Driveway Workout

Hope you all had a great weekend! We kept ourselves busy, enjoying the summer weather.

Omaha Playground slide

Lots of playground action, walking, workouts, and family time. Jada has really been into the slide lately. Climb up, slide down and repeat 84,000 times.

Omaha Playground

She is also challenging Cooper to races.

Driveway Workout
Spencer and I love to workout together (we just did this rowing workout the other day as partners), so we were trying to figure out how to do one before heading to the Omaha Zoo (I know, I have gone once a week lately!).

We decided to do a driveway workout using hill sprints, kettlebells, and body weight. But, the trickiest part was figuring out how to do this while watching Jada!

driveway workout kettlebells

So, here’s what we did: one person would sprint up the hill (approximately 150m one way).

driveway workout hill sprints

Then, jog down and complete 6 single arm thrusters on each side (I used a 25# KB, and Spencer used a 35# KB)

single arm thrusters

Followed by 12 plank toe taps.

Driveway workout planks toe taps

Then, we switched, completing 6 rounds each, which doesn’t sound like much, but I assure you, we were gassed! The hill is deceptively hard–I seriously felt like I was dragging a piano!

Anyway, we felt accomplished completing our workout before tackling the rest of the day. Next, we made our way to the zoo.

Omaha Zoo Aquarium_1

Omaha Zoo Aquarium penguins

Omaha Zoo Sea Lions

Omaha Zoo Aquarium penguins 2

Omaha Zoo Aquarium

And, finished the day at the splash park for one tired little 13 month old!

splash parks

Your turn:
How do you find ways to workout with kids?

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Emergen-C flavors

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Fourth of July


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