Running and free birth control??

Heat index warnings mean the treadmill is a safe, effective option.  Plus, I love doing speed work on the TM.  I can focus on my running form knowing the surface is even and predictable.  Do you like doing speed work on the TM?
I decided to do two (1) mile repeats (@ 8.2-8.6 mph) within my 4 mile run.  My legs felt REALLY good running faster.  Most of this has to do with running inside with no humidity, I’m sure. 
Rockin’ out!  I haven’t been running with music much because headphones are prohibited in the Hood to Coast relay.
My workout took place at my friend Jenny’s house.  Surprisingly, I do not own a princess play tent.
 More decline push-ups using the stability ball.
I added a reverse crunch in between each push-up thanks to a reminder from Tiffany! 
I refueled with Chobani yogurt topped with strawberries, blackberries and almonds
Jenny’s family and I had sushi, and then a slumber party.  Yup, this is sushi visit #3 now.
 I love other people’s kids; I can always give them back! 
I really do love her girls; they are amazing kiddos. But, I kidnapped Jenny and made her see Bad Teacher with me that night.  Yes, I have classy cinematic choices.  XLMIC and I already decided that crass and raunchy films make our lists.
  Here is a pic of Anna, Jenny and I at my wedding.
Since I hadn’t reached my kid fill yet, I visited my friend Angie and her lil guy.
This pic cracks me up because he is getting ready to take a dump; a minute later and I would have captured a look of intense concentration.
All these cute kids made me miss my baby!
Questions for you:
1. Do you have to run with music?

2. Can you take a crap standing up?  (I’m kidding, please don’t answer this)
3. What is your favorite double-duty exercise?


  1. 1) If I’m alone, I need music. If I’m with other people, I’m good with conversation.
    2) no answer. You’re welcome.
    3) I hate exercise. Which is why I’m fat. Good thing I love to run, or I’d be fatter.
    4) You didn’t ask, but I think other people’s kids are fabulous birth control too!

  2. Free birth control? How on earth did you get a picture of me in my younger days?

  3. Awww, those kids are all adorable, and so is Cooper…but his sad face is breakin my heart! Haha–I want to see Bad Teacher! My sister said that Horrible Bosses is good too. I am behind on my movies…

    I do like to run with music, but don’t have to. I do get sad when I see that races prohibit it, though!

  4. hahaha, love these questions!! double-duty exercises are awesome and i’m totally a treadmill nut. love watching tv and being inside :)

  5. Ahhahaha I can’t get over that picture of that little boy right before his poopy! And omgosh, he looks JUST like his mom!!

    Wooo, do I get to see you tonight?! I’m bringing some goodies, hopefully they don’t melt on me though. And is Coop making an appearance? I don’t think the girls know you’re coming, so hush hush 😉

  6. Yes I like music when I run, unless I”m barefoot.. Oh I’m so glad I dont have to answer that question! Phew!

  7. I started running without music and loving it! The kids are all so cute :)

  8. I usually run listening to podcasts if I’m alone, but running with people I don’t. If I’m on the treadmill, I just watch tv and zone out.

    LOVE the picture of the little boy. Kids are so hilarious!

  9. I used to do ALL my speedwork on the TM. Even my Boston training last year had most of it on the treadmill with the winter roads. I rarely use it anymore…That of course is not why I clicked on this post. More for the free birth control which I don’t need but I just like free things…..

    Nice run!!! I’m joining you and XLMIC on the raunchy movies, LOVE chobani yogurt, cute pics!! Thanks for paying it forward with the reverse crunch. I’ve been a slacker and needed the reminder:)

    I always run with music in training but oddly, I didn’t listen to music in my first 2 marathons and only turned it on at mile 20 this last one. Have a great weekend:)

  10. I need to run with music! Hate going with out it, better if someone is there to run with me though! I have found that some music makes me even faster!

  11. OMG that cracked me up with the little guy. Too funny. I enjoy running with music but I did take my headphones out for about 1.5 miles of my long run last night just to hear the ocean. If I’m on the TM I really need music. I like doing speedwork on the TM too. It totally makes it fly by!

  12. Cute pics! I don’t run with music on headphones ever, but I will have it on speakers at home doing strength training. Jealous of your TM workouts right now, I need to run in the air conditioning!

  13. I do all my speed work on the TM in the winter because running fast on ice is dangerous. :) I like it on the track better because it feels harder, but I do enjoy it on the TM too.

    I run with music once and while, but I never race with it and don’t need it. You will enjoy running H2C without it!! :) It’s way more fun to chat with everyone and hear everything that is going on.

  14. I’e only ran without music a couple of times. I get my kid fix this week with my brother’s kids coming in town (I haven’t seen them in 4 years).

  15. About the only thing I can do on the TM is speedwork. I have to fiddle with it to keep from getting bored.

    1. On the TM I do, not on open streets I am scared a creeper could sneak up on me.

    2. I wish, would make the trots during a race a lot easier to deal with. I kid, I kid..maybe 😉

    3. Squats with a bicep curl and press while standing on the Platform of a Bosu.

  16. the kids are cute…but seeing the toys strown everywhere is enough birth control for me, at least fro a few more years, yikes!

  17. I don’t HAVE to run with music, but I sure do love to run with music. I would say music, in general, is up there pretty high on my list of things that make life wonderful. So, to combine running and music…well that’s just a good thing. Sometimes I get all dramatic if a really good, fitting song comes on during a run. You know, like I’m in Chariots of Fire or something. Ha! Seriously though, a song that I really dig can give me quite a shot of energy.

    I have two kiddos, so I know all about the stand-up poo. It’s even better if they do it hiding behind a chair. As if you can’t smell it…

    I just learned how to do those reverse crunches using the ball. Love those! Not sure I could combine that with the push-ups though. Push-ups seem to be my ultimate enemy (in other words, I need to do more of them). Way to kick it in front of the princess tent!

  18. Other peoples kids are adorable, notice how I said “other peoples” and your right, other peoples kids are a form of birth control

  19. That last picture of Cooper is priceless!

  20. I am seriously in LOVE with speedwork on the treadmill. Seriously!

    1. I almost never run with music – never when I’m outside. When I’m on the treadmill, I usually watch TV.

    2. No comment… but the logistics of this concern me.. 😀

    3. Squats with weights. Hurts so good.

  21. Even music bores me a little… I like it when I can be in the gym with a TV on! ha. I need to work on getting away from the media and just enjoying the run!

  22. LOL to number 2! I mean things might get messy, but… 😉

    Have you seen Bridesmaids?? Hilarious!

  23. I am 50/50 on running with music. For speed work I always need some fast paced tunes but for racing and for runs in beautiful places, I usually forgo the distraction of music. :)

  24. 1. I have to listen to music, otherwise I focus on all the negatives of running. I’m going to attempt listening to an audiobook, but I fear that I will zone out too much.

    2. I’m not going to answer about me, but I am going to say that it’s more than possible. Some of those intense marathoners do it!

    3. I love doing planks and then pushups. Or squats with any upper body movement (i.e. bicep curl, overhead press, lateral raises, etc)

    4. The raunchier the movie the better. I openly admit that I loved Borat and still do. And all the movies from the “Frat Pack” are living in my collection.

  25. I love the treadmill : ) And do most of my speed workouts there- they are my fav!

  26. I’ll run on a track vs. a treadmill any day! Yes, even when we’re under a heat advisory. Yes, I did it Wednesday. Yes, I nearly died.

  27. Lately I have been loving speed work on the mill cause it forces me to stay at that pace. I’m hoping this will help me with my pacing.
    Looks like an awesome workout you had!

    Aww I bet Cooper misses his mamma too!

    I don’t have to run with music but I like the extra push it gives me. For Seattle RnR I ran the first 12 miles sans music and really enjoyed it.

    Have you watched Tosh.0? Well they had a canon ball dukie this past Tuesday episode. It was the most disgusting thing ever. Only mention it cause of your taking a crap standing up haha

  28. You have to see My Best Friend’s Girl… one of my favorite movie quotes is in that movie. After you see it, you have to guess what it is.

    Another form of free birth control is to watch me shepherd my kids through the grocery store.

    Running without music is going to be the single most difficult part of HTC.

  29. Cute pics!! I use to have to run with music but I started getting into the longer runs I’ve noticed it throws me off so I go without. I too did a treadmill sprint workout yesterday! I find I can control my speed and stay more consistent. I too enjoy “other’ Peoples kids lots! We have a lot in common :-) but I’m not blonde I couldn’t rock it like you do!

  30. i have yet to be on a treadmill since april. eek! i’ll sweat buckets first. I know, shame!

    i borrow kids all the time, its nice to return them too. hehe.

  31. I enjoy listening to my music on shuffle but used to only listen to my “angry” rock music. It’s sooo easy to run to that tempo. I’ve never tried running without it but might give it a try.

    I do like those ball crunchy things. We do them in the BOSU abs class that I like to take at the Rec.

    PS. I went to froyo for the THIRD time this week! I think I have developed an addiction! But it’s sooooo yummy! Haha. I’ve tried different flavor combos every time I’ve gone. :)

  32. I love doing speedwork on the treadmill. I run with music a lot. THe only time I don’t is if it is really early in the morning or late at night and i need to have full attention or if I am running with a friend.

  33. The only place I run with music is on the TM…cuz if I had music while running outside I wouldn’t be able to hear all those people waiting in the bushes to sneak up on me…(paranoid? no!!)

  34. I love speed work on the mill…can’t resist it actually.
    I can take or leave music.
    Cute pics!

  35. Speedwork always on TM for me…
    and with music…

    #2….hmmmm no…but thanks for asking…

    so I am confused with the whole birth control thing…you are saying that being aroudn kids who can do #2 standing up is a form of BC?!!!!!
    I kid I kid….

  36. i actually like the TM for speedwork too. I can oddly push myself much harder and farther than just at a track.

    yes small children that you can give back are perfect

  37. Yep, yep. Must have music. Otherwise I can hear myself breathing (gasping) and my feet a thumpin’ and it wears me out mentally.

  38. I only want to answer #2 … did you make that question #2 because it is about #2..??!? ha .. god i am so immature.

    I love running with or without music. but lately I have been enjoying NO MUSIC!! which is really weird.

  39. Hate doing speedwork on the treadmill! I get so bored!

  40. I LOVE doing speedwork on the TM, it’s my favorite!
    I almost always run without music, but I do listen to audiobooks on long runs. Sometimes I get the urge for some tunes, and I go with the ipod. All depends on my mood!

  41. I really like doing speedwork on the ‘mill. I feel so slow doing speedwork anywhere else, and I’ve actually never tried it at the track before.

    I prefer to listen to music, but I can go without if I need to. I didn’t realize that headphones were forbidden at HTC. I’m glad they’re not at Ragnar.

  42. I used to ONLY run with music but now I actually like running without it! I have that time to actually things rather than get lost in my tunes!

    #2 hahaha…no.

    I love doing squats with a shoulder press! I love working legs + shoulders!

    Don’t forget to enter my giveaway!!!

  43. I definitely prefer music, especially if I am by myself!! Those kiddos are too cute for words and Cooper is precious as always!!

  44. I love to run with music! If I don’t have it, I start listening to myself breathe and I mentally talk myself into being tired :) I’ve had to learn not to always run with it though cause they’re never allowed during triathlons, nor are they practical :)

    Btw, those pushups look intense! You’re a beast!

  45. I love doing speed workouts on the TM. It holds me to the speed better than when I’m on my own.
    I too have been practicing without music (although on a TM that would be just torture!). I ran the 10 today without the tunes!
    Believe me, having your own kids screaming all day, keeps me at a far distance from my husband! LOL! PS… great form on the pushups my dear!

  46. Oh my gooses! This post was totally hidden in my updater thingy! 😛 Thanks for the shout out, and AMAZING work, missy!

    I don’t have to run with music, but I often do.

    Favorite double-duty exercise: Deadlift into upright row, FTW! <3

  47. bwahahaha, that’s how I feel about kids. They’re so cute and funny! And I can give them back after an hour or two. Phew.

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