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First, my running.  I was OVERLY ambitious with my speed workout yesterday, and I quickly reminded myself I’m a former softball player.  

I can hit a curve ball, but am limited in running sub 8 minute miles for an extended period.

I strive to run like Janae, EMZ, MM, Kate, Raina and Sarah to name a few (there are SO MANY OF YOU I ADMIRE), but I’m realistic and know I have to work with what God provided me.

I use any excuse to post my fishy pic! ha!

2 mile warm-up @ 1.0 incline
5 x 1k’s (8.6-8.8 mph)
400 RI (recovery interval) in between each
Total run: 7 miles

The 8.6-8.8 mph was way too fast for me to keep up for 1000m (.63 miles).  I ended up reading my plan wrong (hence the title of my blog). 

Tomorrow’s tempo calls for 7 miles with 5 miles at a 7:59 pace (or 7:50 pace if I am going for a 3:40 marathon finish).

The Giveaway!
The lovely Krista of Chick9 Clothing is offering one of my fabulous followers ONE regular priced item or TWO sale priced items from her clothing line!
“Athlete: Not just a pretty face”
Chick 9 Clothing offers sports themed clothing for girls only. Sizes range from newborn through womens’s extra large. If you don’t see the sport you are looking for, email Krista and let her know what you want! 

Giveaway rules:
1. Follow Blonde Ponytail (1 comment)
2. Go to Chick9’s website HERE. Then, comment on what you like (1 comment)

Additional entries:
1. Like Chick9 clothing on facebook HERE (1 comment)
2. Share this giveaway on your blog or any other social network (1 comment for each)
3. Follow Krista’s blog HERE. (1 comment)

I do have a twitter account: @blondeponytail but I’m pretty lame, so you can follow if you’d like.

What if I’m a guy? 

–You can still enter and give this to your significant other or a hot girl at the gym.

What if I want something for myself?

–Then, I will send you some duct tape.

A winner will be selected, next Wednesday, February 23rd!


  1. I’m a follower! :)

  2. I love the pink, long sleeve “Athlete” tee.

  3. I like Chick9 on FB.

  4. I posted a link to this giveaway on my blog. Thanks for offering such a super giveaway!

  5. I already follow you!

  6. I like the “I run like a girl” shirts

  7. I just “liked” them on facebook!

  8. I just shared your link on Facebook! I really like these shirts…super cute!

  9. I follow!

  10. I like the I Run Like a Girl shirt!

  11. I am already a follower!

  12. I’m a follower (of course!)

  13. I’m a follower already!

    And the one in the picture is what I would choose! Actually even if I won I would buy that one for my friend in Cali!

  14. I like the Girls Tri Harder T.

  15. I like the pink “athlete” tee and the “surfer babe” toddler shirt.

  16. I liked on FB!

  17. I follow Chick9’s blog

  18. Just tweeted it!

    Tshirt giveaway! @blondponytail Comment to enter!

  19. I can always use duct tape!

  20. awwwwwwwwwwwwww thanks for the shout :)

    i follow you!

  21. i liked on fb

  22. i shared on fb

  23. i’m sharing on my blog when my post goes up in later today

  24. i like the girls tri harder tee. maybe it’d inspire me to do one hahah

  25. and i follow krista’s blog now

  26. I am a follower!

  27. I’m a follower.

  28. Follower!

  29. I like the I Run Like a Girl shirt. : )

  30. I would totally grab two of the (sale) “Golf Princess” tops for my nieces. Their dad looooooooooves golf.

  31. I added a link to this giveaway on my blog sidebar!

  32. Follower..

  33. I liked the vintage Hit the Slopes t-shirt very cute!

  34. I am a follower! Your training is so intense! Someday I hope to be at that level!

  35. Posted to my twitter….

  36. I love, love the I run like a girl, try to keep up shirt.

  37. Now following Krista.

  38. YOU MADE MY DAY!!! KILLER WORKOUT GIRL!!! You are faster than you give yourself credit for. AMAZING WORK-OUT!!! You totally have that 3:40 marathon and I LOVE THE PICTURE OF YOU GORGEOUS GIRL, you should model professionally.

    Of course I follow you!!

  39. HeY! What training plan are you doing? :)

  40. I am posting this on my blog today!!

  41. Liked them on facebook!

  42. Love the Athlete not just a pretty face:) shirt!

  43. I’m glad I’m not the only one who misreads training plans. I think my coach must be pulling his hair out at my blonde moments

  44. I love the Athlete- not just a pretty face shirt.

  45. I liked them on facebook

  46. I follow her blog

  47. I tweeted about this giveaway

  48. follower!!

  49. love the “i run like a girl” sticker!

  50. i like them on FB

  51. posting on my blog now

  52. i follow Krista!

  53. “You can still enter and give this to your significant other or a hot girl at the gym.”

    So you are saying I have options?

  54. I’m a follower!

  55. I am a follower… And I love the shirt you are wearing… I will post on my blog and all the other cool things…

  56. day.

    you bet your butt I follow!

  57. I love the items. I’d probably pick a Volleyball Tee for peanut. 😉

  58. I like Chick9 on FB.

  59. I follow you

  60. I like the I run like a girl shirt

  61. I’m a follower!

  62. I love the I Ride Like A Girl shirt!

  63. I follow you!

  64. I followed Chick 9’s blog!

  65. I like the “Run Like a Girl” shirt!

  66. I’m a follower and glad that someone else doesn’t remember their correct pace times.

  67. Since Yoga’s my thing this week, I would get the breathe deeply yoga shirt.

  68. I am linking your giveaway on my blog under imaginary giveaways.

  69. I follow you!! :) Of course!

  70. I like the yoga top that says BREATHE DEEP. Love it!

  71. I wanna win!!! I wanna win!

  72. I’m following your blog!

  73. I follow you!

  74. I like the t-shirt that says: “I run like a girl. Try to keep up.”

  75. I follow your blog

  76. Great run. I am a follower

  77. I like Chick9 on fb

  78. I posted giveaway on my blog

  79. I posted giveaway on my fb page

  80. I like the shirt that says I run like a girl Try to keep up

  81. I follow you!

  82. I like the ‘I run like a girl, try to keep up’ shirt!

  83. I like Chick9 on Facebook!

  84. Im a follower!

  85. I just added myself as a follower!

  86. I follow the chics on fb!

  87. I like the” I run like a girl. Try to keep up.” shirt!

  88. I “Like” chick9 on fb!

  89. Love the run like a girl top!

  90. I”m a follower!!

  91. I love the breathe deeply yoga shirt!

  92. I think the girls “tri” harder shirt is so cute!

    PS. Kick ass workout lady!!!

  93. I “like” chick 9 clothing on facebook!

  94. I’m following Krista’s Blog!

  95. I’m a Follower and a lover of hot Gym Girls. Man, that whole M.P.H. seems like a weird unit of measure. I mean I know you went to Stanford and all, but why not just go with minutes per mile like the rest of the world.

  96. Awesome giveaway! I follow you! :)

  97. I like the I run like a girl shirt!

  98. I follow you on twitter!

  99. Nice job on the speedwork!! I have a 7 mile tempo run tomorrow, too…good luck to us both 😉 LOL! Oh, and I am a follower!

  100. I would love the Breathe Deeply T!

  101. I tweeted about the giveaway

  102. I liked Chick 9 on FB

  103. I follow your blog :)

  104. I follow Chick 9 blog!

  105. I follow your blog!

  106. Jess, you are a total rock star! A big thank you to everyone who is now following me on my blog (I will try to be more interesting), twitter (might just try to tweet once in a while….), likes my Facebook page, and has picked their favorite shirt from my shop! Thanks a whole bunches!


  107. I like the “I Run Like a Girl. Try to Keep Up” shirt.

  108. I’m a follower.

  109. I’m a follower!

  110. I love the stickers….but I’m a sucker for a cute sticker!

  111. I like Chick 9 Clothing on fb!

  112. Now I follow Krista on her blog! yay!

  113. I’m a follower

  114. I would get something for my little man…for his first birthday!

  115. I posted this giveaway on my blog.

  116. I follow you, cute girl!

  117. I love the Yoga “Breathe Deep” shirt.

  118. I shared the giveaway on my bloggy blog.

  119. I follow :)

  120. I follow!

  121. I like the Athlete shirt!!

  122. I posted a link to my blogs sidebar!

  123. I like Chick9 on facebook :)

  124. I’m a follower! I am pretty uber impressed with your speed work! I am definitely no speed demon, slow and steady wins my race.

  125. I like Chick9 on facebook and in real life! :)

  126. I would love the I run like a girl Try to keep up shirt! It’s too cute!

  127. This is awesome! Follower of course

  128. i would get the run like a girl shirt

  129. Great workout..and good luck tomorrow!

  130. awww this is such an awesome giveaway! thank you for your sweet comment!!
    Ihope you’ve been having a great week!

  131. I’m a total follower!

  132. I’m a follower!

  133. I love the ‘Athlete: Not just a pretty face’ that shirt made me laugh because it’s actually a joke with one of my friends I run with :)

    The surfer babe shirt is cute too!

  134. I follow Krista’s blog.

  135. I liked Chick9 on facebook.

  136. I follow your blog and LOVE it! Keep up the good work :)

  137. I follow your blog and LOVE it!!!

    Don’t worry about the speed! You’ll get there!!!

  138. Their stuff is so cute!!! I totally want the True Love shirt with the softball! Oh and the run like a girl one for my daughter!!

  139. So glad you liked the muffins! You can substitute the pumpkin for other fruits too! banana works well.

  140. follower!

  141. I think I’d get a shirt like yours :)

  142. I’m a follower! And I love your fishy picture!

  143. I liked the shirt that you have but also liked the “I run like a girl, try to keep up” one. But I don’t run super fast so it wouldn’t be too hard to run like me!

  144. I’m posting it on my blog!

  145. I happily follow! :)

  146. I WILL follow on FB when I get home and the Nazi police will allow me to FB.

  147. I’ve been in the pool so much lately I would like the “water baby” shirt. CUTE!

  148. I am now a follower!!

  149. I am a follower now on Chick9 :)

  150. I am now following Krista’s Blog!

  151. Liked n Facebook!

  152. I’m a follower! 😀

  153. I LOVE the toddler’s Born To Surf Tee!!

  154. I follow Krista’s blog

  155. I follow… Hoping to get in a High Five tomorrow but not sure because Fridays are ZOOLAND!

  156. Hey!
    I am going to let someone else win this time, but wanted to say HELLO!!!!

  157. I’m a follower, that fish pic is hysterical! 😉

  158. I linked on my blog!

  159. I follow (and feel like I haven’t been here in ages…I am behind!!)

  160. I like the “I run like a girl” tee

  161. Posting on my blog

  162. Wow, great workout!! 8.8 is crazy fast!!

    I checked out the website and i really like the breeth deeply shirt.. because not only does it relate to yoga and exercise but to life in general and i also like the shirt you have on in your pic!

  163. I am a follower :)

  164. I went to their website and I Love the “I run like a girl” shirts :)

  165. I liked Chick9 on facebook

  166. I posted on my blog

  167. I follow you. You are awesome.

  168. I like Chick9 on FB.

  169. I like the Athlete shirt you are wearing.

  170. I shared on Twitter. I have a giveaway too.

  171. That fish picture rocks. Seriously.

  172. I’m a follower!

  173. I LOVE the “I run like a girl” shirt! Awesome :)

  174. I’m a follower! I heart your blog :)

  175. I like them on FB

  176. Posting on my blog sidebar :)

  177. Following Chick 9 blog

  178. I like the Breathe Deeply shirt

  179. can friends be followers too??? I’m a follower..if only in your quick paced shadow!

  180. I like the Run like a girl…try to keep up. I”m sure you’re not surprised.
    I have a run like a girl license plate cover. I think my hubby loves driving with it on there.

  181. I’m a follower!

  182. I’m a new follower!

  183. I like the athlete one you are wearing. Super cute!

  184. Liked on FB.

  185. I’m following Krista, but she better stop posting pumpkin whoopie pies because that’s not going to help me. 😉

  186. Posted on MvM. Thanks!

  187. follow you :)

  188. follow chick9 clothing blog :)

  189. I like the yoga Tee. Although I’m going to request a rock climbing tee if she can make one :) she said she likes a challenge!

  190. like chick9 clothing on FB :)

  191. linked to my blog

  192. following :)

  193. I am a follower

  194. I like the pink long-sleeve athlete shirt

  195. I follow you on twitter already! (@jkhmiller)

  196. I tweeted!

  197. I’m a follower.

  198. I visited the site. I love the “I run like a girl, try to keep up shirts.”

  199. I like chick9 on facebook.

  200. I Posted your giveaway on my blog

  201. I liked Chick9 on facebook

  202. I follow kristas blog

  203. Posted on my blog

  204. I would love a “I run like a girl, try to keep up” shirt!!

  205. My blonde ponytail is following yours :)

  206. I am a follower!

  207. I liked them on FB

  208. I like the “run like a girl” shirt

  209. I love Chick9!! Follower

  210. My favorite is actually Athlete-not just a pretty face. I have that one in pink for my 2 year old. Super cute.

  211. I already follow Krista’s blog ;D

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