loss, nutrition, strength training and cardiovascular exercise…”

I was blown away by his poise (read: sculpted physique), command in the gym, and optimistic viewpoint.  He demanded all-out-effort in the gym, “Let go of my treadmill!” kicking one individual out of the gym to regain his focus and told his group to “celebrate your weight loss accomplishments”.

Now, don’t be concerned that my crush is becoming a full blown obsession, Coach is still number 1 in my books.

Okay, maybe 1.5…
Cooper kisses
I do experience secondhand embarrassment from all the sponsor plugs (Subway, Extra Gum, Brita, Cheerios, etc) throughout the episodes that are meant to look like natural conversations amongst trainers and contestants. And, I can’t say I’m a fan of the age-grouping yet.   
But, I will continue to watch the show for the personal stories, phenomenal progress, innovative training, and Dolvett. :) You should read SUAR‘s breakdown of the first episode;  the comments in the post are hilarious.

Plus…THE MARATHON IS BACK!  This will be the first season that I can actually comprehend what the contestants are experiencing during their 26.2 mile journey as my first marathon was a little over a year ago on October 10, 2010. 

What are your initial thoughts on The Biggest Loser Season 12?


  1. Hey thanks for the shout out. Looks like you’ve got a little Dorvett of your own.

    Yes, cannot wait for the marathon. Seems like a long way off. For now will just eat Jennie O turkey and chew gum.

  2. I don’t watch, but I still, oddly, really enjoyed this post :).

    I get secondhand embarrassment all the time!

  3. D is hot. I thought about not watching because JM is gone but seriously, D makes it worth the watch and I say that after only one episode. ha
    The advertisements embarrass me too. They’re ridiculous and I miss the days when they were not part of the show. Yay for the marathon!!

  4. Haha, I wasn’t going to watch this season, but may have to because of your plug. I like a man with poise!

  5. I know! I know! Wasn’t his “poise” just beautiful? 😀

  6. I feel the same way. YAY DOLVETT. Hate Bob’s hair. Meh Anna. YAY Marathon. Did I mention yay Dolvett? Not even just for the, um, visual joy, but I really like his training style. My new motto when I run is going to be “Get your hands off my treadmill.” Even if I’m not on a treadmill.

  7. I love Dolvett… he just seems to be a good fit for the show (and is super fun to watch!). Not too excited about Anna yet, although willing to give her another week or two before I decide. I am a Bob fan. :)

    LOVE that there will be so much marathon talk. Yay!!!!!

  8. Dolvett is from Atlanta!! I met him through a fundraiser last year!!! (;

    And I was COMPLETELY surprised by Anna. . .I totally wasn’t open to it because Jillian was gone but she seems like I could give her a fair chance!

    Plus Jillian is all over NBC in other ways now (; so I can get my fix!!

  9. ummm I see a new Halloween costume for you guys! Just need to TAT Coach up!

  10. i wasn’t sure I was going to watch without Jillian and was pretty disgusted with the idea of Anna K. How can she possibly relate to the contestants & vice versa? She did much better than expected. I’m assuming they’ve trained her, prepped her. BUT WOAH! I am DEFINITELY watching for Dolvett. HELLLOOOO! OMG he is so, well, perfect looking. It’s amazing. And he has a good head on top of all that…I actually think HE might be the Jillian replacement. :)

  11. AH-na did better than I expected, but she ain’t no Jillian, that’s for sure…and I will admit I wasn’t expecting much.

    Dolvett – yes please.

    I’m happy the marathon is back. Not sure about the age group teams – we’ll see.

    The product placement spots are cringeworthy at best.

  12. This is the first time I have ever seen the show. And honestly it was SUAR’s post that made me go check it out. Luckily for me you can view online. I personally would have drug my team to Dolvett’s flag all by myself if need be!

  13. I missed the first episode!! ahh!!! hopefully it’ll be on hulu 😉 I’m running my first marathon Oct 16th so I can’t wait til the marathon in the show either cuz I’ll kinda what they’re going thru too! :)

  14. I’m so excited BL is back! I think it’ll take a while for Anna to get the hang of training, I hope her contestants are around long enough for her to learn!

    I’m glad they know they’re running a marathon from the beginning this year. Now they can at least properly train for one, unlike previous seasons.

  15. I was impressed with D-Train too! And his hot body-ness was a bonus, lol! I’m confused on the age grouping, not really a fan of that yet either. Anna seems pretty soft as a trainer/compared to Jillian. Anyway, ready to see these peeps get busy and change for the better! :)

  16. loved it, and i’m so excited the marathon is back, and that everyone is running it!

  17. Initial thought–> 12 seasons already? Daaannnng

  18. I don’t watch either but was also oddly fascinated by your post. I think the Anna thing is what has peaked my interest. And you do look a lot like her BTW.

  19. Truly, I had incredibly low expectations for Anna too. I almost didn’t even watch because of it. I’m glad I did. Her heart towards the contestants melts mine. It’s clear she’s no Jillian and, in my opinion, needs to be a little less nice, but I think she’ll be okay. And I was thrilled the marathon is back!

  20. Irony: the fact that I scrolled down to the bottom of your comments to tell you that Anna is DEFINITELY no Jillian….and there is a Jillian pic, looking all tough with her arms crossed, asking me how big my weight loss goal is. Sigh. :)

    I loved D-man. He is beautiful, but I really think he is going to be an awesome trainer. Loved it when he told them to let go of his treadmill! Probably going to try that at my own gym next week when it’s too crowded. Think people would leave me alone?!

  21. So excited the marathon is back!! And whoa, 12 seasons. Damn!

  22. I love BL and was excited/sad for this season to start because I loved Jillian. I have never been a fan of Anna, but I think I might like her. She wasn’t awful, but D is a hottie. Great eye candy!

  23. Thought I had commented earlier when I first read this, but then I remembered I got distracted when I got a call….

    And then I had to make that post about the cox…

    Dolvett is making me wish I had a t.v.

  24. I have to say that I was sort of turned off of BL with no Jillian, because she is one Bad-A Trainer, but I have to say that D-Train is definitely a good replacement for her. I have super low expectations for Anna K too, I mean…come on…she plays tennis. Not that tennis is easy it’s just not a fav of mine. Although Anna is already better than Brett and Cara in my book.

  25. I love love love BL. Think I watched every season (except the first!). New trainers are ok, but Bob is still my FAV. Really excited to see the marathon back. I didn’t get to watch much on Tues – had a house of 4 little girls by myself… yeah, I watched, but didn’t hear much! :)

  26. I am STOKED about the marathon….seriously, so excited. Okay, I agree with you. No one will ever be able to replace Jillian! I love Dolvette!

  27. This is the first time i’ve ever watched the show so i went in with no expectations. I love how many people are talking about the dreamy Dolvett. I’ve never heard that name before but i sure do like it. And by ‘many people’, i mean you and SUAR :)

    I think it’s funny that the ad at the bottom of your post is for Jillian Michaels!

  28. I am *just* about to catch up on Hulu, and I have a feeling D-train might be all I’m watching… :)

    Your family is pretty fine looking themselves, you know! :)

  29. Always start out high on BL and then part-way through I get pissed off because they are not competitive but more of a game play.

    Either way I will continue to watch and be happy the marathon is back even if the proper training is not there.

    Also, Dolvett is awesome. Truly enjoyed the get your hands off my treadmill.

  30. I was pleasantly suprised the show. I actually just got caught up on it last night. My expectations were pretty low without Jillian, but Anna suprised me and Dolvett was an awesome trainer (plus great eye candy!). I’m still not sure how I feel about the age grouping yet either, I have a feeling the older team is going to be obliterated right away :( But yeah, stoked to see the Marathon too! Its like I’m training right along with them for my first marathon, lol :)

  31. I missed it :( but I am sad there will be no Jillian she was awesome. After reading this I am a little less skeptical of the new ones.

  32. Oh.My.Gosh. Please and Thank You for Dolvett.

    I felt kinda bad for Anna… she had a rough first episode. I mean, I think anyone could pretty much predict that she was going to be chosen last during trainer selection, but then to have her group be the first to have to vote someone out… Sucky.

  33. I’m a big fan of the show. Last year’s season was my favorite, so this year will be hard to beat. I’m so glad they brought the marathon back though!

    D is fierce :)

  34. ok, i too am in love with d-train! i’m already off the bob train and ready to get in line :)

    LOVE their idea about the marathon. i’m sure that there will be plenty of people who hate the idea, but i think its great. can’t wait for the season to unfold :)

  35. Oh MY I LOVE the biggest loser! When Dolvett walked out of that plane.. my jaw dropped lol. I would love to have him as a trainer. Not bad to look at and such a positive outlook.

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